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  1. Mr Strong

    Predicted Lineup for Birmingham

    Having seen them at Luton last night and seen what Farke has been doing I am pretty sure they are locked in for a 4-1-4-1

    My guess is probably












    If Rhodes isn''t fit then Pukki moves up front, Marshall to midfield and Passlack to RB.

    I just get the feeling he likes the idea of Marshall at RB pushing on hard.
  2. Mr Strong

    Michael Turner

    Awesome signing if it comes off........guy needs to realise his potential and lets hope its with us
  3. Comment made - chris samba holding talks with norwich

    I am posting this out of mild amusement.......
  4. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]I think Howson would be an excellent signing; probably the nearest we''ll get to a Damian Francis type for £2m?...[/quote]

    Totally agree on this. If you look at our central midfielders they don''t really get the goals you would hope. Surman is starting to show some but we don''t have that player (like Francis) who gets in the box.

    Howson will do this - he has that air of Lampard about him in terms of box to box payers. I think he will bring something different

  5. Mr Strong

    Liverpool Sign Bent

    That''s actually quite funny
  6. Has to be the easiest one of these ever - took me about 30 seconds

    Just after the BIG 3 loan signings which changed the season for us
  7. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Managed to get 10/11 and I wasn''t born until later that season.

    Missing the left sided centre back.[/quote]

    me to........help
  8. Why not - he is now in the Under 21''s and Fielding got a call up.

    You never know how things work out - he could be there in 4 or 5 years.
  9. Mr Strong

    The Colour

    I will be honest.......I really liek the song.

    Can totally see the entire of Carrow Road sing ''Who Are Ya'' to the opposition - I think it will make quite an atmosphere....

    But thats just my opinion
  10. Mr Strong

    1st XI and 7 subs ,as it stands?........

    [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]do you really think we''d have just spent £5.5m on two new strikers to switch to playing just one up front ?![/quote]Honestly - yep.Think there is a concern over how lightweight our midfield would be in the Prem.........Lambert has always been one for fire power on the bench.....
  11. Mr Strong

    1st XI and 7 subs ,as it stands?........


    Martin Barnett Whitbread Tierny

    Crofts Fox

    Bennett Hoolahan Surman


    Subs: Rudd, De Laet, Ward, Johnson, Vaughan, Jackson, Morrison

    Can''t see it being too different to the end of last season - Lambert has always shown faith in players and Wigan is a good game to give those who proved their worth in the Championship a chance to perform.

    Only difference is Barnett - has to be in the first X1 as the best centre back we have.....

    ....and Bennett for Jackson - unlucky on Jackson here but balance will be needed.

    However, I expect the team to be evolving and those player on the bench will get their chance....