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  1. I linked to it.  Look up.[quote user="Indy"]Ok if he is then I will of course apologise, but tell me which paper and I''ll get Ørjan to check it out for me!   Like I said I spend time in Stavanger, I contract to a Norwegian company and I have lot''s of Norwegian friends none of them use this type of writing, yest they make mistakes but not like the above.   Reminds me of that guy who claimed to be Dutch! [/quote]
  2. " I''d hope Hughton is concentrating on the game tomorrow"He can be.  It would be McNally doing the negotiating.
  3. Could today be the biggest day of rumours in our history?  I''m counting about 6 ins and outs.
  4. sitting on here refreshing the page this morning rather than doing work?
  5. I''m sure it looks lovely.  You have heard how settled teams do well?  Too much change there.  Johnson and a new DM perhaps in a 4231.
  6. Could you explain why the number matters in anyway at all? 
  7. I have deleted my twitter account, the average person on there seems to have the IQ of a gorilla.What is it they say about twitter, it''s like giving monkeys machine guns?[quote user="Across The Pond Yellow"]Stupid me!seems I missed a bit.people (not from this forum.) are now complaining that we are no longer a british team. seeing this all over twitter.we can''t demand, big signings, big spending, and for all the players to be british, it just wont happen. british players are greedy ;p[/quote]
  8. No it''s not a "must win".  A draw would stop the rot, a fighting 0-1 loss would not be a disaster with 36 games to go.  Lot of new, better, players coming in and it takes time to bed them in.  As for the scary run, Liverpool are cack at the minute and we drew against them last season, we beat Newcastle and we beat Spurs.So what''s the panic about?
  9. WELL I WILL RESERVE PISSING MY PANTS UNTIL ITS ON CANARIES.CO.UK IF THATS OK.[quote user="super canary"][quote user="kellybrook"]Would be an amazing signing, but I simply do not believe it is true.  He is a world class player, Argentine international and captain of Anderlecht who are in the CL.Why would he come to Norwich?I suspect we asked about his availablity and his agent is now using us to provoke some action from a bigger club such as Arsenal.[/quote] THE DEAL HAS BEEN AGREED!!!!![/quote]
  10. I thought you were going to say..."since we got Bassong from spurs all the moaning gits banging on about spending money have shut up".
  11. http://fotball.adressa.no/england/article247854.ece
  12. Would be an amazing signing, but I simply do not believe it is true.  He is a world class player, Argentine international and captain of Anderlecht who are in the CL.Why would he come to Norwich?I suspect we asked about his availablity and his agent is now using us to provoke some action from a bigger club such as Arsenal.
  13. Amazingly some of us are more clued up on players and tactics outside hoofball Norfolk. Astonishing I know. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Dont get me wrong, he maybe a good player but had everyone who''s saying what a brilliant coup this would be ever heard of him prior to 2 hours ago ?? [/quote]
  14. "Scoring goals in the SPL means absolutely nothing."What a load of crap.
  15. But he''s rubbish.  A lower league player.  He didn''t cost £10 million either./sarc
  16. "Odemwingie"And he would come to us because?
  17. " Was this full purse given to PL? As if so, why did he leave?"Yes of course it was the same amount of cash.He left for the blindingly obvious reason that he felt he had taken NCFC as far as he could.  We overachieved last season and it''s obvious to all but the panicking monkeys on here that is the case.This season is reality and coming up short against Fulham, a side most of you seem to have under-estimated, the previous three we rode on the crest of a wave created by one of the best young managers for a generation.He''s gone.  Reality is staying up by the skin of our teeth - whoever is in charge.
  18. But as they are bankrolled by billionaires why shouldn''t they?  If we were bankrolled by them, people like you would be screaming for us to spunk massive cash on any ****er we could get.[quote user="safri_free_kick"]According to the Guardian, QPR are also going to bid for Defoe. This really annoys me, we''re trying to a build a team within our means, whereas QPR are just trying to buy survival. [/quote]
  19. And there is the problem. Whoever we bought, half this board would dismiss it instantly as poor business.Just to put some perspective on Kenwyn Jones, he would cost us at least £5 million plus addons, agent fees etc, plus wages of 40 grand a week (reputed what he is on at Stoke).So, in a couple of years if we stay up we can go for players of his level like Stoke did.Does that tell you the reality of where we are in the pecking order?  Who is realistic and would improve what we have?  Incredibly tough as if we want him, a dozen other clus will want him as well.  The problem is that if someone like Shane Long is 7 million quid, and even holt would command a 2.5-3 million bid - you simply cannot escape the reality that this proven pacey wonderguy would cost 10 million - WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE.
  20. Why does it make you sick? Is it because like some others on here you have become blinded by the Premier league money machine and now judge a transfer on the headline fee?If so you are helping to perpetuate the myth that people from Norfolk are as thick as ****.Swansea - same income as us from Premier league plus as you say they sold a player for 15m, so they are +15m on our spending power by simple mathematics.West Ham - bankrolled by two very rich men.Southampton - bankrolled by someone who''s wealth is estimated at 3 billion.QPR - bankrolled by billionaires.Are you beginning to see a pattern click in your mind?  If so, you answered your own question:"Why are we not taking buying a proven striker with pace?  "Because everyone wants one and they cost about £10 million, plus addons, plus massive agent fees, plus £80k a week ages. It really is very simple, we don''t have that sort of money. Is that clear enough for the rest of the "football manager" playing dreamers as well?
  21. NOt a chance.  Don''t you dare confuse me with one of the morons who thinks we have millions to throw around on unproven children from the lower leagues.[quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="kellybrook"]"We look far more dangerous when he plays"Do we. That must be why Lambert left him rotting on the bench most of last season then.[/quote]  Hardly rotting was he? Didnt look to off at the Emirates did he? Let me guess spunk 8 million on Rhodes yeah? [/quote]
  22. "Why would anyone realistically want Hughton out after one game?"I think you underestimate the ignorance of some "fans".  I have seen and heard plenty of people saying we should kick him out and start again.[quote user="Row D Seat 7"]Hahahaha sucked. There''s a difference. Your argument is pointless really because when City beat us 6-1 - why would anyone want Lambert out after all he''d done. Of course nobody did so I don''t know why you even bothered posting that. Why would anyone realistically want Hughton out after one game? We were crap at Fulham and it was a real concern that our players just didn''t turn up. If all is put right against QPR then fine. If we suffer another heavy defeat, or a defeat then I''m sure things on here will become a bit ridiculous. More so than they already are.[/quote]
  23. This is what makes me laugh:"Will reserve judgement until I''ve seen him play."If peopl followed football they would have seen him play, and Garrido, and Whittaker.But no, once a week shouting "get it forward" then its head in the sand.
  24. At one light bulb has clicked on in one brain.  Hopefully a few others will think about it as well before postingt knee jerk rubbish.[quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Having had a think about this for a while, it is a good signing. We lack a left sided centre back & pace. He was superb at Newcastle  hence the Player of Season & £8m value.  He was a regular when Spurs finished 4th & kept numerous clean-sheets. Struggled at Wolves but they were in freefall before he arrived & conceding plenty already. If we can see close to the form of 3 years ago, we''ve got a cracking signing   [/quote]
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