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  1. The last one with the Wolf really was a teaser because we got sweet Jesus, Mary & Jospeh of the promise!
  2. Nothing else really is important now because WE''VE LOST ONEIL! GARY ONEIL!
  3. and if that''s not enough, I''ll pay to put Bassong''s kids through school in Wisconsin
  4. If Whittaker extends his contract, I''ll buy a shirt with his name on the back for everyone I know to ensure our minimal budget hasn''t been wasted on the man no one''s seen for 8 months.
  5. Surely he''s not going to renew Whittaker''s contract? I can just about handle Martin, can''t say I''m keen on Dorrans staying but Whittaker? Why? Am I an idiot?
  6. You could also argue that having missed out on the Euro''s he may now need Premiership football to put himself back in the spotlight for the next tournament.
  7. I too just saw this... It doesn''t really make any economical sense? also from a guy who wrote interesting books but based largely on hearsay and fiction
  8. It''s an odd feeling that we''re not mathematically relegated and tomorrow''s game seems to pale in significance to everything else which is going on at the club. We''re all talking about rebuilding and whether or not we''ll sign McCormack & sell Redmond etc but we''re still in with a chance. Although extremely unlikely, win tomorrow and they both draw/lose and we have a chance. The fans need to focus on tomorrow, and follow what the club are saying at this point.
  9. We looked far more dangerous as soon as M''Bokani came on, and very nearly scored.
  10. I assume all those who are putting Jerome upfront were not at Arsenal last weekend and are still trying to check the score on teletext every week. Absolute madness.
  11. Very unprofessional and equally worrying comments on the eve of the fixture between the two clubs....
  12. You did a lot better than I have so far! It must be your avatar bringing you luck! Do you know of any more spare?
  13. If anyone has any to sell, please PM me! Greatly appreciated.
  14. While this is true, sadly they''re largely for international sides that nobody really cares about, especially Scotland.
  15. I would imagine this is mind games now, I don''t expect we''ll see him tomorrow otherwise, at this late stage Neil may well have said "he''s in contention".
  16. Defoe is a goalscorer but mind you so was Gary Doherty.
  17. The thought of Bassong up against Defoe scares me...
  18. Jarvis'' comments would suggest perhaps we won''t be seeing Klose for atleast Saturday.. you''d expect MJ to have some sort of knowledge on the matter... That being said, if its just swelling, no one will know till Saturday. What a pointless post of mine
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