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  1. What have you lost heart in FFS?  You seem to be saying we can''t win unless we have two up front.  If so, then most of the division won''t win today. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]I was all excited thinking about the team vs Liverpool, but I now feel very disheartened after today''s revelations.  I think it is highly likely that Hughton is going to definitely start with only 1 up front. Now that we''re down to 3 strikers plus Martin I think Hughton doesn''t think he can start with 2.[:(]   I know this is supposed to be my team, but I''ve lost heart.  I think Tettey and Hoolahan will start ion a 5 man midfield with Hoolahan playing behind Holt.   Prediction: Norwich 0 - 1 Liverpool (Gerrard Pen, 69)   [:(] [/quote]
  2. Garrido CB?  Wow, glad you aren''t in charge.  Your site must be full of insightful stuff with opinions like that. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"]Ruddy E.Bennet Barnett R.Martin Garrido Howson Johnson Snodgrass Butterfield Hoolahan Holt Lot of changes here which I doubt Hughton would do, the defence needs to be altered tho, I don''t wanna see Suarez up against Barnett/Turner. Maybe Martin RB and Garrido CB with Tierney coming in. Can Garrido play CB???[/quote]
  3. There really are some amazingly stupid people on this forum and the OP is one of them.How about an alternative to your stupid assessment, namely:He is bigging up Brendan Rodgers by saying "hey he is under-achieving but I''m sure he can do better".It''s called mind games.  The pressure is being put on the opposition manager.  By saying how good their team, club etc is, he is saying "you really should be beating us with all that going for you".I am totally effing sick of this attack Hughton attitude amongst the moronic, reactionary element of our "supporters".
  4. Butterfield is backup for Wes for this season, and next season he will start to replace him.
  5. Lets be realistic.  Martin was out of position and has hardly had any match time for ages - and you wonder why he was not very good.Vaughan is this years Cody.  No bloody good but people just can''t see the reality - NOT GOOD ENOUGH.Holt and Morison got us 26 (?) last year - they are bloody good strikers.  We have done everything but score, but we will start scoring.
  6. Will they?  West Ham were pretty troubled by it, just unlucky we did not get one in the net.The doom and gloom considering we have one more point than last season, a better looking defence and against WH we created a ton of chances, is staggering.  This forum is full of people who really should take a long look at themselves.[quote user="Highland Canary"]Will be untroubled by our attack.[/quote]
  7. Had Demba Ba just run 70 yards from his own box?No. 
  8. Wow, you missed the point, deliberately didn''t you.Go on, just spit venom at Hughton, you know you want to. [quote user="baldyboy"]why do people constantly go on about creating chances? It matters only when the ball hits the net!!! we can create 14 chnaces but not score, then maybe that says that we dont practice hitting the target enough!! Other teams had less shots But still scored!!! Goals win games not statistics!![/quote]
  9. We can''t afford for that to happen?  You mean like how we couldn''t afford it in any of the past three seasons?Kan looked sharper?  What planet are you on? Stupid, stupid thread to start.[quote user="jas the barclay king"]Jackson was the better striker today and in their shorter time on the pitch both Morro and Kane look much sharper and much more "ready" than Holty.Holt is a slow starter, but this season we cant afford that to happen... said in the summer that once his head was turned we should have cashed in.... Jacko and Morro to start next week with Kane in the wings seems a good strike force. [/quote]
  10. Simple question to the "we needed Hoolahan" mob: Where would you have played him?Options were:1. On the right for Snodgrass.  Did you want that?  No.2. On the left for Surman? More likely, but then how would he have got forward when he would have been helping Garrido?3. Up front.  With Morison? Holt? Would he have offered more in an advanced role? Probably not.4. Behind a lone stroker?  People would have screamed about one up front and it would have relieved the pressure on their central two.5. Central midfield?  Simply crazy, he can''t tackle and would have left one other holding the whole centre of the pitch.6. Tip of a diamond.  As West Ham danced down the wongs at times, narrowing the team with 15 minutes to go would have invited them out wide even more.So, where?
  11. I wonder what game you people watch.  The Howson who picked up the ball and drifted past people before supplying Snodgrass time and time again?  That crap Howson?On top of that we have Fox, Butterfield, Tettey, Hoolahan, Bennett and Pilkington pushing for place.  We have NEVER had such a strong midfield and all will get their chance.
  12. A stronger squad that will concede less goals and with the same strikers who performed last season once they found their feet.But it''s not gung-ho and it''s not Lambert so some people are so mentally challenged they are unable to adapt.One more point than last season and far better performances defensively after the Fulham anomaly (as I said it was a frek result and that''s now been proven).
  13. Spot on. But then the people who bleat on here and twitter are the same people you can bet are screaming "get it forward" every time we try to keep possession.[quote user="Yelloow Since 72"]This time last season City had the same number of goals and one point less under PL and everybody was complaining about the lack of goals, as well as conceding a penalty in all four matches. This is a better squad which will score goals but concede far fewer. The agony then was about the lack of clean sheets, which this side seems far more capable of. Give the players a chance ffs![/quote]
  14. One more point than at the same stage this season, so forige me for not pressing the panic button yet.Pathetic.
  15. Where would you have played him?  How would you have fitted him in so we did not have one up front, break up Howson/snodgrass/johnson or put more pressure on the full backs?You can''t do it, and that''s why he is not playing."Why why why why why did we not bring on Wes today. We was crying out for his skill and creativity. He would have offered us something different. Westham where so comfortable with are gameplan of just hitting Holt and hopefull crosses. His dribbling would have caused Collins no end of problems."
  16. 1 point better off than this time last season.What he said.  Some of you people need to wake up. We created a ton of chances and look far stronger at the back than last season.
  17. You people make me laugh.One on hand you scream for quality players, then moan if we have ticket prices that would furnish such purchases.
  18. How about Archant using these amazing people called "mods" which all the successful forums have. They keep threads on topic and police the posters.Amazingly simple thing that this free-for-all needs badly.
  19. What rubbish are you spouting?Did anyone, anyone at all say there had to be a "marquee" signing?Why do we have to spunk money - just so you can brag to your mates about how we are spending more than them?Is the transfer window shut?  Is there no longer one in January?Pillock.[quote user="Row D Seat 7"]If the biggest budget in NCFC equates to CMS being our marquee signing then our budget must have been quite poor. However, it didn''t help that we had to fork out for Hughton and team out of the player budget because McNally messed up letting Lambert etc leave for free.[/quote]
  20. What an incredibly stupid, paranoid little world you live in.[quote user="the duke of norfolk"]If we sign CMS then it does appear that my fears that we are secretly preparing for life in the Championship are true.[/quote]
  21. With defensive cover at a premium I would suggest they can get lost.
  22. Ok, going to have my say on the past week.For me, Fulham was a freak result.  We came up against a team with a point to prove, who are under-estimated in terms of the quality they posess and at a time where defensively we were struggling.Our defence last sat consisted of:Martin - Simply not quick enough for the premier leagueBennett - 21 and massively lacking in experienceTurner - first game for the clubTierney - simply not fit at all, and lacking match practise for 9 months.So was it any surprise that we tried to cover that by being more defensive higher up the pitch?  Not to me.  To Hughton''s credit he changed it at half time, we can talk about who and how he changed it, but he certainly did not bottle the big decision at half time.If we are honest, Lamberts "score one more than you" approach was running out of luck in the second half of last season.  Any mananger, including Lambert would have to look at our lack of clean sheets and goals against and say "we have to tighten up at the back" .  Anyone who thinks "one more than you" will see us through our second season is frankly deluded. We brought in new defenders, Whittaker who will undoubtedly be stronger at right back than Martin (as anyone who actually watched Scottish football last season already knows), Garrido, who is definitely a better player than Tierney and Basson, who on paper should be our best player this season.We have also brought in a proper, strong defensive midfielder to cover that back four. But they will need time to gel. So to today.  QPR will be desperate for a win as well and they contain a lot of players capable of turning a game, even if their team plays like a pile of poo.We have to go out and attack, but also balanced with defence.  So don''t expect an open 4-4-2 with wingers today - well, at least I don''t expect it anyway.If we get spanked, then there should be concern - but not panic. I know on the evidence of last week some people simply can''t help themselves, but I think many are under-estimating the upheaval at the club. Three years of pure success under one of the best managers in a generation is a tough act to follow - for mananger and players old and new.
  23. What absolute tosh.Most prem teams, indeed most teams in Europe, now play a 4231 or 433 formation.Both of those formations require 1 or 2 defensive, holding players.We have NONE of those types of player apart from possible Johnson, who is certainly not great at it and Fox who is a bit lightweight to break up play in front of the back four.It gies us options.Extending your footballing knowledge outside of carrow road might help.
  24. Are you serious?Have you heard of loan fees? Players wages?  Agent fees?All those apply.  A season long loan for Bigilia would cost NCFC around 3 million quid.
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