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  1. I agree but if Holt actually ran off the pitch the opportunity was always there to gain a few seconds for us to possibly score. Obviously it didnt work out that way but its really frustrating watching our players waste our own time. + our own fans clapping timewasting when we are 3 nowt down. Yes your right though it shouldnt be dwelt on and I expect a big response at the weekend.
  2. Was really disappointed last night however what really got my goat was the way Grant Holt left the pitch. After enduring 70 mins of Norwich not being interested Grant Holt was subbed. Nonchalantly he wandered off the pitch as the clock ticked away. Now I love Grant Holt but if he actually ran off the pitch and the subs came on quicker it may have given us a few more seconds and raised the tempo. To my disbelief though all the Norwich fans in the away end stood up and clapped his meandering stroll off the pitch. Unreal! A lot of fans stared at me with unhappy looks as I blasted him for wasting our own time. Some people seem happy to cheer anything. On a plus note though the Pie supper in the stadium of light was quite nice!
  3. De Laet is our Titus Bramble! Excellent until inevitable 2 mins of madness.
  4. I find it incredible that throughout this whole thread comments have been made on this and that but nobody has looked at stoke. Who will play for stoke? I would think this is crucial in picking our team to combat them. Look at their forwards. Kenwyne Jones and Jon Walters. Both big and burly. For me I would want some physical presence in our back line. Barnett would be in the starting line up for me for sure. Yes Martin had a torrid time up against Moses but in that vein of form I think many right backs would have struggled. Also Martin was exposed on many occasions with little help. A lesson learnt I feel. I wouldn''t discount him from Stoke though. With everything he gave last season and the fact that the odds were against him at Wigan (as they would with most) he deserves his chance again. With regards to other parts of the pitch I would feel the way we played against wigan wont work against stoke. No point having to big guys up front. We need someone explosive to get behind Stoke''s back line. For me I would be going with Holt and Jackson.
  5. Rob Roy (take yer pick of the robs) US Marshalls Also for Man City Fans they could have Dick Tracy for Mario Ballotelli.
  6. I found a pigeon in our bedroom last week. Woke up at 5.00am to find it sitting on the inside window sill. Give me a right fright
  7. I concur with Al Catraz. Bit harsh to rip into him just for clearing up a point. In my opinion the CMS saga has had a line drawn under it so Wiz should maybe do the same but each to their own. Pre season boredness I expect............
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