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  1. bas savage is awful, he was rejected by wycombe last season!he is not any use at all!
  2. Could you take a moment to fill in this quick questionnaire please? http://deadhits.com/furns thanks [Moderator''s note - this link doesn''t seem to work!]
  3. it is not to decide who wins it is to decide who are the top five candidates are so it she is blatantly going to win but it would be nice if he got into the top five!
  4. i think that we should back Robert Green for sports personality! back the bid at this link! it would be awesome if we could get him  into the top 5 nominees http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tv_and_radio/sports_personality_2004/4020389.stm
  5. I think the people getting at gary holt are well out of line.Sure he is not looked as good as he did in div 1 but thats because he is playing against better players. Was holt honestly any worse than anyone else on the pitch for the first hour against charlton?i dont think so!especially at present with confidence so low in the team ruining team morale further is so wrong. i bet the people booing him voted for him as their player of the season two years ago!
  6. theres is pretty much an annual event and they probably do it over a longer distance
  7. what about people who already have a shirt though?
  8. i dunno he might be possible if we could persaude him to cut his wages ! i think we need wide players more than central midfielders though!start jim brennan worthy!
  9. why not somebody like matt jansen? i know he hasnt featured much since his accident but i think he could do a job.
  10. I think it will be when the fixtures come out that it really sinks in!
  11. No we dont want sherwood back.he hasnt done anything since he was at blackburn!
  12. i cant think why they are asking such a ridiculous price with the transfer market as it is currently!
  13. From people that I have swpoken to most people are generally pleased that Norwich are back where they belong!
  14. i cant believe they are asking that for him! surely like you said they should have accepted a bid of 300k to 500k. 1million in the current transfer plight is ridiculous!
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