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  1. Dave

    Sandy Kennon RIP

    A sad loss another member of the 59ers gone :-(

    Kennon part owned a small number of betting shops in the Norfolk area, i think they were taken over not that long ago by BetFred
  2. You cant get coverage on the internet due to the BBC only holding the rights to broadcast live commentary locally to the area covered by their radio transmitters, they pay extra to broadcast nationally chosen games.

    I have issues with my radio but listen on the TV freeview 719
  3. Still could be worse on this day 6 years ago we lost 7-1 in league 1
  4. Dave

    A New Stadium at Broadland?

    I can see the potential for a new stadium - Carrow Road is right in the heart of Norwich and the sale of land would give us a good price, alongside that over time land around CR has been sold making some future developments moredifficult, however not impossible at this time.


    On the downside moving to the outskirts could have problems in itself - at the moment there are plenty of places for fans to go eat and drink- but out of town these may be limited, also transport links could cause issues.

    Carrow road in itself is fine, there is potnetial for expansion and its got a lot of history to it. If we were to move the chances are we would move to a copy cat bowl like stadium that would be the same as others but with yellow seats and suddenly we would be playing at a sponsored stadium that would change its name every few years.

  5. All our managers have done at least 1 good signing i think. Gunn signed holt, roeder signed hoolahan
  6. 3rd kits are generally more of a leisure item and look a lot less like a football shirt
  7. I know its against not league opponents but even so hes scored 4 goals in 2 games.

    If you look at his past hes got a decent scoring record, I really hope he will be our surprise package this season
  8. I was in the ground the other day (so strange when hardly anyones about) and was walong through the Jarrold Concorse


    What i noticed was how faded the Banners now are and many of them are out of date many say date-Present on them when the people in question have long left the club.


    I think its about time the club either replaced or removed them as they dont look too great

  9. 5 years ago yesterday this great man passed away, Radio Norfolk match days have never quite been the same since.

    Its time he had a place in the NCFC hall of fame

  10. The transfer silly season does not begin until july 1sr - we are 1 day into it, im sure a few arrivals will be here within the next fortnight
  11. Dave

    New kit

    its ok, but it would have looked better without the sponsor cut out. Even with a white background that looked like it was ironed on top would have looked better than the cut out, but generally not a bad effort.


    Will people please stop going on about a big name supplier, Errea do us some custom designes unless your a top europen cup if we went with the likes of adidas or nike we would get a standard template kit which would be the same as other clubs with only the colours different.

  12. RVW - clearly has some talent the club wouldnt have paid 8.5 mill for him for the sake of it.


    Sometimes it does not work under certain managers - I think under CH we could have had the worlds best strikers and they would have still only score half a dozen goals.


    If he remains lets hope AN is the man to turn his form around

  13. Going back to the OP - they are fighting a losing battle on this one - as quickly as 1 site is shut a new one will open


    However i wouldnt worry about lost revenue - the contracts agreed in advance are fixed fees, if sky were to lose 2 million subscribers tomorrow they would still have to pay the same amount or call in the administrators, and the same would apply to foreign broadcasters.

  14. Dave

    Grabban to Palace?

    In the unlikely event that we let Grabs go, why on earth would we sell him to a team that are likely to be a key rival at our end of the prem.


    If we let anyone go we need to bring in 1st at the moment we have 3 established forwards and you really need 4 in the prem- thats assuming that RVW and KL will be gone.

  15. Dave

    Breaking News

    The amount of negativity on this forum at the time of appointment, you would have thought that McNally had just thrown a dart at a board and said ok we''ll have him!


    The comments about no ambition made me laugh too - if the club had no ambition they would have promoted from within or appointed someone who was out of work

  16. Has anyone heard if Adams is still returning as we were told in January and what his role is likely to be

  17. Obviously anything has got to be better than last years tour fiasco but this pre season isnt going to bring in the crowds.

    Normally we have a couple of semi decent foreign opponents at home or a team in the division above (not possible i know)

    I can sort of understand the west ham game but it seems 5 years too late or 20 too early!

    Brentford at home is an odd choice normally the higher team is away.

  18. We may have given up the gate money at wembley but It wouldnt surprise me if our Wembley adventure still made the club a 6 figure sum

    Every transaction at the box office incurred a fee even after processing and postage the club would still be up

    Coach hire averages between £600-£800 but on a 50 seater they would have taken over £1000 per coach a profit of £200-£400

    Then of course add merchandise sales, it soon all adds up
  19. you don''t have a job and have to go to work
  20. Dave

    If John Ruddy Leaves

    unless a keeper is greedy for money why would any leave to become a number 2 keeper unless they are one already
  21. Dave

    FIFA in meltdown?

    Time for UEFA and CONMEBOL to either buoycott or break away from FIFA , and bring them to their knees

  22. Anyone still think the appointment was a wrong one - The board and DMcN did their homework and it paid off!!!
  23. Anything has got to be better than last years Italian fiasco

    I think Scotland as we seem to go there every 2-3 years
  24. Dave

    Rude Boro fans

    On the bus on the way in to Wembley today every time we passed a Boro bus everyone waved their scarfs and flags, but in return all we got was a 1 or 2 fingered gesture. Just shows who has the best fans
  25. Let me guess a tour of Scotland with one of the games being Hamilton