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  1. I agree. I heard a few moans and groans at Spurs and at Blackburn. I''m glad he gave the people at the front a few words, i feel like telling them to stick it when i hear it week in week out, home and away.
  2. You may dislike Morison, or think he is extremely lazy and doesn''t work hard for team, but don''t moan about him not getting a ball that was nowhere near him during the blackburn (or any) game so that he can hear, no wonder his head is down. The crowd moaned at him for not getting a ball and he heard and said something back. I thoroughly think the person(s) who abused him during the game deserved the comments back from Morison. You may hate him but don''t shout abuse to him during the game, we need his head up and it is the people moaning about him that is affecting him. Also, could people stop moaning at everything he does, he chases the ball sometimes and people moan saying, ''chase faster'' or ''show us more effort'', if that was Holty chasing the ball like Steve does sometimes, he would get a standing applause. We need to cheer on the team, no matter who is playing and how they are playing. We can moan at the end to tell them what we think, but not during the game, that will knock their confidence down.
  3. Ayala was at coloney training ground today, my cousin told me who referee''s Norwich Academy at coloney. So it looks like he is being signed
  4. for people who applied for chelsea, has your money been taking out of the bank yet?
  5. I believe this song to Maxi Rodriguez will be a good catchy one for Elliot Bennett, whose name was first used for this song back at Brighton! Elliot, Elliot Bennett Runs Down the wing for me de-duh de-duh duh.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_3ztevG9e0
  6. i would of thought that they will be on general sale this week as there is a month for all fans wanting to go to buy tickets so if they are on holiday, they would be back in time to buy them! Also, the clubs first game at home is on sale for super members on the 25th so can''t see there being a long wait for wigan to come on sale
  7. yes i have, it has 25 other norwich fans on it, pin: 145902 password: norwich
  8. Seeing that we have brought in two more strikers, those being Steve Morison and James Vaughan, I believe Chris Martin''s postion has begun to get out of his grasp. As Holt is captain and will be one of the first names on the team sheet, i believe Morison, Vaughan and Jackson will be the partner of our number nine, so where does this leave Chris Martin? Seeing that Chris Martin is a young player and still improving, i believe that the club should loan him out to a championship club with the clause of bringing him back incase of injuries but I can''t see him being in the 25 man squad at the club so will this be his best option, i think so!
  9. i wished im a few years older as im currently training with Gorleston Under 18s and would love to play against the team i follow!!
  10. I have created a private league for all you fantasy fans. The league is called NCFC league and the; pin: 145902 password: norwich ON THE BALL CITY!!
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