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  1. You can always rely on Purple to come up trumps on finances! And I find it flattering that they are so interested in our club. Clutching at straws that we end up in a worse position than them!
  2. "Jerome would be better suited to rugby. The goals are much higher" I notice that he scored on Saturday, although if he''d have been 4 yards out instead of 3, it would have gone over the bar!
  3. A1Canary, did you pick up my email about cost? I think for a banner the size you were originally talking about, I could do for £60 ish. If you''re interested, let me know. Cheers!
  4. Please Lord, let Barry Fry contact David McNally regarding the availability of Cody or Oli. And, if it is not too much to ask Dear Lord, please let that moment be broadcast on youtube!
  5. CMS stated that he would love to play in the Premier. So far only 1 premiership club have matched the valuation of him, and he has rejected that chance. Nobody else in the prem has met Fry''s valuation of the player and therefore, he is due to speak with Leicester. Fry has made a balls up of this, confirmed by the way he drove to CR to try and save the deal. Been said before, but I feel for CMS. He should go to QPR because I think this might well prove to be the only opportunity he will ever get to play in the prem.
  6. The kit is manufactured in Italy (shirts and shorts are anyway). Errea are based at Parma and have first rate production facilities there. Think the socks are made in Romania from memory. It''s only a small point but the Oeko Tex thing mentioned is something that most, if not all, other manufacturers have not got. Basically, it means that no toxic or carcinogenic fabrics or dye are used in the production process. I can assure everyone that you will not be disappointed by the quality. Anorak kit rant over.
  7. Interestingly, Spurs have announced that from 2012/13 season their kit will be manufactured by Underarmour. Not sure their existing Puma ones will sell too well next season. This being the case, I don''t think there would be any issues with announcing a new manufacturer before the official end of a contract.
  8. Haven''t read through the whole thread, so apologies if anyone has already said this. But someone said that there is greater potential for success at West Ham, which in my opinion is debatable, but there is also a far greater potential for catastrophic failure. For me it is a non issue. Lambert is staying.
  9. Another forgotten man is Leon Barnett and that is testament to Zak Whitbread. But unlike Aaron, I can see Leon playing a big part in the premier league for us.
  10. Thought my posts were quite factual about Errea. The company was named after the owners daughters initials of whom are R and A. When sounded out in Italian (Err - e - A) it gives you the company name.
  11. Would imagine it would be a nice bright yellow cerchio with green running through (where the black is) or yellow klimt with green flashes.
  12. Hi Guys, first time poster on here so please be gentle. Just wanted to comment on the new kit and Errea (if indeed it is going to be them). I have quite a lot of experience with the products that they supply and the company itself and cannot speak highly enough of both. To say that the quality is poor is totally wrong. Middlesboro were with Errea for over 10 years and were the first in this country to wear a Ti Energy kit. These kits use nanotechnology and have silver woven into the fabric, which makes the kit water and oil resistent (both oil and water will simply remain as a droplet and roll off the kits), and stain resistent (needs washing for just 5 minutes at 30c). The material used confirms to Oeko Tex standards and do not use toxic dyes in the production process (only a minor point but not something that can be claimed be many kit suppliers). Regarding designs, please look at some of the clubs that they currently supply (Brighton, Grimsby, Cambridge United, Northampton, Iverness, Mansfield, Darlington in this country, Brighton away and Inverness home are particularly nice). The image loaded above is Land Set and is at the lower end of their range. If they are having a line from the current range, I would suggest it would most likely be either the Cerchio or Klimt (both Ti Energy). If it is Errea, I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.
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