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  1. or this fella, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Asante Saw Rosenborg-Start on TV last night, and he was fast as f***... was like a Wes with a rocket up back... He was everywhere as well! That said, I don''t rate scandinavian players THAT much anymore, cause its not like the opponent is of any PremierLeague quality...
  2. I live in a place right outside Oslo (Ski), and the manager of Vålerenga FC in Oslo is from my hometown. One of my colleagues who is a personal friend of him thought it wouold be a good gesture to tell me that there has been scouts from NCFC at the prevoius game Vålerenga has played at home, which I make to be 7th of May (Apparently they have tickets for the coming Sundays game as well, but it looks to be cancelled because of footballplayers on strike) Not sure what I think about it, cause Vålerenga is not a very good team this season... Could it be true?
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