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  1. Actually hoping we concede another 4 or 5, then maybe the board will actually see just how embarrassingly poor the manager is, completely clueless.
  2. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Anyone know what Redmond has done wrong?[:^)][/quote] He plays attacking football, completely unacceptable to Hughton & his dire uninspiring shite
  3. However we set up, we need to have a go. Look at how Watford played against them, went out attacking and managed to score a couple early on. When they sat back to defend their lead, City had a lot more time on the ball, showed their class and made it look easy. Unfortunately I can''t see us doing anything remotely attacking, At all.
  4. [quote user="kick it off"]The US won''t be winning world cups because "Soccer" isn''t their national sport. I don''t doubt the quality of their youth academies, but over here, most youngsters play football, whereas in the States, most kids with an ounce of athletic ability play American Football or Basketball. [/quote] Soccer recently ranked as the #2 sport for US kids (12-24) They will only improve.
  5. Did anyone run on and throw a ticket at Hughton?
  6. The problem the academy has is looking for youngsters good enough for the EPL when just a few years ago ''lesser'' players would have had a possibility to make the first team. Those mentioned clearly have a future in professional football but I fear it may be a few years until we see an academy player make the step up to first team football, I''ll gladly be proved wrong though!
  7. Didn''t see the game, how did he look fitness-wise getting 90 minutes?
  8. Or in football at all? Saw it in baseball once (Yankees maybe?) called the roll call, quite simply the crowd chant the name of each player in turn until they acknowledge, probably not easy to get started but would be a change to just the usual chanting..
  9. seems our players have a thing for missing out on internationals..
  10. Holt doesn''t seem to be the fastest to return to form after injury, so another striker could be vital over the next few weeks. As for another defender, would love to see James Chester from Hull, still young & looks to have real quality already
  11. It seems he mostly wants to work with rogers rather than swansea, not a chance of him coming to us unfortunately
  12. I think this is better than people realise, this is a magazine that rarely sees past messi/ronaldo/rooney so them giving manager of the year to PL shows just how great a job he''s done. Up the Lambert, long may it continue!!
  13. A cracking piece, brilliantly written. As for Holt, it does seem he came to us at just the right time & fits perfectly with our system. I would imagine his rise to PL striker is as surprising to him as it is to us, the man just seems to be able to rise to the challenge. Also, I love how he seems to have a genuine love of the game, you get the feeling he would be just as happy to be playing in the conference, he appears to have a very simple love for the game. Once again, well written.
  14. Good to see Ruddy getting some praise, thought he showed potential last season but I''m surprised at just how much more confident he is looking. The better he plays, the more confident the defence will be, which can only be a good thing. Also, in the Euros capello could bring him off the bench if (when) England end up in a penalty shootout..
  15. [quote user="Hannibal"]I would like to see us going in for Nicky Maynard and maybe a winger. Not too many new additions but anyone who would enhance the quality of the squad. No point buying players for the sake of it.[/quote] This. A lot depends on how we are doing in the league, its also worth keeping in mind that we have potentially a very tough last few games so we may need a player or two who can help us ensure we don''t drop too many points in games we should be winning.
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