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  1. Well sadly we choose not to play in the masters otherwise he would play for us

    Hux and Iwan in a masters team would cool
  2. Dave

    New Kit

    There is a lot of people anti Errea out there but if it proves to be them, looking at our kit suppliers since they began they are certainly a lot bigger or on par with many weve had

    This is my opinion where they stand

    Smaller Than

    Umbro (Now Nike Owned), Adidas

    On Par With

    Admiral, Hummell, Mitre

    Bigger Than

    Scoreline, Asics (A lot smaller than they were), Ribero, Pony, Alexandra, Xara


    I wouldnt want to see the kit supplied by Nike as they insist on running smaller team club shops and merchandising, which could lead to a lot of non NCFC related goods being sold.

    By choosing a mid range supplier we will get a larger cut of replica sales compared to choosing the likes of Adidas, Nike etc.

    The thing you have to think however is does it matter who makes it as long as it looks good, the manufacturer logo is normally very small so you have to look at it close up to see it

  3. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]if we got rid of Chris Martin but kept Aaron Wilbraham, there would be something very wrong going on !![/quote]


    I get the impression that there is something about Alby that Lambert likes and cant see him leaving in a hurry. One advatage with him is hes as good if not better in Midfield as he is up front, could be a sitter behind the froont 2 if we play an attacking game.

  4. 1 forward in many more bid for - it looks like Lambo is going to briing in at least 2 and i assume at least one will be leaving.

    whos days are numbered after the back part of last season has Chris Martin pulled on a yellow shirt for the last time?

  5. Reo-coker is a highly skillful player, he may have gone off the rails a bit, but a manger like Lambert could quite easily put him back in his box, he could be a worthwhile assest with the right wages
  6. I got my 4 shares as a present from my nan and as shes no longer with us they have even more sentimental value, i would never sell!!!

  7. Dave

    New Kit

    Ive said before looking at historical kits that a variation of the 1926-27 kit would mke a great away kit
  8. Dave

    New Kit

    I hope it''s not Nike as they normally inisist on taking over their sponsored clubs and merchandising and as they own umbro I hope we avoid them too

    All signs are pointing to errea who may not be massive but are bigger than xara, ribero, alexander, Pony, scoreline etc

    If we do have a smaller manufacturer we are likely to get a bigger percentage on the sales of replica shirts
  9. You wait 5 years for one and then 2 come at once!!!
  10. Dave

    Stadium expansion ?

    The biggest mistake the club made was selling out the hotel corner without any thought, What they should have done is sold the corner and drew up plans that would have incorporated a stand into a hotel simillar to MK dons where some of the rooms double up as executive boxes and corporate lounges. If seats had been inforporated into the hotel development the club could have shared income with them on match days for that area which would have meant that money would have come in each match rather than just making a quick buck while selling the land.

    The city stand being the smallest is the obvious area to add another tier and with carrow road not being a major road now they could possibly even go bigger than the oigional plans for it. Some say the jarrold stand was built in a way to add another tier and others say not, im not sure whos right,

    The other options I suppose would be  removing the roof off the river end or barclay and expanding the upper tiers or adding another, if this was possible this would be good as it would remove the obstructive pillars.

  11. Dave

    Stadium expansion ?

    [quote user="Lambert is King"]With respect we could not even fill a 26000 seater stadium for most of the season despite our success. It is only as the glory hunters return we have done this. IMO to many people think that a bigger stadium will result in cheaper seats. I dont beleive this and feel the prices would go up to a minimum of £40. Now alledgedly £30 was to much or was it that people did not want to come and watch Norwich playing other championship teams. Building this sort of extension before we have the money to pay ''cash'' would simply be suicidal as should we go back down our gates will return to 25000.[/quote]

    Will people stop going on about glory hunters we have had fairly consisten attendances for a few years come good and bad times.

    The reason why attendances are down are time of year trends, lack of away support and other circumstances, jsut becuase someone does not make everry game does not make them a glory hunter, a lot of people work match days or just cant afford to go every week.



  12. There are 2 players that come to mind that deserve to be slagged off


    1. Andy Marshall


    2. Michael Theoklitis

  13. Dave

    Stadium Capacity Next Season

    Stick an uncovered temporary stand in the hotel corner and put the away fans in it
  14. Dave

    Fraser Forster

    Agree we do need to strengthen at the back as we have conceded in excess of a goal a game which could double in the prem

    I think the players we have are good but may need some support to strengthen, we have some good keepers but an experienced one in reserve may not be a bad idea, you cant blame the keeper fully though he is only as good as his defenders so we need some more depth and choice in that area

  15. Does the rule in the prem still apply that you can only loan from 1 club if you have a season long loan?

  16. I think Wilbraham will stay after all he was signed being told he would hopefully get a chance in the prem

  17. [quote user="pete"]Remeber Malky and Iwan discarded last time, do not make the same mistake again, don''t upset the team spirit with some aged no hopers who might be Prem players a la Helveg and Jonnson. [/quote]

    At least Iwan got a good send off that year, poor old malky was retained and then shown the door a few weeks later with no chance to say goodbye

  18. [quote user="Lambert is King"]I think threads like this today  after our team has done what they have done are a little unfair to the guys that got us there. Are they not allowed to be given a few days of pure joy rather than speculation about their careers.  [/quote]

    Im not being unfair to the lads at all, i am proud of the achievement but we are a prem side now and need more strength in depth to help the current lads out. Hopwefulyl most will stay and with some support will do well.

    Drurry will remain even if he does not paly much as it is his testimonial season

  19. I will be a shame to break up this squad but some strengthening will be needed to have any chance of staying in the prem, Lambo has a good player knowledge and can make good out of some of the most unlikely players.


    Where do we need to strengthen? Defence for sure we have conceded on average 1.2 goals a game, on that average we will get thrashed in the prem.


    Midfield is not too bad but a bit of experienced cover will help


    Attack is a difficult one 2 players who are showing good form will going up from level ¾ to the prem in a couple of too years be a step too far


    What are you thoughts and who would be a realistic good buy?