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  1. We didn''t lose, we played well and kept a clean sheet for once. One of these days, hopefully not too far ahead, we will bang in a few goals. If we don''t start clicking in front of the goal then I cannot see us remaining in the Premiership. I think this has been mentioned before, but it still appears to be an issue....why can''t we play our left winger on the left and right winger on the right? Get them to run down to the line and then whip a cross in. Our wingers nearly always do the same thing, wait until they can put the ball onto their favourite foot before crossing, thus giving the opposing defence more time to prepare. Snodgrass is perhaps the obvious example. I would start with Redmond for a few games instead of Snoddy and play Pilkington on the opposite wing. The midfield 3 seem to be working very well together. I''d like to see Fer score a few. I think he''s been a terrific aquisition and we''ll be lucky to hang onto him. Olsson has made a big difference too. So much to be positive about, with one major negative, we have to score loads more goals asap.
  2. yes shut up Snodgrass, sit on the bench until you improve your play and kicks !!
  3. We''ve yet to play the top teams yet ie Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool who may carve us up, if we play like we are now. I thought we had a relatively easier start to the season particularly the first 6 games. Let''s see what we can do against Stoke.
  4. and 3 goals in 5 games ! That''s not good enough by a long way.
  5. Yes I expected Pilkington to start ahead of Snodgrass and Olsson in place of Garrido particularly because of Villas pace down the wings. Elmander doesn''t really add anything to the team as has been said in another thread, but perhaps he could play up front with Hooper alongside him, if we wanted to give the Wolf a break. Three goals in 5 league games tells us it isn''t working.
  6. The only players to show real urgency for me were Redmond and Fer. The build up play is far too slow. I thought Howson played better in the second half but in the first half was losing too many battles and falling over. Fer was outstanding and easily my motm. He never gave up, was very difficult to tackle, very rarely lost a tackle and if he did he would win it back, his passing was good and varied, an all round performance. We just need another 9 like him.
  7. I did ask the same question to the people sitting next to me at Carrow Road. I''m not sure he fits into the system we are playing, but he doesn''t score many goals and isn''t really a creative player, so all I think he brings to the team at the moment is that he can hold the ball up and is strong. Hoolahan deserves a chance and obviously Hooper, other than that we are clutching at straws. Howson is another who might be able to play that role. We really miss a bit of creativity in midfield as we tend to be so predictable and very often our build up is too slow.
  8. sign up John Hartson and play your central midfielder up front, that always works Then slag off the fans and players in public = success
  9. Can anyone that went to Dull give their ratings please? It seems like we had a very poor game with little to be positive about. My opinion for what it is worth .................... Howson should have played in the Hoolahan position and Fer alongside Johnson or Tettey but given licence to break forward, this is his best position I believe although he is versatile. To start I would have played Redmond & Olsson on the wings since Snodgrass wasn''t 100%. This would have given us a better balance. I think we are missing a creative spark to compete with Hoolahan although Howson can play there and did create 2 shooting chances for himself that went narrowly over. Our passing appeared appalling at times and obviously needs to improve. For me that is one of the basic skills of a professional footballer, if you can''t do that, you should change professions! Redmond was one of the few players to shine and he should have stayed on. I hope Bassong is back for the next game as from the poor stream I watched for 30 minutes Martin''s distribution was poor. As has been said before, we need to understand the Wolf''s strengths and get balls into him. He had very few crosses and balls to feed off, which is bound to be frustrating for him. I only saw one great header from him that was well saved, but hopefully that will improve as the players gel. We still have Pilks, Hooper and Bassong to come back, so there''s light at the end of the tunnel but the jury is still out on the management team...........I just don''t understand the team selections and formations particularly v a weakish Hull side.
  10. Ruddy Whittaker Bassong Turner (or Martin) Garrido Johnson Fer Snodgrass Redmond Howson Wolfswinkel Subs Bunn Martin Olson Tettey Hoolahan Pilkington Becchio or Elmander A strong line-up with Hooper not quite fit yet waiting to make his Prem bow.
  11. I think I prefer Colin Murray to Gary Lineker.
  12. yes the amount of times he said ''''no doubt about that whatsoever'''' only to be proved wrong or be well wide of the mark, was laughable. Most are very good at stating the obvious, but sometimes he couldn''t even do that.
  13. [quote user="Michael Bates"]Ruddy Martin, Bennett, Turner, Garrido Snodgrass, Fer, Johnson, Redmond Howson Wolfswinkel Or swap Howson for Hooper and go 4-4-2. I think Redmond will start ahead of Pilkington, Garrido ahead of Olsson because of the latter lacking fitness and game as of yet. Bassong, will be given his time to get fit rather than thrown straight in so I wouldn''t expect him to start vs Everton.[/quote] I''d agree with that MB. The only possible change being Whittaker instead of Martin, with Martin on the bench to cover CBs and RB. It will be interesting to see how close we are. Hopefully we''ll be attack minded and not too defensive.
  14. Bassong gets my vote. Martin would make a good captain also but I''m not sure if he will play as much as last year, as Whittaker is of similar standard if not better on the ball.
  15. [quote user="Olly"]Lining up with 10 would be a bold move by Hughton[/quote] The ? besides RVW is meant to denote a mystery yet to sign striker. I wasn''t questioning whether RVW would be picked and I do know it''s a 11 a side game. Formation to be precise
  16. If Ruddy stays that will be another huge bonus and I''d go with Ruddy Martin or Whittaker, Bassong, Turner or ?, Garrido Fer Howson Snodgrass Pilkington RVW ? but having picked those I''d say it''s becoming more and more difficult to pick, There''s strength in depth and good quality throughout. We just need another striker (Hooper or Defoe) and perhaps someone like Toivonan. I don''t think we are so desperate for another central defender but that would be my last signing once we have secured the others. Exciting times at Carrow Road. OTBC
  17. We have to improve to keep up with other clubs who are also bringing in some talented players. If we don''t then we may struggle and end up fighting for our Premiership place. Most of the players we''re going for are an improvement on what we have got or of similar standard to what we have. We have a good squad but as PL used to say, ''they just need some help'', which might take us to the next level. There is no harm in trying to bring these players in, as if they want to eventually move on, we should be able to sell them at a reasonable profit.
  18. Cardiff have got Bellamy on the opposite wing, so that is formidable. As someone else mentioned Ince isn''t a done deal yet though so we shall see. As for Bellars, I think he''s proven at this level but is becoming injury prone.
  19. everyone misses sitters even RVP and Messi very occasionally.
  20. What a fantastic achievement and a great couple of days for Norwich City FC. Well done to all concerned. OTBC !!
  21. Aguerro, Yaya and McManaman that would be good for starters. I think Townsend is a possibility. Maloney will probably be picked up by a better club if Wigan go down. Barnett, Tierney, Fox, Ward and Jackson will leave. Surman and Butterfield are also possibilities. Although Butterfield hasn''t been given any chances yet in the Premiership he''s not really shone yet in the Championship since his injury, so it would be difficult to give him a place in the squad next season on present form. Its probably best to see how he gets on pre season.
  22. for the WBA game? Should we try something slightly different to surprise the opposition or do we risk losing since it is new to us? I think Ruddy has to start now, but my ''big'' change would have Whittaker as the only holding midfielder in front of the back four (hopefully he is fit enough to put in a shift). That would allow us to have more players supporting the striker or strikers. He can pass, tackle and has some pace. My team would read............... Ruddy Martin Turner/Bennett Bassong Garrido Whittaker Snodgrass Hoolahan Pilkington Holt Becchio 4-1-3-2 If it wasn''t working, we could always bring on Johnson, Tettey or Howson, but we have to put more emphasis on attacking to give us a chance to score. I would also consider playing Bennett alongside Holt if Becchio isn''t quite up to it. I know it''s a very important game to be trying new formations, but the trouble is our current system isn''t working and hasn''t been for a while, other than for 20 minutes here and there, so why not at least try something different for half the game at least?
  23. scored any goals from outside the box this season? If we have I can''t remember them, it must be a long while ago. It''s about time we had our next long range goal. Also can someone tell our players football is a contact sport and you can tackle or stop an opposing player in his tracks. I couldn''t believe how easy it was for Agbonlabhor to run through our midfield without being challenged. One of our players was even running alongside him and didn''t attempt a tackle. If you can''t get the ball, at least bundle him over!
  24. It has been a really tough season with a good unbeaten spell in the middle, but I think we became complacent. IF we stay up and it is a big ''if'', we have to bring in some attacking creative midfielders and play a more adventurous system, as we have not created enough chances for the forwards to feed off. Snodgrass has been one of our best players but his final delivery sometimes let''s him down. We need consistency and reliable crosses from the wings, but at the moment as we hover close to the trap door it just hasn''t been happening. All isn''t lost yet, so if we can put in a fantastic performance next Sunday, it might save our season and then hopefully we can build on that.
  25. I really hope we are up for this game. I want to see us busting a gut to do everything we can to win. At least Norwich having plenty of shots ON target, no sendings off or penalties given away, a tight defence and a lively attack. We''ve beaten much better sides than AV, so we shouldn''t be afraid of them, just know they are capable of playing well, so be wary of them. We have to play much better than we did against Stoke or we''ll be in for a torrid time. Let''s really get behind the team and help them to a great win and Premiership safety. OTBC
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