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  1. What does anyone know about this guy? Doesn''t look like he''s scored much or got many assists over the past few years. Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. Very slim pickings out there. I still rely on BBC Sport.
  3. Well, either way, I can''t help but notice that Bournemouth and Watford are banging in goals for fun. Every chance of those two and us winning our last few games, but I don''t think our goal difference is going to be enough. This is too much to take. I''m putting my head in the sand. Some one wake me up on 2 May!!!
  4. That was the best chance we will have this season of getting 3 points away from home.  And we blew it.What I couldn''t understand was why, even when we had an extra man and were looking so dangerous down the flanks, our defenders insisted on pumping it up to Holt / Morison from the halfway line. Constantly going for the Hollywood passes when there was no need.A worrying lack of patience!
  5. I have always been amazed at how often professional footballers fail to kick a dead ball properly
  6. @BW''s catAre you watching this? We will never have a better opportunity of getting an away win this season.  Villa have been dreadful.
  7. Looking at the comments above, who said that football fans were fickle??!!?!   What a change from this message board a month ago.
  8. William Hill have missed Guardiola off their list.
  9. [quote user="Rock The Boat"] He wasnothing before he came to us. We gave him a chance at the big time and he rewards us by walking at the first opportunity. At least we know all his talkof how happy he was here was just BS.   [/quote]   Are you serious?? When he came to us we were rock bottom of League One having just been stuffed by Lambert''s own team??  How is convincing him to jump ship to a bottom of the league club "giving him a shot at the big time"??
  10. [quote user="Martin Bryant"]A 4-0 thumping of Villa, which would move Norwich up in to the top 6 and then the fans singing "It could have been you, it could have been you, Paul Lambert, it could have been you" as the Villa fans sit quietly :-) I can dream![/quote]   What he said ^
  11. Absolutely gutted.   Having said that, I think we always knew Lambert was a bit of a mercenary after leaving Colchester to come to us. And his departure from Wycombe before that?  This is just another step on his progression up the football league. It can''t be that unexpected.  Let''s appreciate the manner in which he has helped our club recover from Gunn/Roeder/Grant.    As for the OP''s original comment on "the club and fans who have shown him so much loyalty", I''m not sure he''s ever really tested us.  Easy to love him when he was doing well, but how loyal would we have been if things had taken a turn for the worse??
  12. I''ve completely lost track of how serious people are about this apparent "bias".    Are the comments above tongue-in-cheek? Or do people seriously think that Linekar et al. (who btw probably don''t even choose the order of the games) are trying to "phase out" our team?
  13. A few of the posts above saying there wasn''t much in it.  Frankly I lost any respect I had for him as a sportsman back in the 2010 World Cup v Ghana and will happily assume he has done the worst.   A truly horrific individual.
  14. the guy is the best presenter ever!! whats the betting that Rickie Lambert makes Le Tissiers team for next season? He is gonna wet his pants every time Rickie Lambert scores next season and say he should play for England, especially as he said the guy was better than Holt a few weeks ago!!!   What''s the problem?   I''ve wet my pants everytime Holty''s scored this season.   The guy''s a Saints fan!
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