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  1. One defeat against a good Leicester team doesn''t make us a bad team, but we have to get rid of bad habits.

    I would probably say that some of the team selection may have been wrong, but it''s easy to say that in hindsight. If we had won people may have come on here to say it was a master stroke. Having said that I think Redmond needs to start, if he continues to perform as he has in the last two games as a substitute. Howson cannot play on the right effectively and as far as I can see it''s between him, Dorrans, Ofoe for the place in the middle. Howson didn''t have a great game and didn''t track back fast enough when he lost the ball for their second goal, which isn''t good enough. I''m sure O''Neil will mark his card. Whittaker has occasional good games and is useful going forward but as has been said before he is susceptible being attacked at pace at the back. On a few occasions yesterday he was out of position.

    Everyone knows if you have a bad game in the Premiership you will usually get punished and yesterday we weren''t at the races, although with a bit of luck we may have nicked a point.

    Mbokani seems to be good enough to start and played well when he came on, scoring one and almost a second. I would be inclined to give him the nod over Jerome for the time being at least.

    Central defence is showing cracks and doesn''t look capable of keeping a clean sheet'' so we need to find a new partner for Bassong although even he''s not perfect.

    My team for Newcastle would be.....


    Martin Wisdom Bassong. Olsson


    Redmond Dorrans. Brady



    That''s based on what I have seen so far and form.


  2. I''d go with


    Whittaker Martin Bassong Olsson


    Jarvis Howson. Brady



    Subs Rudd, Wisdom, O''Neil, Dorrans, Redmond, Jerome, Lafferty

    It''s great to have good competition for places, as we seem to have in midfield and on the wings. I think the defence lacks that particularly at centre back. Wisdom could deputise though so perhaps it''s not too bad.

  3. I thought Redmond was a little below par yesterday and very rarely beat the full back or got a cross passed the first man. So I was wondering whether Jarvis can play on the right or whether we have another player who can play that role, any ideas?

    To Redmond''s credit he did put the cross in that Jarvis almost converted, but other than that, I didn''t notice him doing a great deal.

  4. Any ideas?

    With the squad now confirmed, what line up would you put out if everyone was fit and available at home against a mid to lower table team?

    My line up would probably be......


    Whittaker Wisdom Bassong. Olsson


    Redmond Dorrans Brady


    Mbokani or Jerome

    Obviously I don''t know how well Mbokani is going to play but I will assume he is very good competition for Jerome and capable of playing up front on his own. This selection is based on form to date with the exception of Wisdom who I believe might be a better option than Martin. If he is not, then we could be in trouble. It is quite an attacking line up with 2 wingers but against a team from the lower end we might be able to afford this formation.

  5. Are all the transfer windows closed now ie the European ones also??

    I think the Loan market is open again in a week or two isn''t it?

    I can''t believe we haven''t brought in a central defender to improve on what we have and yet we have let Turner go, which I believe was a good move but only if we brought in the necessary back up or first choice CB. Perhaps there is still business being completed that we don''t know about. Let''s hope so.

    So this window we have lost Miguel, Turner, RVW, Johnson, josh, Jacob, Morris, Mcsomebody who I can''t remember the name of.

    We''ve brought in Mbokani, Wisdom, Brady, Kean, Mulumbu, Dorrans which has been good business without setting the world on fire.

    However, I can see our defence being torn to shreds without some improvements. Whittaker can be inconsistent, Martin not quite good enough for this level or good enough in the air, Bassong a little too slow, Brady as a back up full back very often out of position, Olsson we''ll wait and see if he can be good enough after his injury. Wisdom has shown ability going forwards but has been suspect defending, so we hope he improves.

    So what do you all think? Underwhelmed or pleased with our transfer activity?

  6. Whilst our players don''t become bad over night, there were one or two who didn''t play that well today and I think Vadis could have come on, if only he had been on the subs bench ahead of O''Neil and Johnson. I do think he has far more to offer than both of those players. So why isn''t he even considered? Isn''t it time to promote him and give him a chance at least?

    Jerome needs more help, as he can very often look isolated. Other than that, we need competition in the Jerome mould and I believe Mbokani is a similar type of player who can either start or come on as a replacement for CJ. If Grabban is sold, will we sign another forward? I''m not convinced that RVW will be good enough in the Premiership but I hope I am proved wrong.

    & another centre back please.

  7. Just love the way he conducts himself in interviews. He doesn''t give anything away he doesn''t want to, he has a little humour in him, whilst being tough and you can see he will not tolerate any nonsense. Great character, great disciplinarian, top bloke and manager.

    You wouldn''t want to fall out with him, but having said that I don''t think he is anything other than fair. Grabban got just what he deserved.

    For those of you who were around, many years ago, possibly in the early 70''s we had a manager Ron Saunders who went about his business in a similar way. He was straight talking and a good disciplinarian, but Alex Neil is better. The board need congratulating on finding this gem. It will be interesting to see how well he manages when and if we go through a bad run of results, but I have no doubt he will get the best out of the players no matter what. OTBC!!!

  8. Got to be ahead of Johnson for skill, passing and general play surely. Not sure how many goals Johnson will score this season and whether he will start many games. One thing you always get with Johnson is his work rate, but I definitely think Vadis deserves a place on the bench and if we get any injuries or he has a 20 min spell on the pitch to replace some tired legs, let''s see what he can do.

  9. When you look at our team performance v Sunderland you have to admire the way we worked hard and were able to display the talents in our team. Sunderland were not able to expose any weaknesses in our formation and play which is exciting looking ahead.

    Alex Neil is a hard man to please and has high standards which comes out in the way he manages. He will not allow his team to get carried away with the performance or to be complacent. They have now set a benchmark and the way they played is the standard he will expect. It was after all against a team that were made to look poor by our superior brand of football. We will come up against far better teams and that is when we will have to display our highest discipline. We can''t afford slip ups like the late goal we conceded, as I am sure we will not have as much ease scoring at the other end.

    My main concern is at both ends of the pitch. Will we score enough goals and can we keep enough clean sheets? I know these are the areas AN is trying to add to before the end of the transfer window and I hope that his pursuits are successful. If they are then I am fairly confident we will avoid relegation with the right additions to a strong squad.

  10. For those of you that went, could you give us your ratings please?

    It sounds like there were several stand out performances and I would agree that the late consolation goal was annoying and should have been cleared.

    Hoolahan, Redmond, Whittaker, Jerome, Dorrans and Brady all seemed to have had good games. From what I saw and heard if I had to pick out a man of the match it would be Hoolahan closely followed by the rest.

  11. I''d say he was at fault for two of the goals unfortunately. He dived in for Zaha''s or Delaney''s goal when he would have been better staying on his feet. For their third goal he jumped and turned his back when the pass was made to Cabaye which was unnecessary. He shouldn''t have to turn his back, as the guy didn''t look like he was going to shoot. It is annoying as these are elementary mistakes that you see in non league football.

    Hopefully these mistakes can be eradicated. If not, we will really struggle as there are at least ten teams better than Crystal Palace capable of ripping us apart.

  12. What about Turner, can we shift him and bring in a CB to partner Bassong. Also, if we are bringing in a new striker, can we try and sell or loan out RVW for a season in the Championship?

    I feel these are the 2 areas we are really lacking in quality and depth.

  13. Wisdom has been brought here to cover for centre back or play at right back, so we need to use him, providing he is fit. I would have him playing alongside Bassong at CB.


    Martin/Whittaker Wisdom Bassong Toffolo

    Tettey Dorrans or Howson

    Redmond. Brady



    However we do need another striker bought in to help Jerome. Grabban for all his hard work will struggle to score 7 goals this season and may not start that many games if C J is fit. Hooper ditto unless he is played in the Hoolahan role. RVW is unlikely to be good enough and I would personally sell on if possible. Lafferty might be useful if C J is not fit. We also need a centre back, as I feel most of ours are not quite good enough for this level.

  14. Goalkeepers Ruddy, Rudd, ?

    RB Whittaker, Wisdom, E Bennett

    CB Bassong, Martin, R Bennett, Turner

    LB Olsson, Brady

    RW Redmond, Murphy?

    DM Tettey, Mulumbu

    AM Howson, Hoolahan, Ofoe, Andreu, Dorrans

    LW Johnson (Brady)

    S Jerome, Grabban, Hooper, RVW or Lafferty

    Have i left anyone out?

    I believe Murphy is still under 21 so he will not be counted in the 25. We may sell RVW or Lafferty.Personally i think Turner will struggle in the Prem, so i would be happy for us to sell him, now that we have Wisdom. We have an abundance of central and attacking midfielders, so i hope we can keep them all happy and give them all a reasonable amount of game time.

    What do you think of our squad? I still think we lack that extra bit of class needed in the Prem in our defence and up front.

  15. At long last !!! Finally we''ve completed this bit of business, I thought this saga would never end. Why did it take so long? I can''t remember us taking this long to sign anyone before, can you.

    It seems like a good bit of business as he can play left wing or left back. I look forward to seeing what he can do. Great stuff.

    Apart from Wisdom and a goalkeeper is that the end of our transfer signings this window? I expect a few to leave ie Turner, Lafferty, O''Neil, and one of the Murphy''s on loan.

  16. Ruddy

    Whittaker or Martin .......... Bassong. Brady

    Tettey. Mulumbo.

    Redmond. Johnson



    The ''Hoolahan'' position in support of the striker could equally be filled by Dorrans, Howson or Vadis. I''m not sure Johnson will be good enough for Prem only time will tell. Who ever plays just behind the striker will need to score a fair number of goals. The right back position has been a weak area of our defence and where we have shipped far too many goals, so hopefully we can sharpen up. I''m hoping we can bring in a first choice defender to partner Bassong.
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