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  1. There was ONE POINT where we had to pass it on the half way line .  This was simply because there was an entire Villa team camped outside their 18 yard box and we were looking for an opening.We attacked right up until the whistle.What game do some of you people bloody watch?
  2. BBC:"Relentless second-half Norwich domination had threatened to overwhelm a Villa side who had taken the lead against the run of play."" Lambert will be relieved to earn a draw, even though it means Villa''s start to the season is the club''s poorest to a campaign for 43 years and leaves them hovering just above the Premier League relegation zone.""Villa appeared nervous, struggling to retain possession, and their edginess was beginning to transmit itself to the home support.""The excellent Hoolahan went close on a couple of occasions, Holt was denied by Guzan when through one on one, and only some inspired Villa defending - particularly from Ron Vlaar - kept the visitors at bay."Watch the effing games rather than going into hughton-hate mode immediately people.  We are going to be fine.
  3. Great result.  Two teams scrapping for a point and both lacking in quality.  On another day we would have converted one of those many chances we created in the last 20 minutes.Objective this season is survival.  4 points from Villa and Arsenal is GREAT.
  4. Difficult against ten men but we dominated and Hughton''s shrewd use of Tettey allowed Wes to roam.Lamberts Villa look certain for the drop, glad we got shot of him before he was found out.Four points from two games with Stoke and Reading next.Lots to be positive about.
  5. A win against Arsenal and a good point against a Villa side who shut up shop for 40 minutes of the game.  Attacked all game, Tettey allowed Wes to roam, we created a ton of chances that on another day we would have converted.Reality check over, back to the normal whingefest.
  6.  was patiently pointed out, Turner was wrong footed by Bassong wandering off towwards the touchline with Abonghlahor.But hey, lets just attack Turner again.
  7. "A poor game from two poor sides."Where one poor side totally dominated and did everything but get the winner. Againt the Messiah''s team, who even before the sending off couldn''t match us for football at all.
  8. Give the manager credit?  For what? Outplaying Villa all game?  For allowing We to destroy them? for all the chances? For changing things and getting crosses into the box?Come on, this is the new NCFC, where the fans moan like c****.
  9. As he probably still wants the chance to be liked by both clubs, probably respects both clubs and wants the chance to earn cash from both clubs in the future, are you surprised it is vague?
  10. Arteta had duel role, one sit in front of the back four and start the passing move and two, sandwich Holt everytime he went up for a header with a defender. He did both a lot but had little impact.
  11. Horrendous, ignorant people and times.  Thankfully mostly gone, ut the ape-herd mentaility is still there and if it was allowed it would happen in the Barclay every week.Evolution hasn''t eradicated pig-ignorance.
  12. Both great players and gave us some pace and width.  Good they are back and fit - a luxury Hughton didn''t have initially and something many of our moaning "fans" overlooked.Benno gave Martin good defensive cover, something he has missed with his limited pace.It''s not rocket science.
  13. About as many as we have and to be in the position we are in.  But then some of us can see reality.
  14. "If we don''t play the diamond he won''t be concerned about Wes. He can''t play any other role..."What?  Did you watch the game on Saturday?  A diamond requires 2 attackers.  We had one on Saturday, with We behind, in a 4-4-1-1.So your statement is utter crap.
  15. No need to apologise.  It''s not your fault, or the fault of the other doom-mongers that you cannot spot a good manager and team.  It just means you don''t understand the game you watch.
  16. This thread proves the OP is an arse.  We closed them down so they could not get forward, they had possession but not in areas they could damage us. It was a superb display of how to win a match off the ball.You are an idiot.
  17. So if we survive you will come back and admit you are a fool?[quote user="The acolyte"]Yes, I have dared to speak out amongst the happy clappers and binners.Too many fools grace this forum with a belief that we can survive with Hughton (and the board!) but we cannot! Hughton has NO credientals as a premier league manager and it is the BOARDS FAULT for hiring such a poor manager. Why did Delia not decide to hire somebody with experience and courage like Holloway? Now I reliase that a poster called wiz is riducled for this, he is right. Holloway could secure us a future unlike Hughton whose negative tactics will surely bring us down [:@]The board should sack him now whilst we still can! They must save the club, unless if Delia wants her precious to drop, rotting in the lower leagues.We need new players too, Snodgrass was a bad signing as can be seen and Turner is a disgrace to footballers. Time to sell Holt and bring in some better players I say unless he upps his game. And now, onto the community on this forum is a disgrace. Posters such as lake district canary and city1st are a blight on this club with their happy clappy attitudes. LDC for his happy go lucky attitude and especially  city1st for launching terrible attacks on the reasonably intelligent such as wiz and big vince.Oh, and hello. [/quote]
  18. Good god what a tit you are.  You evidently have not watched Man Utd in the past ten frigging year.  4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 nearly every bloody game.Idiot.[quote user="Insidersknowledge"]We arguably have a stronger squad this season than last season. Last season we were successful cuss we has something to prove. Last season we played many formations; 4-1-2-1-2, 3.5-2, 4-3-3. This season we play either 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. It''s such a bad formation. For it to work effectively you need pace on the wings, and two strong forwards that will win headers. In the premiership which team play 4-4-2? Non. Not even Stoke. Why? Because it too negative. Hughton sets his teams out to defend and to not conceded goals. We have not got the defensive set up to go out and minimise conceding gaols in return for less goals scored. Last season we went out with the mentality to score goals. If we score more than the opposition we win. Wether we conceded 3 - if we score 4 we win. Hughtons mentality of a set formation that we clearly can''t play and is it too disciplined isn''t working. Teams out play us. The formation must change.[/quote]
  19. If we finish 17th he has done his job and as much as anyone can expect with a lower league squad bought for peanuts.
  20. What a stupidly reasonable post.  Stop it.[quote user="Indy_Bones"]His worst performances have been against the best opposition. I''d expect pretty much every left back to struggle with the likes of Mata, Hazard and Oscar, and Liverpool played extremely well also.Realistically you need a world class left back to handle world class opposition, and Garrido isn''t world class - but he is more than good enough for the majority of players he''ll come up against.Don''t judge him against the superstars, but against the usual quality he''ll face each week.[/quote]
  21. The pinkun board is RENOWNED for being a place the same old people have come to moan for years.
  22. "With the benefit of hindsight I think there was too much space between our denfence & midfield"Jesus wept.  Do you people watch the game?  Our midfield and defence were squashed together like a sandwich.
  23. If Hughton had lined five up in midfield and lost, people would have screamed he was negative.  Despite the lack of wideman options, he went two up front to have a go, and it didn''t work because Liverpool have world class players, plus we gifted them two goals.Long way to go yet.
  24. What else can we have a go about?  Not enough strikers (wrong), hmm, ok done that. I know lets have a go at Hughton because we have too many midfielders.Bloody unbelievable.Lets destroy your pathetic attack right now.Korey Smith and Lappin are back-ups.  For emergencies and minor cup games at best, the padding every squad has and one is a possible "one for the future".Two weeks ago, Hoolahan, Pilks, Bennett and Butterfield were all injured.  Tettey had no game time.So that actually left us with a real midfield strength of 5.  If we played five across the midfield, that would have let NOBODY on the bench.So with all those injuries, good job we do have two for every position.If you had ditched Surman, who would have played on the left?  Exactly. And finally, I see another attack on Surman. Surman who is a technically gifted CENTRAL midfielder, who anyone can see does not have the engine to get up and down the flank ut who through INJURIES is having to play there.
  25. How would playing wing backs be going for it?In this thread so far there has been people saying we can''t win unless there is two up front, someone ( a clown I suspect) saying Tettey should start his first game on the wing when he is a defensive central midfielder and now wing-backs.I think we may have the whole "get it forward" brigade in one thread....[quote user="Thumbelina"]and now for something slightly different.                                                                                                                                 Ruddy                                          R. Martin       Barnett        R. BennettE.Bennett                                                                                                         Garrido                                                Tettey                    Butterfield                                                              Hoolahan                                                 Jackson                     Holt The above assumes that Bassong will not be fit, otherwise he would come in for Barnett.  Pilkington, Snodgrass/Surman, Tierney, Turner, Morison, Bunn and Fox.It''s only the Scousers at home so let''s go for it![/quote]
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