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  1. If anybody has a ticket or 2 available in the lower Barclay please let me know....I have a season ticket in Block D but want to take my kids fir their first games...Cheers 07563666369
  2. Guess who was right.................Only 2 posts...Suspicious????? I Thank You!! Anyway, thought we did ok today, some really positve signs, just need Fer and Snoddy to return and midtable beckons!!     K
  3. I generally just enjoy reading posts (normally you lot bickering), but when I think I have something worthwhile to post I feel compelled to do so. If you read my last post that was also about Hooper which either suggest I have a slightly unhealthy fascination with the great man or I actually do have a reliable information stream..... I would like to think it’s the later.
  4. Im hearing from close family of Hoops that he is very unlikely to play on Saturday. His father was supposed to come and see his son play his first competative match but is 90% sure he will not be playing. This is a great shame as from what I''ve seen in pre season Hoops looks like he will out score the Wolf......I know RVW needs to settle in and will play a big part in what I think will be another great season for us (well at least a safe one), but Hoops looks like he will slot in nicely as a Holty upgrade.    
  5. My mate has just been text by Gary Hoopers father that he will not be joining us. Bit gutted but that was as of 5pm so you never know if we come up with the right price later this evening. I know he prefers us over Spurs as he feels he will get more of a chance to play with us....come on city dig deep
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