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  1. I''ve got a club coach travel ticket for sale, looking for face value of £25 for it.  I''ll inbox you my mobile number.
  2. Diving Header 2-0!!! meanwhile, I nearly feel out of my chair, Live score has Redmond as scoring??? Never!!
  3. Palace 2-0 up with 30% Possession, Were 1-0 down with 70% -.-
  4. Fooking hell Holt scores , and Becchio comes one, are these two our saviours? loool
  5. seen 3 posts in the last 40 minutes saying AVB is in Norwich... two from FB friends and one on Twitter, either an elaborate Troll.. at least i hope it is, they did say foreign managers are getting looked at but he really isn''t that good, and would demand a huge wage packet, and i deffo dont want him as manager lol..
  6. Dont understand all the praise for curbs! Wouldnt touch him Id say Realistically - holloway Ambitiously- matteo
  7. Pep gurdiola Failing that delia smith, we could make history like france did making a women president, while we may be the laughing stock atleast delias food diet regime will add some value to GHs pricetag
  8. Apologies for the spelling on my phone thought id also add, while lambert achieved alot at NCFC his biggest chievement was keeping us up, the back to back promotion? league 1 promotion could have been done with any manager other then gunn, and as for prem promotion Worthy took us up as champions...
  9. So after two "torrid" weeks at ncfc the dust is settling down and us norwich fans are coming to terms with loosing what many see as the best and most successful manager weve had at carrow rosd for many a year, but lets not forget the great players, fans and our CEO DM... who are still here at the our fantastic club. Theres ups and downs to every fans, players and managers season AV fans are probably and most are over the moon right now, we all now know what colchester fans felt like three years ago. The way lambert threw his toys out of the pram to leave our club actually makes me sick, he was idolised by many here including myself and i am absoloutely gutted he is gone, buy for a man who said he loved the club, fans and the city, to put it bluntly is full of shit, i have lost all respect for him as a perdon even if he did bring success to out club, hes a dull unpleasent individual, no thankyou or goodbye to the club who paid his living and essentially got him to where he is now. I cannot understand why he would want to leave a club he spent 3 years bringing through the leagues with back to back promotions and the young talents that he has brought to CR, why would you not want to achieve more next season, he bottled it!! Norwich is a beautiful city wheras Birmingham quite francly is a shithole... Will he do the same at villa? remains to be seen he built a young promising team at NCFC where he now goes he will have to try and desl with egotastic overpaid average players, with the promise of a 20m budget but who is he going to attract? i cant see lerner or the fans being happy with him singing unknown risky upcoming players, clubs such as everton newcastle will be more attractive too above average players. Money really is the only incentive here villa naturally are regarded as a bigger club hence to him its a promotion in his career, football is a business but such contracts really should be honoured.. As for the next NCFC manager early favourites appear to be Malky and Chris the latter id prefer, however there is only one ambitious choice and correct man for the job and thats Matteo! But aslong as we hold onto david we''ll be fine! For now lets look forward too taking 6 points off villa next season and singing "it could have been you, it could have been you, quess what paul lambert, it could have been you" To a new era and a new season, OTBC!
  10. They are all retarded in thier own way I remember bbc reporting after the blackburn game with the opening paragraph saying "ROVERS boosted by thier midweek carling cup win over BLACKBURN" lol....
  11. I live in ormesby 5 miles off yarmouth and 24 off norwich, took me 25 mins to get down my shingle drive today because we had a whole foot of snow drifted off the fields!!
  12. so gutted I missed this although its a bit of an outburst, no doubt id of done the same thing hes just proud of his team as am I, want too see the face of the supporter when that happend, go lambo!!
  13. I missed that, what an idiot tho! with the form hes in I wouldnt say hes crap!
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