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  1. i don''t see this happening now. as stated above we have signed two strikers - our club moved on. i would have liked to see him here but posh were asking an awful lot of money for the player. i''m happy with vaughan and morison. two strikers with completely different styles but who would compliment each other together as a partnership. both could play with holt, morison could step in for holt, vaughan for jackson... there is good flexibility with our strikers now and i feel there will be no further additions up top.
  2. hi! there are a number of forums that were set up in the aftermath of 606''s death. the pick of the bunch is ''12yards'' where i tend to post more regularly but the majority of fans when to the less user-friendly ''not606'' which although i am on, is a pretty rank site. its a shame everyone got split up and didn''t have one definitive home to go to, hence i''m now covering all my options!!
  3. thank you ncfc26. i always tried to post sensible comments, except when it came to the binners! ;)
  4. As a regular poster on the now deceased BBC 606, I have decided to post a bit more often on the Pinkun board under my 606 user name. I''m sure there are a few who will post on here who also posted on 606 so it will be nice to catch up with them again and I look forward to debating NCFC with you all over the coming months and years... just thought I''d introduce myself first! OTBC ILWT
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