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  1. If we are to keep one of them, which one would you be inclined to keep? Becchio obviously has a good track record in the Championship and can be a target man. Wolfswinkel on the other hand has no experience in this division and I''m not sure whether he could rough it enough. In the Premiership he wasn''t at all effective as a lone striker or target man, so in view of this I''d keep Becchio at least until January and loan the Wolf on a 3 or 4 month deal.
  2. Does anyone know the name of the music that was played when we scored? I''m not sure if we had the same music last season as the matches I watched we didn''t score. I''d like to know season 2011/12 &. possibly 2012/13.
  3. Worst pundits - Lawrenson, Shearer, Crooks Best - Gary Neville, Lee Dixon Worst commentators - unfortunately I have to say the female one, I don''t know her name. Gerry Harrison. Best - David Coleman, Motson. Hoddle appears to be a good pundit but is a wee bit annoying as he over complicates it and makes it sound like you need a masters in football management.
  4. would we pay £10million? He''s proven at this level and is just what we want. I''m not sure what wages he is on but I guess it could be £20,000
  5. I think a Rhodes, Hooper partnership would be great in the Championship. I know Hooper wasn''t a success last season but given some support and the right service, I think he could do well ie 12 or more goals this season. Whether he wants to stay is another matter. As for Rhodes, I think it will be a battle to land him, but I would be really happy if we sign him up. He''s a good target man and a prolific scorer aswell, ideal.
  6. Why on earth would I boo Neil Adams??? If he brings dull uninspiring football to Carrow Road, we find it difficult to win and can''t score goals, then I would want a change of manager asap, but you have to give him a chance to show us what he can do. Boo him? Certainly not.
  7. Between unsatisfied and neutral. His passion for Norwich is a plus, but his lack of experience is a worry. I''m underwhelmed.
  8. I''m a little underwhelmed and worried that he won''t have the pulling power and experience of other managers mentioned. He did very well with our youngsters but this is a different ball game. Good luck to him, it was a brave decision by the board. I hope the players appreciate his appointment.
  9. not beyond the realms of possibility. When he played well, he was easily our best player, unfortunately it didn''t happen enough. He seemed to lack the drive and determination needed to play for a struggling side. He definitely has the ability, although he lacks pace, he could definitely play at a higher level.
  10. The draw against Man City, the win v Spurs, the win at Stoke, Tettey and Hooper''s goal. RVW''s goal v Everton promised to be the first of many but unfortunately that was it. When I first saw Fer, I thought we had an absolute gem. He seemed to be a midfielder who could do everything. He had strength, was comfortable on the ball, could tackle and be useful in the opposing penalty box. What happened to that player? Did he lose interest, was he played out of position? I don''t understand, since if he had done well surely he would have walked into the Dutch World Cup squad.
  11. He really struggled to make an impact at Watford, so would he do a good job here? I thought he was a great player but that doesn''t mean he would be a good manager. I''m just a little weary and perhaps cautious, we don''t want another wasted season.
  12. McNally is a good man. I''m glad he isn''t resigning, we need him to help us get back in the Premiership. OK so mistakes were made which are very costly for the club and he has admitted that, but we are all human, we all make mistakes. He isn''t the only one to be blamed for this and I take my hat off to him for coming out and making that statement. It couldn''t have been easy. Lets hope the club learn from the mistakes that have been made and firstly make the right choice for manager and coach.
  13. the board didn''t recognise the problems we had last season under CH. Only 2 fluke results against Man City and WBA who weren''t bothered saved us from the drop. OK so CH kept us up, just, but that poor form continued. This season we couldn''t score and were regularly leaking goals, which surely is a sign that we are or weren''t good enough. Little creativity and no attacking threat can be added to the list. I also question whether the coaching staff were good enough. I think they were woefully short of ideas and inspiration. I think a good coach and manager would have got more out of the players we had. Look at Crystal Palace. I wouldn''t say that man to man they are any better than our team on paper, but put Pullis in charge and what happens, they get some terrific results. We need a motivator, someone with experience who can inspire the team and coaching staff who have ideas/knowledge.
  14. What was the story about him/her?
  15. If we beat Arsenal 2-0 we go down, but score 2 goals! Are you having a laugh?
  16. Why would he want to come back? Derby might even go up.
  17. Think I''d go with Tettey, Howson and Fer. If Yobo is fit, I''d play him with Turner. I''d like to see Hoolahan on the bench with the option to bring him on and possibly Becchio. I''m not at all sure who I''d pick up front. I''m glad I don''t have to make that decision.
  18. we could have and should have pushed the boat out to sign Long or someone similar in January. To say we couldn''t afford it is BS. How many tens of millions is it going to cost us if we go down? I''d have changed the manager in December and bought a striker and attacking midfielder.
  19. No. Unfortunately the table doesn''t lie. We are where we are because we haven''t been good enough. We''ve conceded too many sloppy goals and haven''t scored anywhere near enough. There have been occasions when we have showed what we are capable of and if we had played like that in 90% of the games, we''d have been safe. Instead we have performed well for a whole match on only about 4 occasions. We have lacked a good leader/captain who would be a definite starter every week, like Holt was. We lacked a striker who could score regularly and at least 10 goals in the league. A winger who could cross accurately and early. A midfielder who can break forward and weigh in with some goals and assists. I thought that would be Howson, Fer or Hoolahan but none of them have managed to....yet. The board and management team have paid the price for being too cautious and not spending in the January transfer window. When we were last in the Premiership we bought Ashton albeit too late to save us from the drop. This time we brought Elmander in on loan when we were crying out for a striker who could score, ie Remy, Long, Bony, or even Kevin Phillips type of player. Surely there has got to be some prolific goalscorers out there who we could have afforded. Yes in January it costs more but then if we stay up and there would have been a good chance of that, it would have been paid for. You have to speculate to accumulate. Will we learn from this, I hope so. It angers me to think we could have had a good spell up in the Premiership and built on what we have, but instead we have blown it away....unless we can muster something from the last 2 games.
  20. Wickham''s goals look like they''ve saved Sunderland from the drop. Does anyone think we should have taken a gamble on him? Still young, a good target man with a few goals in him, when managed properly. Unfortunately he''s a binner I know but so what if he had kept us up, he''d have become a hero. Kevin Phillips is also one who has never failed to score where ever he has been and we could have brought him in for the season to help out. Bony if we had the money before he moved to Swansea and Shane Long.. Is there anyone else we missed out on? Who did we get in January? Elmander, not noted for his scoring ability, the wrong side of 30 and lacking in pace.
  21. Agree with that line up Tettey to start ahead of Johnson, same defence as last week and RVW up front. Perhaps have Hoolahan on the bench to change things around and unlock their defence, also Elliot Bennett to come on for the last 20 minutes.
  22. there''s also been a different atmosphere at Norwich since Neil Adams took over. He has the players on his side, he talks to the players about our strengths and is very positive. That can only help. Giggs will make a difference to MU but he has the same players that have played all season, one or two may have underperformed, so lets see if we can pull off a major shock.
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