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  1. Hi my friend has 1 adult and 1 under 17 ticket for the next two homes!!! How much are you willing to pay! I don''t know the price of his season ticket,and he is at work! So mail me! He is Barclay upper tier for c block d I think near the aisle!!
  2. Hi,found out that I maybe able to go now,as I was suppose to work,I sit in the upper tier,can you tell me the row and block and seat numbers of the tickets pal!
  3. I can confirm he is out,it''s says on there website that fellaini will miss the home match against norwich! Brilliant news! Otbc
  4. West brom,reading,west ham I can make,live in great Yarmouth,have 2 work colleagues that would also like to come and a friend who I go with to the home matches,I ask him! Sounds great to be honest what is usually the cost! Thank''s otbc
  5. Live in great Yarmouth,cannot make Newcastle now because of change of date,as I have to be work but have myself and couple of friends who would love to travel to further away matches if your running more trips!
  6. Quality news! Great to hear,he never wanted to leave I believe,just wanted his last contract to be a good one,for him and his family! Is a Norwich legend and always will be,now to top the scoring charts for any Norwich player!
  7. Holt will be next to sign! The club always said they would deal with other players first.he will be here at the start of the season against Fulham,
  8. Had a little fit just before last season,so the same treatment as other players or mangers let have left us! Nice new name Harry?
  9. Bloody joke,Carroll,welbeck,defo,Rooney, well grant count yourself unlucky pal,Carroll o my god what the hell has he done
  10. Love to go anybody going from Gorleston as stuck with no transport,would share costs! Thank Dave
  11. Pace of Jackson I hope, fancy him doing well in this game,I agree don''t think there back 4 will enjoy his pace!!
  12. i work with 2 Southampton fans,and as soon as brought him,they told me that he was a really good player,and they missed him when sold to wolves,looks like they spot on!
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