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    Fair enough Purple Canary, you are more informed of his performances over there than I am. Their consensus seems similar to ours as a group of fans then, with people appearing divided but the general consensus being he''s not quite up to the task. As I say, for me, I think his real issue in terms of compatibility with the British game is his lack of physicality and if he had significantly more strength he would be much more worthy of a stint in our team up front (if there was ever a need i.e. through injury etc). He just doesn''t offer enough all round for me but I don''t think it''s a lack of quality, it''s more the lack of confidence and strength. I haven''t watched a lot of French football I must confess - how does it compare on the physical side? As if you''d think it is nowhere near as physical then my whole argument is potentially flawed!
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    A few points here...

    For all those saying RVW ''failed'' at St. Etienne, how do you define failure? He scored 9 goals in 35 games there in all competitions, and many of those appearances were from the bench. He scored some good goals playing up front on his own as well. Ligue 1 may not be the same level as the Prem but if it''s good enough for Zlatan it aint to be sniffed at. The only season in the last few years he hasn''t scored goals was under hapless Hughton, and we all know what our playing style was like that season; we barely made it out of our own half most games and if we did it was invariably brought forward by Snodgrass, who just couldn''t bring himself to cross the ball early enough to make the sort of chance a poacher would thrive off.

    Confidence has played a huge part, as it does with any striker. The longer a striker goes without a goal the harder it gets as the natural instincts go out of the window, they end up taking extra touches they wouldn''t normally take to try and make clearer chances etc. Especially when they have the expectations that come with a big price tag. I''m defending him here, but that is just basic human psychology. I am certain that given a run in the team and with the right service Ricky would score goals and get his confidence up.

    For me, the main thing that''s lacking in his game is not finishing ability or the instincts required to play as a lone CF. It''s his physicality that is just not there - he''s the same height as Grant Holt but his build is a lot slimmer. It baffles me why he hasn''t just hit the gym and tried to work on this (maybe he has but it doesn''t show). At his age and with the right guidance surely it would not be beyond the realms of possibility to pack on some extra muscle. He looks about 11 stone. Holt was apparently around 12.5 when he was in the prem (although I found this hard to believe as he looked more like 14.5 to me). Surely some heavy weights and a few protein shakes could make a difference and push Ricky more towards being a genuine contender in the Prem? Or do we think that significant muscular gains would be at the detriment of other aspects of his game? For me it would only be a positive as physical presence is a key requirement for a lone striker in this league and without that I don''t think we are ever going to get the returns from him in this league that he is capable of in leagues with less physicality / arguably more reliance on skill.
  3. 1) his unrelenting swooning over the opposition''s quality in pre-match interviews

    2) his unrelenting swooning over the opposition''s quaility in post-match interviews

    3) his tendency to mention our own players'' lack of quality in the final third after every game - hardly motivational

    4) his treatment of fringe players and his inability to mix up his team selections or ever take a gamble. Once his mind is made about about who he wants in the team, the others hardly stand a chance regardless of the opposition.

    5) his refusal to ever even try the wingers we have at our disposal on the side that corresponds with their stronger foot which ultimately results in a lack of early quality balls in the box and contributes to a lack of good service for our forwards and in turn a lack of goals.

    6) his love affair with Robert Snodgrass which results in him being the first name on the team sheet even if he looks unfit, short on confidence or out of form.

    7) his apparent contempt towards David Fox - who if used properly could in my mind have been the key to much better results during this dreadful spell

    8) his ridiculous substitutions, in particular going to two up front too late to make any difference in fear of. Indexing at the other end. Even at home to a side we should be beating comfortably

    9) the way he pretends to be a manager instead of what he actually is - a coach - by wearing a suit.

    10) the way he pronounces the word ''any'' as ''Annie''.

  4. Mr Wolf

    Watford Away

    I can confirm Josh Murphy is definitely starting tomorrow night barring any last minute changes of heart from cautious Chrissy
  5. Mr Wolf


    Bunn also made some tremendous saves to keep us in the game.  He was rightly awarded man of the match.
  6. Fifth on current form:




    Not really that much to moan about if you ask me.

  7. Mr Wolf

    11 goals in 14 games

    [quote user="grefstad"]Welll...try to shake things up a bit by benching Holt for a start. And give Jackson and Morison a chance to see what they can do. That might bring some fresh ideas. Holty is a certain starter, and his form seem to be suffering. Let Morison run like hell for 60 mins, and Holty can come in, and likely find it easier to score against tiring defenders. Morison for a start spot vs Sunderland![/quote]


    So you''d change the formation that has earned us three consecutive home wins, including Utd and Arsenal and strong stoke, all with clean sheets.  We''ve conceded three goals in seven games, including four away games and are unbeaten in seven.


    Jackson does not fit into the formation.  You could try Morison up front on his own but I think Holt offers a lot more.  He just needs a ball to fall nicely for him to smash in and he''ll probably go on another run.


    I actually cannot beleive people are fretting about this.  You can''t have it both ways.  Like Fergie recently said, make yourself hard to score against and you always have a chance of nicking it, which we have proven in recent weeks.  We''ve also shown tremendous character to come from behind in three of our last four away games.


    Some people will always find something to moan about.  If we defended as well as we have been and scored more as well, we''d be top of the league, but we simply do not have the resources to have a strong attack and defence all at once.  Only a few teams in the World do.

  8. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]

    I couldn''t disagree more. What do you lot want? We''re on the longest unbeaten premiership run since 1993, taken 13 points from the last seven games (four of them away) and beaten Man U and Arsenal. FFS!


    Of course things can always improve but there is every chance that if we change things then it could get worse not better. I get so chessed off with people saying we haven''t scored two goals for however long. The last time we managed it we let in 5! One was enough to beat United.


    While things continue like this then leave it alone! 


    Spot on.  Let''s not complain as we are on a brilliant run of results.  I don''t understand some people''s negativity when we''re doing so well.


    It comes back to getting a balance between attack and defence.  If we try and bomb forward on every occasion we will undoubtedly leak goals.


    I think Hughton has started to get the balance spot on. Beating Arsenal, Stoke and Man Utd with clean sheets in successive home games is phenominal and let''s not forget we''ve come from behind to earn valuable points in three of our last four away games, keeping another clean sheet in the other.  


    The formation he has adopted has been the key to our success and as long as we don''t get hit with an injury crisis there is no reason why we won;t continue to shut teams out, week in week out. 


    Long may it continue.

  9. Mr Wolf

    Danny Graham

    [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]

    I can''t see what Danny Graham would offer over & above Simeon Jackson or Steve Morison. Graham isn''t a greater finisher/hold-up player than either of those two.

    Should there be any truth in the rumours perhaps one or both of our players are also on the move in Jan?...




    Err, I think he is a better finisher than Jackson.  You don''t score 13 premier league goals from not being a great finisher. He also got 24 Championship goals in one season which is more than Holt, Simeon or Morison managed.

    £5m would be a massive bargain considering he''s still only 27 and has proved he can score goals in the Prem.


    Hope this is true.

  10. Mr Wolf

    Capitol One Cup ticket update

    Come on people. Dig deep into your pockets and get behind the boys.  £30 is a lot of money, but the lads need your support so we can progress! Also if we sell 20,000 tickets that''s well over half a million pumped into the club in gate receipts - not a bad thing really?! The club has a business to run here so can''t be giving the tickets away for free.  Stop being so tight and give the lads the support they need and deserve!!

  11. Mr Wolf


    [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="The gut"]LDC - so what makes you think Wes hasn''t been learning. 3 seasons ago he was playing in the 3rd division. I think he is a far better player now, far better than when he joined us. I think his work rate, tackling, sharpness, and for me, without a doubt, his decision making has improved season on season. He may not be perfect but would be on my team sheet along with Holt and Bassong before I started adding the other names. I think he has always suffered from a lack of appreciation by our fans, who barely sing his name from one game to the next. Personally I don''t get it, how so many don''t seem to see the influence he has on our performances. Additionally he takes the blame when some of the quick free kicks don''t pay off, for me, it''s others not being as switched on or aware. Yes he gets some wrong but so have our previous heros.[/quote]

    For what its worth, gut, I do see the improvement in his play.  But there is  room for more improvement still.    Maybe I chose the wrong week to have started a thread like this,  but over the course of this season I have lost count of the times when there were passing options for him and he has twiddled around in circles not really getting anywhere.   I feel we need more directness in our football.   Hoolahan often slows it up by turning on the ball all the time giving defenders time to organise.   

    I''m not against him being in the team and I have criticised other players too.   I just want them all to improve - individually and collectively.



    Sorry, but..''twiddling around in circles? '' How can you not see that when he does that it draws opposition defenders - even those of the top teams - all over the place leaving gaps for others to exploit? His ability to twist and turn like this is one of his greatest assets and this leads to a lot of our attacking threat.


    Give the guy a break.  If he gave the ball away any less and converted more of his chances he''d basically be David Silva and rated at about £50m.

  12. Wow. I only wanted an update on Vaughan and Ayala!


    This is a very strange forum..  I think some of you may have been on here a bit too much and become a little detached from reality.

  13. Does anyone know why Ayala was withdrawn at half time against Peterborough?
  14. [quote user="Canarinator_T1000"]Can''t speak about Vaughan much, other than I believe he is on Twitter and occasionally twitting about how much he is enjoying himself. As for Ayala - he''s doing well. My dad is a Forest fan and seen him play a few times this season. Said he looks pretty composed and measured and has won Man of the Match for 3 games in a row. I watched the Forest v Derby match on telly and he looked good. I''ve always seen the best in him (albeit in the limited matches he played last season) and hopefully we will have a cracking CB, living up to his potential, coming back to us next season.[/quote]


    Thanks for the update.  I like Ayala too and was surprised to see him go out on loan as I think he''s a quality CB. Good to hear he is performing well. Would be good alongside Bassong I think as we''d have a bit more composure playing out from the back than with Barnett whose distribution is not the greatest.

  15. Does anyone know how Ayala is getting on? I''m guessing he''s injured again as he hasn''t really featured for Forest - anything serious? Maybe Hughton knew something we didn''t when he farmed him out on loan somewhat surprisingly.


    Any news on Vaughan''s latest injury? Last I heard was that Grayson was desperately trying to reassure fans that his injury woes had not returned to haunt him. Again, the decision to loan him out was questionned by many but if he remains unable to compete for more than a handful of games at a time then I think it will prove to have been the right decision.


    I notice Zak Whitbread - who a lot of us were disspointed to see go - has also been injured again and not really featured for Leicester.

  16. I think the 68 goals you have predicted there would do very nicely (only the top three bettered that last season).  Add to that a vastly improved back line and we''ve surely got a recipe for a Europa league place at least!

    In all seriousness, from what I''ve seen so far I think we will be tighter at the back at the expense of the free flowing attacking football we played last year.  We''ll probably score less or around about the same amount but we''ll concede less as well.

  17. Mr Wolf

    Good work, Mr Hughton

    There should also be some money kept back for January now as well.

    Only time will tell as you say, Broadstairs. It''s going to be tough but people do need to realise how much difference the fans can make. Let''s not have any repeats of Morison last season. The guy was firing on all cylinders but was then victimised unfairly by a section of the ''fans'' just because he doesn''t puff his chest out as much as Holt. And, aside from his great goal at Arsenal he has never really been the same since.
  18. Mr Wolf

    Good work, Mr Hughton

    The signing of Harry Kane looks like it could be a very astute bit of business.

    We haven''t wasted money on a signing nobody wanted. We haven''t signed a big time charlie who will break the bank, throw the wage structure out and upset the dressing room harmony and we haven''t, as many feared at 11pm last night, been left with just four attacking options.

    What we have done is captured a good young prospect who one of the top PL sides were ready to throw into the mix (and had already done so last week). This would not have been allowed to happen but for the late signing of Dempsey.

    Surely now the moaning minnies can hold their hands up and admit that what with our NINE new signings _ including a new back four, two of the hottest properties from the championship and a promising young striker - that Hughton has strengthened the squad.

    I say good work, Mr Hughton. Now can everyone stop panicking get behind the boys and try and enjoy the season?
  19. Was the late signing of dempsey that allowed this to happen. Avb was ready to use him as 3rd choice striker otherwise
  20. Mr Wolf

    Pros and Cons of signing CMS

    Hi.  I do not post here often but read the board regularly.  I''ve been a bit concerned and quite angered by the negativity regarding this potential transfer but have tried to summarise my thoughts in a rational way below for anyone that cares. It''s probably all been said before but here goes:


    £3m - £4m is around the half the price of Jordan Rhodes who has a similar goal to games ratio as CMS did at L1 level but has never played in the Championship.

    Many wanted Rhodes and although he is younger, I beleive CMS would offer a lot more all round for half the price. 

    Has good range attributes: Realtively pacy, strong, determined, hardworking, eye for goal. Note: I''m basing this on having watched him several times LIVE at London Road in his Peterborough days both in the Championship and L1. I have not seen him play for Brighton other than on highlights.

    Adds something different to our attacking options from what we''ve already got.

    A good runner who would hassle defences and make clever runs opening up the play for others.

    Best when played off another striker and may thrive off Holt/Morisons style of play.

    Potentially more influential than Wilbraham who he is effectively replacing in the front line.

    Late starter but with lots of experience, albeit at a lower level and potentially a good few years left before retirement - ''a good age'' as Hughton would say.


    Goalscoring record at Championship level is not great, however by all accounts this seems to be due to having played in a very side (Peterborough relegation season - finished bottom by a mile) or spending a lot of tie up front alone which doesn''t suit his game (Brighton).

    He is not the marquee signing that many naive ''fans'' seem to unrelaisitically crave and many seem to be against the signing due to indifferent championship scoring record which would mean he is up against it from the start. Much like Wilbraham last season who took a while to win everyone over.

    Would not suit the 4-2-3-1 that has been talked of, unless the 3 got well forward and supported him which may be hard against top teams.

    The money could perhaps be gambled on an unknown European youngster instead.

    The money could potentially be saved for January and we could risk the first half of the season with what we already have.

    Overall, in my humble opinion and having seen CMS play live on at least 10 occasions I would be happy with this signing.  Not blown away but happy that it would strenghten the SQUAD. Strengthening the squad does not necessarily mean getting better than what we have, it means making the squad stronger by adding more options. However, I would say he offers more all round than Martin, Jackson and Morison (when he''s not firing on all cylinders).

    I personally rate CMS and hope this comes off.  And if it does come off, people need to realise the importance of getting behind players to get the best out of them for the good of the team.


  21. Mr Wolf

    Villa 2 Burton 1

    [quote user="Jakesacanary"]

    Why ? Why Why ? Why ? Did we need to know this useless piece of info Stupid idiot.......


    Go support em if u love the man that much........



    I''m no psychologist but it seems pretty obvious to me that it isn''t the OP who hasnt moved on, it''s those who are STILL having a panick attack every time Lambert is mentioned.  Anyone who claims they are not slightly interested to see how Lambert gets on following the manner in which he left us and who thinks this thread is irrelevant is clearly still in the denial phase of the grief process.

  22. Mr Wolf

    Villa 2 Burton 1

    [quote user="Jakesacanary"]

    Why ? Why Why ? Why ? Did we need to know this useless piece of info Stupid idiot.......


    Go support em if u love the man that much........



    I''m no psychologist but it seems pretty obvious to me that it isn''t the OP who hasnt moved on, it''s those who are STILL having a panick attack every time Lambert is mentioned.  Anyone who claims they are not slightly interested to see how Lambert gets on following the manner in which he left us and who thinks this thread is irrelevant is clearly still in the denial phase of the grief process.

  23. Mr Wolf

    Hughton in for Nile Ranger?

    [quote user="Salopian"]

    Ihave never seen him play, and I don''t know his strengths and weaknesses. I think that he is pushing 30, so he is not the kind of player we have been used to. Perhaps CH knows him well enough to feel that he could get something more out of him.


    Perhaps surprisingly he is down on the NU reserve squad list. He can''t be rated very highly by TOON, and would not cost very much, especially as they have several first team strikers.


    I don''t have any strong feelings either way, but I trust Hughton''s judgement.


    He''s just turned 21.

  24. Mr Wolf

    acronym fun

    Rarely used.  Dependable deputy?


    Greater remuneration? Absolutely!! Now then.. Heading off lads. T''rah!

  25. Mr Wolf

    acronym fun

    Violent attacker. Untested.  Generally harbouring another niggle.