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  1. I would agree with the wingers bit but think pillks was probably not 100% after coming off for Ireland and howson took a knock in the first half that probably meant an early finish for him... Bit brave with the back three suggestion though! Last time that I can remember we tried that we got mullered at Fulham... Of course 20 years ago we tried it for a whole season, finished third and beat the mighty Munich.... Funny old game isn''t it
  2. You can''t coach mistakes out of players. That''s the difference between championship players that we used to have, premiership players that we have now and world class players like those that tore us a new hole yesterday. As winger says for half the game we matched arsenal but were undone by our own stupid mistakes and the sort of football that norwich only play on a ps3.... Some of our best players are also our worst at times-pills, Wes, snoddy... That is why they play for us and not arsenal
  3. And it''s the players jobs to put a corner in properly, not fluff a clearance on the edge of your own box, track your man when he runs from outside his box into yours... Need I go on?
  4. Exactly. Having watched our game, the Newcastle and villa game in a pub in Greece with fans of various teams including a binner the thing that has struck me is that fans of the other teams can''t understand what we are worried/moaning about... We have just been unlucky to be out scored by two teams that will be right at the top this year and arguably both games have been lost by hughton doing what most on here have been asking for and going for it. On both occasions hughton has been let down by our team losing possession in attacking positions and conceding on the counter.. Whilst you can point at the class of the opposition we have been our own downfall in both... Not the manager but the players
  5. Top pub. I used to live round the corner. The beer garden is amazing if the weather is good... There''s also the old red lion in angel. A bit further away but owned by a norwich fan and full of us ex pat plastic cockney canaries when a games on TV
  6. I think Chatham house rules were adopted with the aim of having a more open conversation but with the idea that attendees were not to quote/broadcast/tell/tweet/ what was said...
  7. Both to view and post comments, with some form of remuneration based upon an assessment conducted by other local football experts..
  8. morision apps 28 sub (7) goals 9 or..... suarez 26 (2) 7 hernandez 25 (9) 10 adebayor 27(10) 13 sturridge 24 (2) 10 bet a few of those mere mortals are glad they don''t play for us given the standards expected by us canaries.... not to mention carroll or torres
  9. LOL....what a post... and some of the insightful additions just show me that a lot of you agree that we are a second rate team and riding our luck to say the least.... the best has to be the analysis of our defence ''off the ball'' while watching the game.... on TV.... here''s my two penneth...the whole team were poor especially our back four...we were just really lucky.. wonder if the doc would be interested in coming back?? I also think ruddy looked suspect- lambo should enquire about forster.... upfront morison doesnt score enough goals and I think holt was shocking when he came on... missed a sitter.... I hope we''ve got a buy back clause on cody....
  10. At last. A positive post about the amazing summer so far. I presume that the lack of response on here is a symptom of that.... everyones far more interested in what the newspaper that lied about us going into administration is saying..... I agree 100% with your comments. We have a team that is capable of out scoring many prem teams and I can''t wait to see the new team up against some of the big boys. As you both said the team has enough goals in it already but now we have serious options. Also people forget Crofts, Fox, Whitbread, Ruddy and (fingers crossed) Pilkington have all been at big clubs (Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton). Add a couple of defenders and the holt factor and things are looking good. Just one problem, who you gonna drop for Cody????;)
  11. Just been watching the season review again in light of this discussion and noticed wes missed a couple vital of penalties, Holt put a couple of headers wide and missed a chance that nearly cost us promotion against Portsmouth......
  12. The season review of a promotion season is hardly gonna be full of our keeper pulling us out of trouble is it? He won us more points than he lost.... made some great saves..... great distribution... he got a couple of assists last year with his quick thinking ffs forget forster.... or if you have to keep remembering him at least remember he can''t take a place kick...i''m sure beckford will remember
  13. Think the clue to a few was in you''re title! League 1 to premier league in 2 seasons. A board who bleed the club. A management team who want to be the best with a team who believe in them...... and a bunch of fans who???? ........ shouldn''t well all be buzzing that we''ve just made our first premier league signing for way too long????? In the words of our most famous son... we''ve bounced back. Start to enjoy it if you can.....
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