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  1. You know the same thought occured to me at Carrow Road last saturday we seemed to be palying so narrow with only the full backs for width -that we might as well be playing with a diamond - at least then with two up front we might get to score a goal or too... I''d put Howson at the tip not Hoolahan (on current form)...

  2. Racism is usually much more subtle rather than overt now - in a way that makes it all the harder to combat, and the more pernicious to experience. And it''s often a question of context rather than just the form the words take. The person who would be able to make that judgement in that moment was Andros Townsend, and as he clearly saw that no offence was intended then it wasn''t racist. The second question is whether in ''this age'' it was a bit thoughtless or insensitive - which you could argue it was... but the bigger question is, I think, what kind of world we aspire to?... a very ''politically correct'' world where no-one ever mentions monkeys in any context where black people are involved because it would always be offensive, or a world that has moved on and where that association or connotation was no longer even thought about?

    The real issue here for me is who leaked this and how they have sought to undermine the dressing room.

  3. [quote user="M.A.T.T"]

    Apologies if posted already but in Steve Bruce''s recent interview he was very complimentary about Norwich and said some nice stuff. Doesnt have to say that and different from others such as Townsend and Sherwood. Obviously hope we win today but hope he does ok this season.

    Though I know his house in Norwich many years ago wasnt too clean as he was a batchelor with a couple of dogs but I am sure he''s all grown up now! ;)

    [/quote]Met him once in service station and said ''hello''... he was pretty off really... I''ve sworn blind that next time I see him I''ll cut him dead

  4. [quote user="Lavanche"]Seems to be going for Southampton at least if you believe tabloids.

    Would love to see him here and move Martin as third choise CB that we can sell Barnett even if we dont get new starter for that position.[/quote]


    Seems to me there''s a lot to be said for players who can play (well) in more than one position... I''d have him back in a shot, even at a high price...

  5. [quote user="a1canary"]Who was the Scottish full back who missed his mummy too much and had to go back home? Can''t even remember his name!

    Think that could be described as our most recent ''dud''.[/quote]


    But wasn''t Ewan Chester working for the club/Lambert back then for a while (before going to Chelsea?) and would that mean he was behind signing Steven Smth??

  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]the board sign the players at QPR, not the manager.... Redknapp would want to do it all himself.they will get a yes-man in.... probably someone with links to QPR who will placate the fans (EG shearer with newcastle.. hopelessly out of his depth but the fans refused to criticise him). My moneys on someone like Ray Wilkins... been coaching at chelski for a few years...[/quote]


    ...didn''t they release him a while back?

  7. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Another posh boy pretending to like Association Football to ingratiate himself with the great unwashed. If he''s sucha big fan, why doesn''t he have a parliamentray seat in Norwich?Not keen on his missus either.[/quote]


    ...talking of ingratiation... does anybody see Charles Clarke at games anymore?

    • The Muscat incident is obvious... but for me I really started to hate them after they played us the season after the play-offs and they  beat us at Carrow Road and Dave Jones was interviewed on Sky afterwards and he spoke really sneeringly and dismissively about them having brushed us aside....... I''ve hated Wolves (and Dave Jones) ever since....

  8. [quote user="GMF"]Hope Jewell doesn''t stop at Heskey, bearing in mind Michael Owen is still looking for a new club, he could rekindle a former England striker partnership. That would probably be the closest for a while that 1p5wich would get to an England striker! [/quote]


    Forget Michael Owen ~ wasn''t Heskey formerly (in his Leicester days) a strike partner of very own beloved Iwan !??

  9. [quote user="lake district canary"]

    [quote user="Mahogany"]I''ve had a look and found this thread http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2628209/ShowPost.aspx Barnett was in the Top 10 defenders in the Premiership until the end of October, according to PPI. Probably would''ve have been higher if it wasn''t for that ridiculous red card and pen given against him v Stoke.[/quote]



    I think Barnett was unfortunate in some ways.   It was early in the season when he played - this was when the rubbishing of our players was at its height by the doom mongers.   But - all the defenders made mistakes all season and the sending off (which was unjustified) just made him look worse.     He did make mistakes, but he also made some superb tackles, interceptions and blocks in all the matches he played in - hence his high place in the stats.     Lost his place to Whitbread - who also came in and made mistakes leading to goals.   I''m not saying that Barnett should be a number one choice in defence - but he never let us down - certainly no more than Whitbread and Ward who also made mistakes leading to goals.   

    If we''re talking back-up... I''d rather have Barnett than ward personally...




  10. [quote user="delta bravo"]I just needed to tell everyone that i met Chris Hughton last night (and David McNally) and I was so impressed with him, he spoke freely to lots of NCFC fans and was a thoroughly nice chap in my opinion.  Didn''t speak to him for long and didn''t get any gossip, just wanted to tell you all that i''d met him.  All he did say was that he is proud to be NCFC manager and can''t wait to get started, i wished him luck and went home very very happy!  That is all


    Nice smile, iron teeth... 

  11. [quote user="JuanVelasco"]I''ve been absolutely devastated all day, got a few parties lined up for the Jubilee including one that was tonight..... going to ruin all of them. I am looking at this forum constantly, I''m angry, upset, worried, in fact petrified. I just want us to appoint a manager as soon as possible, I think that will really help. A positive manager with lots to say about his visions and ideas, and for that manager to make his first great signing. We need our new manager as soon as possible, then I can start to think positive things again. Maybe even a manager who can bring Grant Holt back on side, perhaps mediate between himself and McNally. Things would be a lot better with a great new manager and a new contract for Holty.[/quote]




    our hearts are broken but we must beware going on a ''rebound'' ... one things for sure, if we don''t get the appointment right we''ll be back in the championship in a year... act in haste, repent at leisure etc.

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