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  1. fair play bethnal, you obviously know a lot more about it than i do, or than i want to, to be honest. but it doesn''t change the fact that so many clubs are now seen as almost, fashionable trinkets for the world''s wealthiest. i remember going to maine road in the early 90''s i think, and seeing niall quinn stood outside the main entrance, in shorts and a training top. i asked him what he was doing,  "just waiting for me mum to turn up". looking at it now, those days are long gone.anyhow, good luck to you lot, it looks a hard league this year.
  2. the money from the prem and from sky is a drop in the ocean to a lot of clubs in the prem now though.if sky didn''t give city, chelsea, united liverpool etc etc , a single penny, they would hardly miss it. take all the money being spent by my club, it may be dressed up as profit, but i''ll bet if you trace it back through several levels of ''creative'' accountancy, it''s from abu dhabi.eventually, once all the ''big'' clubs, from the big cities, with the bigger support, have been bought up, the spotlight will fall on clubs like norwich.and ''they''ll'' make an offer even delia can''t refuse!.and whilst i agree about leicester winning the league. do you think you or i will see anything like that again in our lifetime?.
  3. it''s only a matter of time before 16 or so of the prem clubs are foreign owned. we are well on the way to that now. and as in the case of my own club, no-one will be able to shift them. the money these owners have is just too much. this''ll leave about 3 or 4 slots for teams to rotate through from the championship, which will then become the next league to be slowly bought out. it''s already happeneing at your level. eventually they may as well cancel relegation/promotion. and the whole pyramid system will die out leaving about 40 clubs in england financially viable, only because of the owners'' money, and just about everyone else reduced to the status of part-timers.then the next step will be a euro super league.

    it looks bleak to me tbh!!.
  4. i don''t post here often, but have to agree with most of what is said in this thread. i am a manchester city supporter. have been all my life, so have somewhere in the region of 45 years under my belt as a blue. i have never been more disillusioned with football than i am now. i totally agree that the bubble needs to burst, and soon.we have broken real madrid''s record for spend in a window and probably are not finished yet. it''s like playing CM with all the ''cheats'' on.the game is no longer for the working people, ticket prices could be practically zero, and the clubs in the prem would hardly notice on the bank statements. the prem has become a ''dick swinging'' contest, nothing more. it is sad. but there''s nothing i, or any of you can do about it. i thought about supporting another team outside the prem to give me something to do on a saturday afternoon, but i just can''t. the "aguero!!!!" moment will always give me goosebumps, but thanks for the memories, premier league. and adieu...and good luck in the champ. i reckon you''ll finish 6th - 8th fwiw.
  5. Thanks for all the considered replies,truth is, i am still really none the wiser as to how she claims to be skint whilst trousering the thick end of 170 million in Sky monies but there you go !!

    and "buh" i think you need to ''up'' your medication and get out more.

    *doffs hat*

    oh and 4 bloody nil to Everton, you.ve got to laugh!! ;)
  6. Buh.

    i genuinely didn''t come on here to gloat. Fwiw, it wouldn''t bother me one bit if our owners pulled out tomorrow and we went back to being the "same old city" we once were, i actually miss those days, but looking at how we are doing at Everton atm, they are never too far away!!. lol.

    I merely wanted to ask why Norwich seem to be continually pleading poverty, more so than any other club i know in that division. maybe it''s because i live here now so hear more about them on local news sources, i dunno.

    "Were you at Coltishall?"

    Yep. 54.
  7. "They weren''t moaning about the PL money then when it saved them from a financial black hole were they."

    That''s exactly the point i was making earlier, i wouldn''t expect them to turn down the 160 million that last season in the Prem earned the club, but to turn and slate the money in the said division is a bit rich (no pun intended)
  8. I knew someone would accuse me of being a ''binner''. i''m not, i can assure you.

    Was a ''junior blue'' at the age of 10, and a card carrying ''Kippax street'' stand card holder for years.

    Moved down here when the RAF sent me here , and stayed.
  9. "God I forgot how depressing that interview is."

    At least it is assuring in that she has the best interests of your club at heart, however she seems totally out of touch with reality, and the way that football works now. If she persists with her, frankly, ''quaint'' way of doing things, then i would fear for you.

    just my opinion.

  10. Erm, never read that before. Not really a lot i can say. In a way, she''s correct, the foreign influence is all pervading and frankly overwhelming, but it''s done now.

    She rails against the Sky money, but will accept the near 100 million for last season in the Prem plus the 60+ million in ''parachute payments''?. The genie can''t be put back in the bottle. Delia seems, from that , very ill informed or naive.

    Good luck.
  11. Oh, and don''t know about the catering! sorry. Tend to get stuff before i get to the ground, so am clueless as to the scampi portions!. Did once get invited on a corporate jamboree though. That was very nice!.
  12. Thanks to all for the honest and frank replies. You pretty much confirm what i thought might be the case, gleaned from other supporters i know and from the local media. I get the impression that for some reason, the board/s and owners of norwich seem to be stuck in some kind of "Darling buds of may" timewarp!.And haven''t yet realised or accepted that things have changed out there.

    I always said when you had chase at the helm, that he, given a straight choice between :

    (A) appearing in an F.A. cup final, irregardless of the outcome. And writing a great new page in the club''s history. or, (B) having an extra £1,000,000 in the bank, would choose the latter. sadly for all of you, I don''t think things have changed.
  13. Firstly let me lay my cards on the table. i don''t support NCFC, i am a Manchester city supporter who now lives in Norwich. so i have "no dog in this fight" as our American cousins say, and it leads me to ask ...

    Why does Delia, or other people who speak for her on the board, continually protest that they have no money?. From what i observe Norwich have no big star earners, and you get a healthy crowd every home game, i don''t know much about your commercial side (sponsorship deals etc) so am not qualified to comment there. I''ve done a little bit of research via Google and the Prem lg. websites and it would appear that you are to get around £65 million over the next 2 or 3 years, in "parachute payments".

    To me, as a total outsider, something just doesn''t add up to be honest. I don''t seem to hear the chairmen and owners of other similar sized clubs in the division continually stating that they''ll "have to sell before they can buy", but maybe that''s because i don''t live in the catchment areas of say, Derby, Birmingham or leeds.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings, and good morning to all.
  14. exiled blue

    Todays game on YouTube

    it''s on the evening news webpage. live.
  15. exiled blue

    Is this the worst relegation?

    i believe that if all else is exactly square, (goal diff. etc) then the results of the two games between the two sides is taken into consideration. so if newcastle scored more against you, than you did against them, they go above you in the league.
  16. exiled blue

    Man C tickets

    with pellegrini at the helm, we were never in it!!...
  17. exiled blue

    Man C tickets

    now, i could ask exactly what happens to all those £50 notes that norwich take off the away fans?, it certainly doesn`t get spent on paying for any big name players. but i won`t as i don`t want to start a troll war! :)
  18. exiled blue

    Man C tickets

    dunno how much city charge away fans, i`ve never been one. but like i said, the early KO is also not helping. and unlike chelsea and united, city don`t have swathes of glory hunting locals who `support` them.i`m not going, as right now, i can`t afford £160 for me the wife and 2 kids, and that`s without food programme etc etc. sometimes the harsh realities of life intrude into the football bubble.
  19. exiled blue

    Man C tickets

    i`m a manc blue who lives in norwich. the reason the tickets are being returned is partly due to the early KO, but most i know are refusing to pay £50 as an away fan.
  20. exiled blue


    to take a totally neutral standpoint, both everton and west brom would be ahead of norwich in the queue for potential `monied` takeover. the reason put simply is local catchment areas. they are both based in densely populated areas and have access to more people on the doorstep. norwich along with swansea both score quite low on that front. when the arab takeover happened at manchester city it was between city and everton, as both were seen as viable for the project envisaged, the only thing that counted against everton was the ground and the amount it would cost to rebuild, the lack of space around it and the fact that it would delay the whole project by about a decade.Norwich do need to be taken over by someone with deeper pockets, and more importantly a will to spend it, to gamble on staying up and not budget for relegation which can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  21. exiled blue

    It's Not Just Us

    i have to say that the decision to give that was one of the worst i`ve ever seen on a football pitch. i genuinely don`t know what he was thinking, the spurs players looked as bemused as most of the crowd...
  22. exiled blue

    FA Cup

    thankyou!. we did our best.

    *doffs hat*
  23. "and got out-sung by the Manc fans who felt that they had to keep reminding us that they were not glory hunters"

    also in fairness it was the norwich fans who started, albeit briefly the "where were you when you were ***" chant. which led to the city fans responding "beating you when we were ***!" which i thought was quite funny...
  24. exiled blue

    FA CUP Shame

    i`m there today. in the away end. it`ll be two trips to carrow road for me this season!. not expecting much from city tbh, mcfc have tweeted that silva, toure and fernandinho haven`t travelled and that 4 kids from the academy are in the squad.

  25. exiled blue

    Man City v Norwich thread

    good morning all. turned out to be a lot closer than most were expecting, and joe hart was due one of his blunders. as for the penalty, i trust that the tv replays have cleared that one up. the less said about kolarov`s effort at the second one, the better!. anyway, `til the return at carrow road, good luck for the rest of the season.