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  1. Town fan here Absolutely gutted to hear this news, he is easily the most gifted player to ever play for us in my life time, he really is that good! He''s two footed, scores goals, can wip in one hell of a cross, really does have everything you want from a winger. Can play either right or left wing, and has been known to play as a striker too. Personally I would be gutted to see him leave and anything under 2.5-3 mil would be daylight robbery. Having said that, he suffered a horrendous injury early this year, dislocating his ankle and snapping his leg in half, so it would be a massive risk signing if it was to go through, people really were worried that the injury was career threatening. However reports have been extremely encouraging and he''s just started running and kicking a ball again, and is expected to make a full recovery in time for the new season, but you can never really tell with these type of injuries. If he does sign for you take good care of him, he''s loved by everyone at our club, staff, players and fans, top top player and person. Don''t expect miracles straight away because it could take a couple of months to find his form after the injury, but when he does you will have one hell of a player on your hands. Good luck for the next season, I’ll certainly be rooting for you! 
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