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  1. Don''t get all this ''encouraging bets'' talk - odds of 2/1 on hardly encourages bets does it!? Interestingly enough, I noticed yesterday that Wayne Bridge to join Sunderland dropped dramatically, and this morning he''s there for a medical. Watch this space...
  2. Just heard from a reliable source at work that we''re after some Norwegian Striker currently playing in Germany - Mohammed Abdellaoue. Scored 18 in 36 for Hannover apparently......not the sort of typical post from me, so don''t shoot the messenger!
  3. For anyone that''s colour-blind, Liv wearing Red and City Green will be an absolute nightmare!
  4. I''m not sure the people around you saw it that way, Jas! ;-)
  5. Merchant Information NORWICH CITY FOOTBALL Date 11 Oct 2011 Amount £161.50 I''m in Group 3, so it looks as if the above messages are correct. Off to Villa Park we go!
  6. Holt looked miles out of his depth against Stoke. I''d let him warm the bench and give Morison the nod on his own up front. Looks more mobile, and more handy in the air to me. Ruddy De Laet Barnett Naughton Tierney Crofts Johnson Bennett Martin Pilkington Morison
  7. hahahaha Mr Chops! Damn expletive filter!
  8. that was ''Sh1te''...in case you were wondering.
  9. nicknamed Richard Shite for a reason.
  10. Damn it! Just quickly ran my eyes over resultant posts hoping the OP had retaliated in yet another tirade of unnecessary keyboard smashing, screen-butting, blood boiling cyber-rage...unfortunately not to be....yet!
  11. [quote user="footycanary"]Well the way your original post read, that is the way I and most other people would interpret it. For somebody who has been or is being university educated, according to your profile, you don''t appear to have a grasp on english or are that bright. Just try to engage that organ in your head, you know the one that is supposed to be between your ears before you respond to posts in the future. Sorry, I''m being judgemental like you were in your first response, sinking to your level. I know I''ll wait for your response and retract this post saying ''I am now chilled''. Good bye, it will now be another two years before I post again. Thank you for turning me away from this message board.[/quote] ''Try to engage that organ in your head''....hahahaha! As unnecessarily ar$ey as both of your posts have been, I couldn''t help but find the funny side! Hopefully someone will now brighten up your day, as you have mine....it sounds like you need it....
  12. Giles Barnes was very good at Derby, and went off the boil at WBA. I''m confident that Lambert could get the best out of him and would definitely take a punt. Other than that, the list looks pretty sparse for players that I''d want here....Seb Larsson maybe, but that''s it for me.
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