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  1. [quote]Now kindly f*** off back to your board.[/quote]Gladly, hope you get chuffing tonked everywhere next season, you''ve surpassed even Newcastle fans dillusions of grandeur and arrogance, considering you were in League One the other year, you haven''t half got a chip on your shoulder for a club who should be looking at avoiding relegation and staying in the League to reap the financial rewards.Can''t wait for Stoke vs Norwich when they kick 7 lumps of shite out of you and your players will be wondering what they''ve walked into. Welcome to the Premier League.
  2. [quote]You may feel we are underestimating you but I feel you are underestimating us. Claims like Osman would be our best player would be absurd. Yes he is a good player but suprisingly clubs outside the Prem can have players the same level as him and I would much rather have Crofts any day, as you would rather have Osman. Basically no one can win. You may be mocking our opinions but you lot seem to be up yourselves, so each to their own.[/quote]Up ourselves because of the quite frankly ludricous and uninformed opinions shown in this thread to be honest!!In what way are we underestimating Norwich? I think you''ll finish in the bottom half of the table, thats the expectation from Championship teams if you ask most Premier League fans, someone else thinks you''ll finish in the top 8 and push Everton and Stoke and finish higher, a fantastic feat for a newly promoted team, thats a massive difference in opinion.In the past 6 seasons, only 2 promoted teams have finished in the top 10 in their first season that i remember; Birmingham and Reading. Birmingham by way of scoring just 38 in 38 but keeping it tight at the back and picking up 1-0 wins, unfortunately that didn''t help them this year and they went down, Reading by way of attacking football under Coppell and keeping a positive G.D, but conceding a bucket load the season after and going down. Even the 2 stronger teams Newcastle and WBA didn''t make the top 10 last season and they''ve been 2 of the stronger teams i''ve seen come up.Basically, you''ll have to do very well to make the top10, never mind overtake Everton into the top 8.
  3. [quote user="jonf"]Fellaini is one of the finest defensive midfielders on the planet. Baines was also better than Ashley Cole last season. They would both walk into the Norwich team and be your best players, as would Osman. And Fellaini hasnt moved into a more advanced position recently at all. There are some absurd views on this forumIn all honesty, would struggle to fit in our midfield. Hoolahan, Crofts, Fox, Surrman >>>>>>>> Osman [/quote]Struggle? Thats suggesting that a good squad player with almost a decade of Premier League experience isn''t on the same level as the midfield of a newly promoted Championship team, most of whom have little or no experience of top-level football.Have you see much of Osman? Probably about as much as i''ve seen of your midfield to be honest, not a lot then!Wes Hoolahan is the same age roughly, same stature and has played half of his career to date in Ireland, wheres the basis to suggest he''s >>>>>>>> Osman? Because he''s got a 1/5 scoring record in League One and the Championship?You guys must be some of the most knowledgable and informed football fans in England :)
  4. This thread has become infamous at the Bluekipper Everton forum, hence the small invasion, i say infamous because they''re laughing at some of the ill-formed opinions in this thread. You''re lucky the forum isn''t invaded with insults and i''ve at least tried to be civil.
  5. Thats fair enough, but you''re simply refusing to give Everton any credit there by ridiculing their league placing, and comparing the team to Stoke (the official master of long balls and one of the lowest passing teams in the league) which is highly ignorant of you.By all means go into the season high on confidence and perhaps get a top place like Reading a few years back, but don''t display any unfounded cockyness. Very few promoted teams stay in this division long enough to reap the benefits and the ones that do tend to flirt regulary with relegation. Norwich will have to buck the trend to get a top 8 finish and go even further if they''re to stay in this league.
  6. No, he honestly hasn''t.He was brought over and played as an Attacking Midfielder to help settle him in, words straight from Moyes'' mouth. It''s much easier to play attacking midfield than defensive midfield; you need discipline and Fellaini didn''t have that in his first season as shown by his yellows and reds.Once he adjusted, he was moved back to where he prefers, his holding role in defensive midfield. Most Evertonians were concerned that they  were playing someone supposedly out of position, but Moyes'' reasoning come through and the fears were unfounded. He''s settled into English football, he''s become accustomed to the Engliush game and his cards have dropped, whilst an element of dirtiness perhaps remains.He is a holding midfielder and he won''t be playing any kind of advanced midfield role in the future, unless there is another injury crisis which necessitates pushing him upfield.
  7. I don''t normally sign up for other forums just to question peoples opinions, but yours is one of such an absurd nature that i can''t let it go without reply. How much have you seen of Everton? Given that they''ve been on TV a handful of times live this season, i''d imagine less than 5 full 90min matches? I''d imagine you watch MoTD?, which is less than a 5min highlights real usually. By all means you can form an opinion based on these very short viewings of Everton, but it appears you''ve formed an opinion of such incomprehensible nature that it''s set off my nonsense radar. Now, i don''t wish to knock Norwich in anyway shape or form since there will be posters in here who have a brain. I admire their football, i admire Paul Lambert and i''m looking forward to the trip to East Anglia next season, but to suggest that Norwich will finish there-or-thereabouts with Everton might suggest 2 things to me: that Everton have underperformed this coming season, or, Norwich have overachieved. Make no mistake, this is a tough league where determination, spirit and work-man-like nature sees you through, the mental capacity to see the season out is paramount, which is why Everton haven''t finished outside the top 8 of the Premier League in 5 seasons and only finished outside the top 8 once in 7 seasons. I admire your confidence in Norwichs abilities for the forthcoming season, but it appears to be confidence based on little. Last season was one of the toughest i can remember from recent years where teams dropped points all over the league, so if you expect Norwich to buck the trend of recent promoted teams and fly up the League then i think you''ll be disappointed. Now, onto the players. Fellaini was in outstanding form before he injured his ankle, one of the finest midfield players i''ve seen at Everton in a long time. He raises his game for the big occasions and whilst he does have his flaws, his game is progressing and few Everton fans will be surprised if he doesn''t move on to a regular Champions League team before long. I''m afraid you''ll just have to accept my valid and informed opinion of him; ie. someone who watches him every game he plays in and not the MoTD highlights, afterall, i''d accept your opinion of a Norwich player, since you''re better informed to form an opinion. For the record, he played as an attacking midfielder off the forward when he arrived in English football a few YEARS ago now, primarily to settle him into English football because i would summise it''s difficult to play a holding role in a better league with no experience. He has played up front on the RARE OCCASION since and by rare i mean less than 5 times, when we''ve had Strikers out and Cahill and Fellaini have played up top. Tim Cahill is beyond his best now and he shouldn''t be guarenteed a place in the 11 every week, but he''ll still be better than most Forward/Attacking mids that Norwich have faced in recent years so you''ll do well to be wary of him. Baines the average fullback is up there with the most assists in the Premier League and most assists from a defender in Europe, although hopefully Lambert is as ignorant as you and Baines gets a few more against Norwich this season.All in all, it appears that your post count resembles quantity over quality.
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