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  1. http://www.holtamania.com/2011/10/01/story-of-a-match-man-utd/worth a read for some good analysis of the role Morison played and how he is key to the team,
  2. Worth a read for the Morison stuffhttp://www.holtamania.com/2011/10/01/story-of-a-match-man-utd/
  3. Really don''t understand this Holt over Morison stuff. Steve is in the team on meri,t he caused Jonny Evans no end of problems over 60 minutes before tiring (understandable for a guy playing up top on his own.). The two best players on our team or fox and wes you build the team to suit these guys and the shape with morison in has been much better. Could he be a bit better with his decison making yes, but so could Holt, why change a side that is playing well and has a good balance.Might we need a new striker in January I would say so but right now Morison deserves his place on merit ahead of Holt.
  4. Great work thanks, interesting read although I''d argue everyone outside the big six (man u, man city, chelsea, arsenal, spurs, liverpool) deserves to be included.
  5. I wonder whether it would make sense to make one of the games he was banned for the return game at west brom between the two sides.  It would be a very small benefit but least we get something out of it then.
  6. Fair points maybe I was a little harsh on Lansbury just seemed a little unnecessary to me to include Norwich when talking of west ham squad, but maybe it wa just a turn of phaseAnd yes I was talking about the poster simon lappin king of spain the player I have no problem with.
  7. Tom fair point although thought saying ''we have a squad good enough for the premier league would have sufficed.'' Seems to me he was taking a little dig at Norwich and Simon lappin that was why I posted the message because it was about Norwich not because it was about lansbury, end of.
  8. Mr Lansbury saying West Ham have a stronger squad than Norwich, oh dear henri.http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/sport/westham/westhamnews/9248140.Hammers_have_stronger_squad_than_promoted_Canaries/
  9. I''d be shocked if it was not the eleven who got us up, Lambert has to give them a chance to show what they have at this level.ruddymartin ward whitbread tierneyfox surman croftswesholt jacksonbench of rudd/da laet/bennett/b/johnson/vaughan/morrison/pilkington 
  10. probably none of them are better than the starting eleven but the squad needed urgent work if you look at the bench we had towards the end of last season we had two loan players and mcnamee. We were struggling for numbers and in these signings we increase our depthand give ourselves a few more options such as the speed of bennett on the wing.  One of the down sides of the quick rise that we do not have the squad depth of a Swansea or QPR and Lambert is addressing this factor.  I''d say building a Premier League squad is a gradual process and a whole lot more work will be done but slowly and surely. In Lambert we trust.
  11. hey guys newbie here, I had a brief chat with @swissramble on twitter about von bergen and he had this to saySteady central defender. Not tallest. Part of Swiss WC squad. Experience abroad with Hertha Berlin & Cesena. Good addition IMO.His words not mine, interesting move if true could be a bit of a steal.
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