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  1. Fulham desperate to get rid and interest from us apparently according to unreliable social media, think his wages would be far too much personally, hence their desperation to sell
  2. Couldn''t help but smile at the thought of seeing this guy at carrow road again after some of the stories from his time here! He is on trial with Birmingham apparently on ssn transfer thing
  3. Just curious and cannot find an answer anywhere, why us and Fulham seemingly got a bye for the first round but Cardiff play tomorrow night?
  4. A lower area of Milan kunis! Well hopefully fill anyway!
  5. According to the woman on the massive iPad on ssn St Ettienne interested in the wolf but didn''t say loan, perm etc. never too reliable tho ssn obviously
  6. Apparently off to PSV, would possibly rule out 1 Dutch club as a possible destination for RVW?
  7. Surely there would be more attractive teams after him , rather than just wages being an issue?
  8. Just had a peruse through odds checker to see if there were any worthwhile bets to be had and was quite amused to see us quoted at 16 to 1 to sign Bryan Ruiz but even better 33-1 to sign Samuel eto''o! Few others there too, think Micah Richards was one, can''t remember fully all the prices, who is honestly betting on Samuel eto''o to norwich though?!
  9. Wouldn''t have been such a waste of a fiver would it! I knew I should''ve pressed it further who knows what odds I''d''ve got! Right annoyed now!
  10. Requested odds on Neil Adams being our next permanent manager as I thought with all the good work he''s done he might be in with a chance if he ever fills the caretaker boss role, so thought it might be a good thing to stick a fiver on, and the b*stards wouldn''t even give me odds on it! But yet other sites will give you 250/1 on Robbie Fowler, ridiculous
  11. As someone who is relatively unknown in English football, I was surprised to see that he is 4th favourite with a bookmaker to be our next manager, a lot of hopeful bets or do people really think we will go for a manager of this calibre?
  12. Just worry about the defending , and hoppers apparent inability to run, didn''t do much even though he should have been fresh!
  13. Phil tuffnell! Shearer was a talented player too and he is a tool as well!
  14. Does anyone else hate how ridiculously biased this guy is on soccer Saturday? At least stelling does it with a bit of tact, Le toss may as well jump on the desk and stick a banana up is @rse in celebration some of the time,
  15. Also having Quag sign would attract other high quality players in the future possibly
  16. With the Alderweireld transfer in the balance and Davies ( who may or may not have been a target) off to Hull, who else is there possibly in our sights? I have not seen us linked to any other CB by what I can remember....?
  17. I personally am split on whether to be pleased, I believe be becchio will score a few but just feel we could have capitalised on sportings finances and had a 20 million striker at our club, at possibly better value than hooper... And bbc did report late on that sporting got another striker on loan so there was the possibility to do a late deal but as many have already said we did seem to put all our eggs in one basket, bit disappointing but not going to be all negative about our chances, just feel we could have had a world class striker at our club
  18. Only ones i can think of are Mackay for the Scot and possibly Di Matteo for one of the italians.... but they could be anyone from any european league really
  19. Maybe someone should tweet him or something, im sure he''d be up for it as he still loves the club!
  20. I know that Sky Sports journalism is often incorrect, but if on this rare occasion they are correct about CMS turning down QPR and us, whilst talking to Leicester and West Ham, do you think he is trying to be a big fish in a small pond in the championship, or just after the ridiculous wages either of those two sides will no doubt pay?
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