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  1. very good performance. Did QPR have a single chance all afternoon? Dodgy penalty sure, but we had the same at the start of last season.
  2. PJH122

    Team for today.

    personally, pleased for barnett. At his best, a very good defender.
  3. PJH122

    Alex Tettey

    I think it looks increasingly likely we''ll play a flexible 4-1-2-2-1 or similar with tettey holding, 2 centre mids and 2 wingers. 4-5-1 didn''t work last week because we played a flat 5 in midfield. With a dedicated holding mid, pilkington and snodgrass will be able to offer holt greater support.

    Who knows about tomorrow though with tettey not yet available.



    garrido bassong turner/bennett whittaker


    snodgrass howson hoolahan pilkington

  4. PJH122

    Goal music suggestion

    I don''t care much for goal music but we should play the original OTBC before kick off!
  5. PJH122


    Good to see people agree. Someone make a petition! If we get a thousand signatures the club will pay attention.

    The goal music is the sort of thing you''d expect of MK Dons not of a club with our history.

    Agree - just playing the original OTBC some time before KO. It''ll remind people how it''s supposed to sound. It only sounds like a dirge right now because many people don''t know the tune.
  6. PJH122


    The original version of OTBC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVn9eLOkF0) should be played before kick off. We sing it WAY too fast at the moment & it loses the sense of the original! And get rid of the goal music - it''s the main thing away fans notice when they come to CR.

    Just my two pence.

  7. PJH122

    Chelsea v Norwich match chat thread

    I know, but three BIG decisions in three games?
  8. PJH122

    Chelsea v Norwich match chat thread

    It was a penalty all right. I''m just really frustrated with the refereeing we''ve got.

    Wigan - never a penalty. Results in us drawing.

    Stoke - never a penalty. Sending off results in us drawing.

    Chelsea - penalty, but never a red card.

  9. PJH122

    Chelsea v Norwich match chat thread

    It''s Ipswich 0 Leeds 1. And City looking much better!
  10. PJH122

    Chelsea v Norwich match chat thread

    Five Live are annoying me. Pretty much all they''ve said so far is how many dominant Chelsea are and how many goals they''re going to score. Like that it''s any kind of surprise that Chelsea are going to monopolise possession.

    oh.. as I write this, Holt should score...
  11. Be delighted if it''s 0-0 at half time, then they grab two in the second half. The only way we can ''lose'' here is to be demoralised by losing by four or more. A narrow defeat gives confidence in this sort of fixture.

    That''s all we can really hope for.
  12. PJH122

    Our Strongest XI

    I think we don''t have a -strongest- lineup as such - it very much depends on who we''re up against.

    Big fan of both Pilkington and Bennett, but it clearly doesn''t always pay to play two wingers. Hoolahan, Johnson and Crofts offer different things in different matches.

    Up front, it has to be out of Morison, Vaughan (who Lambert liked enough to spend 2.5m on) and Holt.

    I can''t see Chris Martin, Wilbraham, cody, oli johnson getting much of a look in. Jackson definitely has a role this season as our paciest striker, but I think he''ll mostly be a sub.

    Basically, I don''t know. I think there''s a lot of strength in depth (ignore the MK Dons result). Not many teams have the ability to evolve to play a completely different style of football every match.

    We can play everything from a long ball game to pacy counter-attacking game to a physical game, to a game with serious width. Not having a strongest lineup is a strength in itself!
  13. PJH122

    We CAN beat Chelsea!

    Oh, sure it''s possible for us to win.

    But Torres is starting to hit form, and Mata seems likely to start. Make no mistake, right now I''d take a 2-0 defeat.

    Defeat is fine, but you want to play fairly well and definitely don''t want to come out of it demoralised.
  14. On a side note, BBC journo (I think it was Chris Bevan) mentioned on Twitter that Sol Campbell is still training with Arsenal and looking for a club.

    Now, I think he''d be a great guy to have around the place. Why not bring him in to train with the squad? He wouldn''t have to play to have a good effect on the players. Always good to have serious experience around.
  15. PJH122

    Perhaps it was just me??

    Thought the opposite. One of the loudest I can remember. I was centreish and a bit to the left though so maybe there were quieter areas.. Course there were times when it wasn''t as loud but generally thought support was v v good.