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  1. Rome also had an infinite supply of money through taxing the Provinces.
  2. Tettey has just tweeted that it''s not true and he''s going nowhere, adding, you guys will be the first to know. Meaning fans I guess.
  3. He''s just been on Radio 5 Live to draw attention to this sort of thing still happening in 2017.
  4. The poor customer service is not my experience at all. I''ve had to move season ticket seat on two occasions recently due to a mix up and each time the staff, including the gentleman you rather unnecessarily described were friendly and very helpful. Just different rxperiences that''s all.
  5. Multiple tickets to customers not true online. It was one per season ticket holder. I could only get two by using a Friend and Family member''s season ticket number. The whole transaction lasted about 25 minutes from 9.00.
  6. It doesn''t matter while there''s a waiting list. Someone will be along to snap up any spare seats. I''ve renewed out of habit but like this season won''t go to all games.
  7. Ah, the good old days. Yellow shirts and black shorts, Match of the Week, black and white telly, p****ing in a trough on the ground at the back of the river end banking, half time score numbers on hooks. But yes we were happy. Win or lose it was enjoyable. Too much money around now. Players not happy unless feeding from the top table. Apathy creeps in. Wall to wall football several nights of the week. The game is not special anymore, for some of the fans and it seems, alarmingly for a few of the players. Saturday will reveal much.
  8. re the new sponsor. If true, the largest potatoes chip brand in the US ought to be worth a good few million.
  9. To me it looked like a really bad copy of the previous incarnation.
  10. I was willing to share in the joy of a Leicester win right up until a week or two back when I read an article in the Guardian or Indie, can''t remember exactly, about their financial shenanigans when in the championship. A not unfamiliar tale of accounts in different names to avoid this and that. Bit of financial irregularity anyway meaning they dodged some kind of impending sanctions I think. May well be common knowledge and touched on elsewhere. So no, as a fan of a properly run club forgive me if I sit out this national outpouring of goodwill.
  11. So you want us to remember that a team appearing to be dead and buried last season could climb to safety at the expense of another team just outside the relegation places! And that makes us feel better how!? ,. Villa anyone!
  12. One win out of last eleven games. Isn''t that about the same as us? Hope our board are made of sterner stuff and not about to blink. Does raise the question of how near the brink a club will go given next seasons largesse. Guess expectations were very high there though.
  13. Several good suggestions here. But why is it ''that match fitness'' or lack thereof, so crucial an issue in keeping a player out of the team, Laffs for example, is conveniently deemed not important in a game such as this. Most of the team in the examples above could be left out because of this. I genuinely don''t understand. Any explanation gratefully received.
  14. Haven''t kept a clean sheet yet and I expect this to continue. 2-1 loss.
  15. I''m sure the club is backing the manager and I also think Neil is right about our lack of attractiveness to prospective players. Geographically isolated on the east coast, with a young untried Premier League manager at the helm, unable to match the wage structure of some, of course players will have their heads turned by other clubs. This is not my view of course but I can see how those unfamiliar with our county and our fine city might see things differently.
  16. Seen the Bury v Doncaster shenanigans. Just one more reason why I prefer the football league. That kind of sportsmanship would never happen in the Premier League, too much at stake.
  17. If we can''t shift him it does explain why the manager is emphasising his worth if he knows he is going to have to include him in the squad. But is Neil the sort of manager to include a player that he doesn''t rate? We have already seen him send one potential signing home. Might be nothing to it of course and he''s left out but the positive spin is interesting.
  18. Agreed, if we have to keep him then he ought to be given the chance to earn his salary I guess. Maybe Neil sees it''s a question of confidence and that he can help him regain it. If anyone can I would think it would be our manager. Is a lack of confidence ever permanent? Is it possible to get so low that you never recover or is there always a way back? Not sure. Torres at Chelsea as mentioned above is a good comparison. It took him a long time to get his confidence back but even then was it ever up to previous levels. Neil maybe thinks Ricky has the technical ability and the promise of bringing something to the table if he can get him to believe in himself.
  19. Seems our manager sees something in him. ''RVW in the striking mix'' according to Pink Un. Neil saying he offers something different. Surely he won''t be in the 25!
  20. Couple of small columns at the top of page 2 in EDP with a picture of some action, in case you missed any I suppose. Blames satellite link not available, beyond their control, as disappointed as you are etc etc.
  21. Rogers rates him,given new 4 year deal in May and played on Liverpools pre season tour. Our manager must think hes ok too so that''s two managers rating him v Pulis!
  22. West Brom fans reacting with some hilarity on Twitter, quotes like ''worst professional I''ve ever seen'' and ''That''s them relegated then'' Not quite sure what to make of it to be honest. Oh and another quote, ''Glad he''s not coming back here''. Really! Or just jealous he isn''t?
  23. I will renew as long as it doesn''t look like premier league football next season. I''m still loving the thought of going into games with a good chance of winning,yes,even now. Hate the premier League and everything it stands for.
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