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  1. Did you read the article at all? He rejected the offer of a deal at Everton to get out and play first team football. He says that explicitly, why would he come somewhere else where he''d be paid less well to act as cover? Makes no sense at all.
  2. The figures I''ve seen put about most are £40m guaranteed for the season, even if we finished bottom, and then an extra £750-800k for each position above that. So, if we were to finish 8th we would earn an extra £9.6m. Certainly worth thinking about.
  3. From the discussion on here he sounds like he might be a midfielder in the mould of Lambert himself. Technically able but with the brain/discipline to do a job breaking up play too. If, and that''s all it is at the moment, he joins then I''d be more than happy.
  4. I see he''s joined a team in India. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/scotland/14531983.stm An interesting and unusual move for someone who has played at a decent level in Scotland. He showed glimpses of class in a City shirt especially in a team which was pretty dire without ever looking like he could turn the game around.
  5. Won''t it also be the case for Jackson? And maybe Crofts?
  6. And yet I walk around London in my city scarf and everyone thinks I''m a Man Utd fan...
  7. Very happy! He''s got pace. He can play out wide to offer a change of tactics, or in the ''Wes'' role in our current formation. He seems to have an eye for a goal. And Brighton fans are sad to see him go. By Jove! He''s done it again!
  8. Are the fans not one of the reasons he''d move on though. The idea of playing in front of 10,000 people wanting to do well must be intoxicating. Coming to a club like us with 25,000+ every week must be even better. The thought of ending up playing regularly in front of 50,000 would be even better. Why would we want a man to not experience that if he could?
  9. He talks a lot of sense. It''s difficult as a fan to accept it, but to professional footballers it is a job. Assou Ekotto openly says as much, it''s not what he loves, it''s a way of making a very good living. I''m sure a lot of us have moved on from a company when we''ve had a better, more interesting, more highly paid job offer from elsewhere. Should we be ashamed at our lack of loyalty, should we agree to work for the worse company just because that''s where we currently are? Of course not. A footballer''s career is, at most, about 17 years, less for players like Morison who''ve spent time in non-league football. It''s only natural that they want to play at the highest level for as long as they want. If anything we should be glad he made the comment about not being in this situation if Norwich were a Championship side, it means he was willing to stay at the club, despite the fact we''d have still paid higher wages, unless he got the chance to improve himself. We have to realise that, although we love the club, often the players, at least initially, won''t. And why should they? I''ve worked for companies in the past that I''ve not been in love with.
  10. I can guarantee that you, Penfold, are in no way an ''Angle''. You, like everyone else in this country are an assortment of genes picked up from around the world and mashed together. You may as well claim to be Aethelred the Unready. It''s impossible to claim any single ethnicity for people born in Britain, and I wouldn''t want it any other way.
  11. [quote user="no. 6"][quote user="Penfold"]That''s my point. A team that''s supposed to represent east Angles doesn''t represent east Angles. We need to spend more money on our children.[/quote]What if my kid is black? What then Adolf?[/quote] Or if he''s a Briton, a Saxon, a Viking, a Norman, a Celt or of any background other than the ludicrous ''Angle'' that Penfold wants!
  12. Erm... Really? The team should be Angles? Really? Do you know what that means? They''re a tribe orignally from Denmark/Germany who settled part of Britain after the Romans left. Just one of many. It''d be like saying a team should only be made up of Normans - ie a totally lunatic proposition. Let''s think it through...
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