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  1. oh dear having a bit of a shocker i will be proved right
  2. hahah excellent love it. I did say i didnt expect many believers but we will see on sunday shall we ;)
  3. i know a relative of a defender from the club and this is what he told me they train shape and formation on a thursday. He told me the team but im not 100% all players will be correct but the formation should.
  4. I believe he is injured or not fully fit not 100% on team but am on formation as they train their shape on a Thursday :)
  5. I believe he is injured again or not fully fit but not 100% on team lineup but am about formation as they train we their shape on a Thursday :)
  6. Our formation will be 532 with the team as Ruddy Naughton Barnett whitbread da Leat tierney Johnson hoolahan crofts C.Martin Holt Don''t expect many believers but this is realiable. Like the formation gives up strength in defence and we can push our full backs forward and get in behind them on the break where west brom got to them.
  7. My knowlegde is we will be playing 532 with: Ruddy naughton whitbread da leat barnett tierney crofts hoolahan johnson c.martin holt i expect hoolhan to play further forward and our full backs to push up get in behind theirs where they were exposed against west brom. Like the formation and team might have a chance if e can nick an early goal.
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