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  1. [quote user="Pabs"]Hi everyone Just phoned ncfc box office and the only tickets left are restricted view and I also only have one customer number, does anyone have a pair of tickets they want to sell or a customer number I can use to at least purchase some restricted view tkts?! .[/quote]Have posted it on our Forum, hopefully someone can help you Pabs
  2. Don`t panic! We will survive, here`s our predicted final PL table & remaining fixtures www.yarmy.co.uk/relegation-battle/ what do you think, we will survive?
  3. [quote user="Matt Juler"]If you''re going to copy the Football Ground Guide website almost word for word you should probably give them a reference on your website: http://www.footballgroundguide.com/swansea_city/.If you want people to visit your website you need to make it different; don''t just go regurgitating what''s already out there. [/quote]Thanks for your input and yes I used 3 websites for references plus my own experience of visiting Liberty Stadium, but don`t believe any of them have a map of the pubs or links to the pubs, as well as a pdf version to print so yes we have tried to be different but thanks for your Feedback and will take your criticism on board.
  4. Anyone travelling to Swansea on Saturday might find this useful, parking, pubs, park & rides, disabled supporters info. Its printable as a pdf too, hope you find it useful. Away Ground Guide for Swansea
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"]And we were 13th now under the new guy...   Would the change be deemed to have been a success?     [/quote]Depends on the style of football we were playing I guess, but generally yes we would say 13th is a decent season and it would`ve been a success.I think this season has been more about the negative and lacklustre performance under Hughton
  6. [quote user="Ray"]It is my opinion that the lad needs to do two things that are within his control; 1) Bulk up a bit in his upper body, not that I''ve seen him without his shirt on, but I feel he needs to be able to shrug off defenders easier. 2) Improve his first touch, but that may be linked with his perceived lack of confidence and may therefore improve if his confidence level is improved. Whether or not these are being worked on now, who knows, or more to the point I don''t, but certainly could be in the close season. Outside of his control is the style of football we play, however if he does these two things I think he will be more suited to the game in the Premier League and will go on to become a goal scorer of some note, if he doesn''t then.......[/quote]Good post and completely agree.The sitter he missed was created by a ball being whipped in across for him to run on to, in my opinion that`s where we`ve been lacking because Redmond cuts in from the left and Snoddy cuts in rom the right, for Wolfswinkel to thrive I feel we need more balls from the byline being whipped in in front of him
  7. [quote user="Herman "]Thought he had a good game today, missed a sitter yes, but he only needs one to get his confidence going. He''s a keep for next season.[/quote]Exactly! He is working hard and is so low on confidence that just a single goal will spark his game. It was good to see the fans give him such good applause on Saturday when he was substituted because at least they appreciated his effort and work rate for the team
  8. Tettey`s wonder goal, watch it here over & over again! Superb www.yarmy.co.uk/forums/topic/tetteys-wonder-goal/
  9. I think it`s a `must win` game for us and a `must not lose` game for Sunderland, with their games in hand they will be happy with a point today I feel.I`m going for a 1-0 City win, RVW off his a**e in the 87th minute Dean Coney style!
  10. Fulham away day guide, let me know if you think this will be useful for each away gamewww.yarmy.co.uk/away-grounds-guide/fulham/
  11. [quote user="Indy"]This does nothing to inspire anyone, it''s irritating and patronising!   To get a united front tomorrow we need the player to react to the fans in the first 10 minutes or you will get the quiet crowd!   It''s no good giving it all this utter tripe, without the performance on the pitch!   I''m betting ona Delia "let''s be avin u" rant at some point soon to cap all this rubbish off!   24,000 fans tomorrow will be singing "Kick It Off" from the start and if the players don''t respond then it''s not the fault of 24000 city fans if we lose! [/quote]I don`t know where you go every home game but I`ve certainly never heard 24,000 singing it! Especially over the last few years
  12. I`d like to see 2 up front & try Hooper & RVW together again, surely it has to pay off one day!!Here`s our match preview & my favoured team, not going to be popular with some!! Hard hat is on! www.yarmy.co.uk/norwich-v-sunderland-preview/
  13. [quote user="Indy"]ARGHHHHH stop with this focus on the supporters and concentrate on the players!!!!!1MacNally & Hughton need to put pressure on our prema donnas to ensure they know how important this game is!   Enough of this utter tripe, come Saturday we will be behind the team and I hope to god the players pick up their performance or they will get it both barrels at the end of the match no doubt! [/quote]Seriously...McNally & Hughton need to put pressure on them to make them realise how important tomorrow`s game is??If the players don`t already know that then they most certainly are not fit to wear the shirt! I think what Del Boy is getting at is for the supporters to stop bickering over Hughton in or out and do their bit, we can only do so much as fans and I agree it is down to the players to do their bit, which they`ve failed at miserably so far this season
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