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  1. What ratings would you give our players today? Apart from the first 20 minutes when we were poor and allowed Liverpool too much space, it sounds like many of our players had good games, which has been rare over the last few months. I think we were very unlucky not to get anything out of the game. Hopefully our luck will change over the last 3 games.
  2. Terrific performance. Shame it didn''t get the result it deserved. It just shows us what these players are capable of under the right manager with the right tactics and system. It was always going to be really hard to get anything out of this game but we gave it our best apart from the first 20 minutes. Credit to Adams, coaches and players. Take that performance into the next 3 games and you never know we might just stay up.
  3. I wonder whether it''s worth trying Olsson on the left wing, Garrido at left back and Snodgrass in the middle just behind the striker? Olsson would then give us added security in defence as well as ability to put in early crosses.
  4. We cannot afford to give away possession through bad inaccurate passing, as Liverpool''s pace and goal threat will rip us apart. We have to be at our best and very tight at the back. Obvious I know but it rarely happens. So who do we pick? Johnson is hard working and solid but lacks skill and a decent accurate pass. Tettey is similar but his passing is better and he has great energy, so I would be inclined to pick him to team up with Howson and Fer. Up front RVW has to start but I''m not at all sure who else I would pick. Redmond has great pace and skill but can hang on to the ball too long. He has to learn when to pass it and not be too gready. If Snodgrass could put in some early crosses, instead of slowing up play, I would pick him every week. What has happened to Pilkington? He''s not been given a chance for ages. Hoolahan deserves some time on the pitch possibly just behind RVW but I''m not sure I''d start him. He is one of the few players we have who can make something out of nothing. In defence I''d pick Martin Turner Yobo Olsson. If Bassong is really up for it and 100% fit, I would pick him ahead of Yobo but only just. Who would you pick?
  5. When Snodgrass snatched the ball away from under RVWs nose to take and have his penalty saved against Villa. This should never have happened, as CH should have appointed a penalty taker before the game. If he had and this wasn''t observed then Snodgrass should have been disciplined. As it was, we lost 3 points at home. Our inability to finish teams like Cardiff and West Ham off despite having numerous chances and then to fall apart towards the end of these matches to lose. Losing to fellow strugglers Swansea and West Brom in succession with very poor performances. Our lack of attempts on goal in several games. As well as our lack of goals for and our poor defensive record particularly away from home. Very heavy defeats against Liverpool and Manchester City. No shows against many clubs including Spurs away, but also strange reversals against Spurs and Man City at home where we showed we are capable of playing well against the best teams. The omission of Hoolahan from the team and sometimes squad for a large part of this season. Was Elmander brought in for his goalscoring ability, no surely not, or perhaps his pace, no I don''t think so. In that case, couldn''t we have got someone better? Our inability to bring in a proven striker on loan if neccessary has been costly, even Kevin Phillips would have been worth a try to help our forwards. I have to say Hughton has been dignified at all times but perhaps he is too nice and perhaps the players don''t fear or respect him and coaching staff enough, as they don''t seem to be able to get the best out of the players, only once in a while. The tactics are too rigid and we were rarely on the front foot causing the opposition problems.
  6. Hughton & the coaching staff will certainly be gone. I''m not sure about board members, but as you say we were not at all ambitious this season with McNally saying if we avoided relegation that would be satisfactory or words to that effect.. I think the club expected us to finish near where we finished last season but our goals, pardon the pun, perhaps I should say aims, were not high. Expectations and goals are not the same. This attitude is mirrored in Hughton''s outlook - every club we play away is a difficult place to go to or a team with so many good players. Our team is always set up to defend first, as we seem more worried about the opposition than giving opposing teams something to worry about. It seemed obvious to most of us in December that we would need to sign another striker in January, as the players we have we''re struggling to score, but no, who did we get in? A defender Yobo and a midfielder Guttierez, who are squad players and not definite starters. The last time we were in the Premiership our caution cost us, when we.left it too late before signing Ashton. This time it looks to have cost us again. Whether it is Hughton''s fault 100% I wouldn''t like to say, but I think it''s a combination of management and coaching inability with the boards lack of conviction and real ambition. In this day and age a £8 million striker isn''t much to pay for a half decent striker but perhaps it''s pricey for someone who can''t score. I remember a British striker called Trevor Francis, he knew where the net was and he only cost £1 million and was the first million pound British striker, how times have changed. Unfortunately I think we''ll go down now and I believe a new management team should have been brought in in December. I thought that at the time, as the writing was on the wall. I really hope we get some points from somewhere though and escape the drop, but Hughton & co should go anyway.
  7. Yes. We can''t score and we won''t keep enough clean sheets in the final 5 games.
  8. Let''s hope it doesn''t go down to goal difference. At the moment we have the third worst gd in the prem and Sunderland are 8 goals better off although they have 2 or 3 games in hand. We desperately need to sharpen up at both ends of the pitch and I''m hoping Turner will be back before it''s too late.
  9. What about Steve Clark ex WBA? I think he did a good job at WBA initially and I think he was unlucky to be sacked. Unfortunately Hughton has had the time to turn things around but it hasn''t worked. We are poor in attack and at times poor in defence. Without Hoolahan we don''t have much creativity and yet he doesn''t play him and today he didn''t even bring him on as sub. We struggle with Hughton & co and we may or may not struggle with a new manager & coaching team as has been said before but I think it slightly favours a change. Possibly it should have been done in December before Transfer window but better late than never.
  10. Does anyone know the reason why Redmond was substituted on Tuesday ? Was he carrying a knock or was he tiring? I didn''t notice if he was. It seemed strange that our best attacking player, the one who carried the most threat, was taken off. Pilkington came on which I have no complaints about but he should have replaced Snodgrass who wasn''t as effective. Also what was the use of bringing Elmander on, as I really can''t see what he adds to the team. He doesn''t have pace and rarely scores. Out of all the players Hughton has brought in, he is the one I am disappointed about the most. I hope he proves me wrong in the remaining games. If we are going to change things around in the final half an hour of a game, I''d say that''s the ideal time to bring on Wes, as he is different from the other players we have and he can create something out of nothing. That''s my opinion, what are yours?
  11. We''d all love a win obviously but is it likely if we play as we have been? No certainly not. So every player has to be playing their best and putting the effort in, to give us any chance of getting a draw or win. All we can ask is that they do that and you can''t ask any more. I hope Man City aren''t at their best and we are. If the reverse was to happen then we will be in for a tonking. A couple of goals for us would be great. If we lose I wouldn''t be surprised but it''s always disappointing. It''s also about damage limitations because at the end of the season it could go down to the wire and we may get relegated on GD, so we have to restrict them to as few goals as possible. I would not accept 4 or 5 nil. We have to do better on our own patch. OTBC !!
  12. Its about time we scored more than one goal, so if we lost by the odd goal and made a good game of it, I might even be proud of our team. If we fall apart and concede some easy goals, it won''t be acceptable. We have to put up a fight and start finding the back of the net. We just don''t seem to have the bottle, fight and tactical awareness to compete against the top clubs, which is the managers, coaches and players fault collectively. Is Hughton getting the best out of his players? Are they being instructed to play the way they have been? Are they being played out of position? Is it the wrong formation and the wrong selections? Can Hughton motivate these players? I''m not 100% sure what the answer is to those questions, but what I do know is that the players have little confidence and most are underperforming. We have very little creativity in the side and not much pace apart from Redmond. We''ve missed Howson and Tettey but I''m sure there have been games when Hoolahan could have played a part when he hasn''t been considered. If we get anything from the Man City game I''ll be very surprised. I hope it is not as uncomfortable as I am expecting.
  13. Remy would be my biggest worry. I hope Bennett or Bassong can put the shackles on him and not slip up. Also if Ben Arfa plays, he can be dangerous around the box. Hopefully we can score 2 or 3 ourselves and not have to worry about their attack. It''s time Hooper and the Wolf got on the scoresheet. OTBC !!
  14. Not interested. We want goals, not someone who is going to go round in circles beating man after man before blazing his shot way over the bar. Hooper + Wolfswinkel = goals
  15. There doesn''t seem to be any cohesion, there isn''t enough movement off the ball and no plan B if things aren''t going well. The defence was very poor last night against a weak strike force, so heaven knows what would have happened if we had played Liverpool or Man City or any side with a decent striker come to that. The goals were as soft as they come with gaping holes in our so called defence. Players were caught out of position against one of the weakest attacks in the Premiership. The game was crying out for Hoolahan or someone who could make some chances, but it never happened. We had a reasonable amount of possession but couldn''t create any decent chances. If we continue to play as we have been, I can not see us surviving the Premiership. I don''t have any confidence in Hughton and his coaching staff in their ability to turn this around. If they are still in charge for the Hull game, they should definitely be sacked if we don''t win. Hughton is a decent bloke but doesn''t seem to have the ability to get the best out of our players, his tactics are not good enough and his selection policy is suspect, so I can''t see him lasting. I would question whether some of the players he has brought to the club are good enough for the Premiership. Becchio hasn''t been given any chances, but would he be able to step up to this standard. Elmander offers very little other than a physical presence and is less of a goal threat than Holt in his last season here. The Wolf would be much better if he had decent service but up to now we haven''t given him that. Fer probably has the most potential out of all the signings, but we don''t seem to be playing him to his strengths and his form has slipped - he is probably pissed off with our results and performances. We miss having Tettey in our team and Howson in the squad. Hopefully Guttierez will make a difference but I can''t see it making enough difference to get us away from the drop zone.
  16. Sunderland are playing well at the moment but haven''t been getting the results until they beat Chelsea in the cup, so I predict a tough game. I think there will be one goal difference, I hope I''m wrong but think it will be 2-1 loss.
  17. Fair point. All I am saying is that, this time it went for us, but we did the right things in the opposing penalty area. Hopefully this trend will continue. I''m looking forward to having Hooper and Wolfswinkel playing together and Tettey back from injury.
  18. Thankfully WBA were very poor in front of goal, another day they may scored 3 or 4 because we gave the ball away in dangerous positions too often. On a positive note our finishing was better. Hooper, Fer and Redmond caused some problems with Hooper and Fer scoring 2 good counter attacking goals. Olsson had a relatively poor game and needs to sharpen up his defensive play. Fer is more effective in a central position and is wasted when playing wide.
  19. Do we do anything well ? We can''t defend against good teams, we very rarely keep a clean sheet and we find it very difficult to score. So what has Hughton and his coaching staff been doing to improve things? We now have the second worst goal difference in the Premiership and I would argue that our defence is very often no better than some average Championship teams. Last weekend Hull managed to beat Liverpool reasonably comfortably but today Liverpool destroyed us. Perhaps they were hurting after the weekend but we don''t seem to learn from playing them before as we have had at least 4 heavy defeats against Liverpool. Suarez always scores for fun when playing us. I know he is an exceptional player but surely we can learn something from these experiences and do something to stop him. Thank goodness Sturridge wasn''t playing! It is getting embarrassing. Something drastic needs to be done. We need some new coaches in definitely, a fresh approach and a motivator in charge of the team. Another commanding central defender needs to be bought or loaned in January, together with a creative midfielder and possibly another striker. The trouble is I am not sure who we can attract playing the way we are.
  20. Play Ollson on the left wing with Garrido at left back and give Becchio a run out alongside Hooper. Bring back Bassong and Whittaker in place of Turner and Martin. That''s what I would do but I doubt Becchio will be given a chance after this weeks rant. Bassong needs to up his game after the Man City game. If he doesn''t do it against Crystal Palace then we desperately need a new centre back. Whittaker is also on trial.
  21. Anyone know whether RVW is fit for Saturday or not? Seems to have been sidelined a long while for what appeared to be a minor injury. I hope he is ready to play a part.
  22. I like the man but unfortunately I think this job is a step too far for him. Yes we managed to survive last season on the back of 2 wins against teams that rolled over at the very end of the season, but I think we were lucky. Hughton was supposed to have bolstered our defence last season but we still let in loads of goals. This season we''ve spent big and added new players to our attack but have hardly scored any goals and are still letting goals in like there is no tomorrow. I was never impressed with Hughton''s coaching staff and assistant, they are as much if not more to blame than Hughton. Against Man City we gave them far too much space and didn''t press at all, so I was left wondering who is at fault. Were the players not carrying out instructions or were they told to give the MC players some freedom? The defending was non existent at times and our play totally embarrassing. The first goal was bad luck but some of the others were avoidable if we had fight and enough knowhow. I expected us to lose having had 4 players out with injuries but the defence has been the same for the last 3 games or so. A 3-0 defeat would almost have been acceptable in the circumstances but 7-0 without any reply and hardly any shots on goal is not. We have to do much better but I can''t see it happening under CH and co any time soon. The players need motivating and I don''t have confidence that they can do that. We have a relatively easier run of games over the next week or so and I see that as an ideal opportunity to bring in another managerial team to boost our squad. We need to play a higher tempo and be more attack minded. Becchio should at least be given a few games with Hooper. Hopefully Redmond with be fit soon as I think he has been one of our better buys along with Fer. I don''t know what Elmander has brought to the team. His best years are behind him and he has never been prolific. Tettey is a big miss, since he Fer and Howson were playing very well together. We have played well against a few teams this season but without doing quite enough and we don''t have that cutting edge. We were a little unlucky against both Arsenal and Chelsea having played well enough to get something out of the games but that is what playing at this level is all about. If you don''t take your chances, these teams with make you pay for it. The Villa game was another example of not making the most of our chances, missing the penalty and Villa taking their chance. Something has to change and quick or else we will have too much ground to make up. Under the present set-up I can''t see us beating many teams at all, so I''m sorry to say I would vote for a change in the management team. I like Mackay as a manager but am not sure he has enough experience yet.
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