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  1. Hello, I''m at work from 10-4, i could make it to the ground before half time, does the club allow people into the ground later on say between 4.45-5?
  2. I thought all 4 of these players were outstanding today, especially the midfield three. Bassong was solid at the back, Johnson and Howson were controlling the midfield nicely and breaking the play up well and Snodgrass had a very good game. I thought it was a good team display today, maybe just lacked the fire power but very promising.
  3. hi if its still avaliable could you please email me the detials: Olly_15@live.co.uk
  4. Hello, was just wondering if anyone/knows anyone who has a spare QPR ticket? Thankyou :)
  5. Once again you cant be sure of that, other teams have stayed in that division and after losing 7-1 it was never going to be certain, i think in 3 years he was, it was a different kind of pressure though, it wasn''t the pressure of getting promoted (after league 1), he had the pressure of staying in the championship and the premier league, he exceeded both of those expectations so i think he handled the pressure well!
  6. you can''t but sure of that, he loves a challenge, going from colchester to norwich was a big jump, yes lower league but norwich are a much bigger club in every way than colchester and a lot would have been expected when he came to norwich, he would thrive on it.
  7. [quote user="stoke canary"]Has i posted earlier its a good time to manage villa .Any half decent manager is going to improve them from last season Lambert on a Win Win situation[/quote] he stated that he has his own targets for norwich so he was planning with norwich, he said the board wanted norwich to survive again but he had his own targets so aslong as he survived again it would be win win for him.
  8. it is when 5 or 6 days before lambert says he''s happy at norwich, and its already been said that holt got rejected for a third year, he wanted job security at norwich.
  9. i find it strange that a manager who was idolised by the fans has now left and the most idolised player in the squad wants out too, i know a lot of people see Mcnally as a hero but i cant help wondering what''s going on behind the scenes. Anyway im grateful for everything lambert has done but i will enjoy seeing villa lose. Also if grant goes, good luck to him but like lambert i will enjoy seeing him on the bench or not score.
  10. have a liverpool ticket for sale?
  11. Joint second top English goal scorers! If they get overlooked there is something seriously wrong with English football. The England team should be picked on form, not what club there at and their reputation!   
  12. Who are you lot to sit here and put down people for buying a half and half scarf? Some Norwich fans seem to be getting a bit big-headed, we don''t play man u that often and if people won’t to buy scarfs let them it’s not hurting anyone. Man u are the best team in England so why can''t people buy a scarf to mark the occasion. Buying a scarf doesn’t make you a plastic fan, that’s the most ridicules thing I have heard. Unfortunately there are only 22,000 season ticket’s available so most Norwich fans can’t go week in week out so if they managed to get tickets let them buy what they won’t. Get down of your high horse and let people support their club in their own way…god help us all if someone buys a scarf.
  13. Leicester fans sung it on saturday, i think it''s a brilliant chant. We Love You, We Love You, We Love YouNorwich Is Who We Follow, We Follow, We Follow Cause We Support The Norwich, The Norwich, The NorwichAnd That''s the Way we Like it, We Like It, We Like ItWooo oh ooh ohh ohh oohhhhhhhh Wooo oh ooh ohh ohh oohhhhhhhh Wooo oh ooh ohh ohh oohhhhhhhhWooo oh ooh ohh ohh oohhhhhhhh
  14. okkk then i get it! do you reckon they will let me change my seat if i ask nicely? its just im going with a mate and i don''t really wonna be in the N&P at 18 :L
  15. right, before i start im a supermember! been to the two cup games this year and i wont to go to the rest, obv the Leicester tickets went on sale this morning... how did they structure this because when i went online at 9.30am most of the barcaly was gone, most of the jarrold and most of the city stand and when i got home the only seats left were the N&P so i got a ticket in there out of panic because its my birthday on the day of the game so i really wanted to go...so did people just book them at 9 this morning or are they even available yet or what? thanks!
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