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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thefootballtacticsblog/2012/05/you_will_probably_know_that.html

    Take a look at this Fox has the best cross success yet isn''t in the top 10 for pass accuracy??

  2. nicho

    Ruddy in NO Holt

    I thought he''d go for Crouch instead of Holt but Carroll??

  3. nicho

    Ruddy in NO Holt

    Glenn Johnson is pants too would rather have Naughton. He''ll probably start with Carroll and Defoe then lol!
  4. nicho

    Ruddy in NO Holt

    Ruddy is Englands nummber 2. Gotta be ahead of Green. Holt isn''t even back up = pathetic. Apart from Ruddy and Oxlade Chamberlain everything else is same old same old.
  5. nicho

    If the worst happens - new gaf?

    Holloway would be brilliant great character and play great attacking football. Lets hope West Ham go up if indeed Lambert goes
  6. nicho

    Conundrum for you....

    Good question for the long term of the club then yes Mcnally as you''d think he''d make the correct decision more times than not but for the short term is there a better manager than Paul Lambert out there? We have a good team now so hopefully whoever Mcnally was to bring in would do a good job and keep us in the best league in the world

  7. nicho

    If the worst happens - new gaf?

    Malkay Mackay or Hughton no one else comes close
  8. 1445: In-demand Norwich striker Cody McDonald, meanwhile, is thought to be having a medical at Coventry. Has been linked with Posh, MK Dons, Sheffield Wednesday, Swindon and even (by some) with a return to Gillingham.
  9. nicho

    Lansbury to West Ham

    Daniel_Speller on Twitter: "Henri Lansbury [from Arsenal] and Liam Ridgewell [from Birmingham] to be West Ham players by the end of the day."


    Reported on BBC. Good signing for them would have liked to see Ridgewell here though!

  10. I know they''ve got them on the canaries website saw them in carrow road store too. £8 for 3 though if i remember rightly
  11. nicho

    Fox the new Charlie Adam

    I do like his toe poke esque passes the best one being portsmouth away for the 40 million pound goal. Its a great weapon to have he hardly has any back lift and will hopefully catch a few teams off guard for our strikers to lash onto
  12. nicho

    Anyone else worried?

    Its hard to tell with pre season at times it seems that we''re just happy to keep possession along midfield. can only remember us having 2 or 3 decent attempts on goal. I think our defence and midfield are good but im just bit worried about ruddy and forwards but I still think we''ll stay up but it''ll be a long old season
  13. I''d be happy with Whitbread and De Laet at the back both are composed and great readers of the game. Barnett is prone to one or 2 mistakes and I think Whitbread and De laets calmness on the ball can only improve Ruddys decision making in goal. I''d love for Pilkington to be ready for the Wigan game he looked class from the small amount of time he was on the pitch and has a bit to him than Johnson.
  14. Having a medical good news seems a good prospect
  15. nicho

    Here is the new kit guys

    Got any pics cant access it?
  16. nicho


    He''s waiting for a 20 million offer from Liverpool if the Henderson deal breaks down
  17. nicho



    How much does he actually think he''s gonna get? He''s probably done the same to the other un named prem clubs as he has done to us and now no one wants him for stupid money. Thats Karma!


  18. All this talk about Cody scoring goals in league 2 for fun and whether he can play at a higher level begs the question what do you have to do to show that you are capable of playing in Championship/prem. holt scored 20 in league 1 and in championship. Then again CMS scored well over 20 goals in league 1 and less than half that in the championship last tie around. Is there a defining factor to whether a player is suited to play in the above leagues or not or is it mostly down to the team they''re playing in and the manager
  19. nicho

    Elliot Bennett

    if i dont refresh after a few minutes I keep thinking im gonna miss out on some more transfers lol
  20. nicho


    But without the diamond where does this leave hoolahan?
  21. nicho


    Snodgrass would be on the left. Bennett on the right hoolahan attacking midfielder and crofts defensive midfielder Imo. we would then lack that vision from the back but would you rather have a lightweight but good passer of the ball in midfield or a strong tackling midfielder that maybe lacks a bit more vision its a hard one but ultimately wed have a lot of options in midfield.

  22. nicho


    With possibly snodgrass and bennett coming in it tells me that crofts will be playing as the defensive midfielder trying to stop play in front of the CB''s. Which leaves the question of Fox. He was brilliant last year and his passing is sublime but it looks like hes going to be the one that misses out here.