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  1. For what it''s worth apparently the recognised stages of grief in repsonse to major loss are... DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION before finally ACCEPTANCE... I was in denial right up until yesterday... the person who started this thread was clearly in the anger phase
  2. I think this is a really significant game for us - for this reason... Swansea were the only team to really turn us over last year
  3. time to unretire him... he has always been the best thing about the Pinkun...
  4. [quote user="smooth"]Decemeber 1994 at selhurst park where we never played well. Cheers[/quote] I went to this game... as I llive in SE London it was my first NCFC game and Ashely Ward''s goal remains seared in my memory forever.... unfortunately with exception of one meaningless end of season fixture and a pre-season friendly in 17 years I''ve never seen another victory there since... the recent pre-season friendly just added salt into the wound!
  5. yeh, i remember that feeling, walking out of the Red Lion feeling like it was going to be a long hard season... and look how it turned out, perhaps we need to remember that and hold our nerve if next saturday looks bad...
  6. Just back from the game - like others I wasn''t unhappy with what I saw and was most impressed by De Laet; I think we''re going to need Vaughan to do well tho'' as I remain unconvinced that Jackson is going to cut it at the highest level (going by tonight anyway).
  7. [quote user="spencer 1970"][quote user="Deptford Canary"]I may be going out on a limb here - but I think Wilbraham may surprise a few people this year...[/quote] I reckon you could be right Deptford...blimey Deptford! where are you then? I work on ~Creekside.[/quote] Finally able to log back in again! I''m a norfolk exile deep in millwall territory... if you work on creekside I''m guessing you''re either a car mechanic or an artist/sculptor ?
  8. I may be going out on a limb here - but I think Wilbraham may surprise a few people this year...
  9. I do hope Lambo isn''t emulating Martin O''Neill - otherwise he''s shortly about to surprise us by moving to Leicester...
  10. okay, here''s mine - from about ''94 onwards... forster edworthy,malky,flem,drury nedergard,andy johnson,saffri,huckerby ashton,eadie...not saying it would work as a team but they''re the players that come to mind
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