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    Sick of so called plastic bashing every year these so called plastics buy their memberships, a shirt and various merchandise and attend as many games as they can.

    Just because a person can''t go to games for many reasons does not make them any less of a fan.

    Plastics as you so call are also known as glory hunters and that''s hardly NCFC is it 1 major trophy in the last 30 years.

    My only beef is the club selling memberships so ppl can buy playoff tickets this should not be allowed as they should have been members ready
  2. Many fans for whatever reason can''t go week in week out but they pay their membership every season without fail.

    Why should someone be able to buy a membership after 46 games (+ cup) just to get playoff tickets
  3. I am normally against so called plastic fan bashing

    I do however think it is wrong that the club are advertising memberships on the play off ticket details giving those who have not been to a game all season chance to get playoff tickets.

    Sales of memberships should be suspended until June
  4. I guess season ticket holders will get 1st priority, then members then general sale.

    There will probably be around 35000 tickets available
  5. Dave

    London Marathon

    All going wonderful at 8 miles was on for a sub 4 easily then disaster struck massive pain in back of leg and then got worse.

    Limped round the next 18 miles and still got home in 4:32


  6. Dave

    London Marathon

    Admin will probably delete this but if anyone wants to donate to my charity for the marathon

  7. Dave

    London Marathon

    I did 3:53 once but4 years of kidney issues I''m just so pleased to be back out there at almost 36 I just want to keep trying for as long as I can
  8. Dave

    London Marathon

    I could only dream of a time like that if I get close to 4 hours I will be happy
  9. Dave

    London Marathon

    so pleased to be back out there not really pushed sponsorship but still managed to get £500 this time
  10. Dave

    London Marathon

    done 4 before but not done one for 7 years due to kidney troubles
  11. Dave

    London Marathon

    Goo luck to NCFC legend Adam Drury on Sunday - but hopefully i can beat him!!!!
  12. Dave

    Come on you blues

    Wednesday and Birmingham
  13. From what i am hearing Fulham are unlikely to sell their full allocation and there is a strong chance these will be sent back and sold by NCFC
  14. Dave

    Radio Norfolk on Freeview

    There is no need to block commentary on freeview as the signal will only work from cetrain transmitters in the region, the further out you go you are unlikely to receive RN

    Sky is unliekly co carry it as its available world wide and would have to block matches like they do in the internet.

  15. Like any positions that matter

    Goal Difference

    Goals Scored

    Head to Head record

    Playoff on neutral ground

    Managers running race from London to Brighton

    Paper Scissors Stone best of 9

    Baloon race round the world

  16. Prime example of identical kits, look at Ipswich''s and Nottingham forests for this season
  17. The club always seem to be very quiet when it comes to the length of deals with kit suppliers.

    Errea have produced some nice kits and long may yhe continue, in some ways it would be nice to have a big name on the shirts as we havent had one since 1984 (Asis and hummell reasonable sized but not huge), however we may not get such a good deal financially and unless you are a top european tem it is common that with a big name your kit is identical to another sides but with different colours.

    I can see the clubs reasoning for changing them yearly as its a good source of income, however it would be nice if kits were on a 2 year cycle with home replaced 1 year and away the next, this would help people with a limited budget to buy 1 a season.


  18. I''ve noticed that we are into April and the home and away shirts have not been reduced, I wonder if this means that the kits are actually going to last more than 1 season?
  19. I''ve noticed that we are into April and the home and away shirts have not been reduced, I wonder if this means that the kits are actually going to last more than 1 season
  20. Dave

    OT Malky Mackay

    Your right, i think Malky is finished in the game.

    I''m not sure Lambert would want to manage cardiff, hes already worked for one controversial owner why would he want to work for another (that goes with wigan too in some ways).

    I just have a feeling with Brentford being managerless in the summer Lambert would fit in well there.

  21. Dave

    OT Malky Mackay

    I think Lambert will be the next Brentford boss
  22. Dave

    What a year

    year ago today Hughton was sacked, and what a year it has been
  23. I would love to see RVW prove himself for us, and under the right manager and style of play i think he could.

    Other NCFC players in the past have played badly under one manager and gone on to do well under another, the big difference is they often went trough quietly as they didnt have massive price tags.

    Lets be fair to RVW we could have had the best striker in the world under hughton but thanks to his style of play they would have struggled to score