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  1. Yes, ok as many have said this year we have been boring however as any supported of any team not in the PL and they would say this is where they want to be. Also I have supported NCFC most of my life and I one of only a handful of fans on Malta, and its good to see people knowing what team I mean when I say I support Norwich. Also being in the PL gives us money and better players and next season will be even better if we stay up RVW and this can help us to be able to challange for either the FA or League cup as this is what I want the most, sod the PL everyone knows no other team apart from the top 7 are gonna ever win this and thats ok its the same in most countries (Spain - Barca-RM, Italy Juve-Inter-Milan, Holland Ajax-Psv etc...) all I want is to be able to support my team and have people know who they are and maybe be able to win a cup, and with better players that''s what we can do.
  2. Ok I know Scottish football is not that good but the lad has some skill, think he would be worth at least a trail. As checked out his other YouTube videos, his dribbling is wicked!!!
  3. Because he plays for "Little old Norwich"
  4. Simple really vote Grant Holt for England!!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/england/9254799/Who-should-England-manager-Roy-Hodgson-select-for-Euro-2012-squad.html At the moment ever Carroll has more votes
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to mention that tonight I am going to be on Maltese TV top football show KICKOFF talking about N.C.F.C. It all came by strangel, I just met the host at my workplace and told him I supported Norwich and he said yeah right, and i said i really do... He then said, i supose you support them because there in the Prem and i then went on to explane that i supported them all my life even when we got smashed 7-1 at home in League 1... So he invited me on tv :) Hopefully i will do us justice. And coming off the massive win... which is nice. Anything you would like me to mention if i get a chance... I know I am mentioning the legend that is Grant Holt and all the people who said he couldnt cut it in the Prem. And the Wessi should go to euro2011. Any other ideas... PS Just to check - Paul Lambert is our most succusful manager right win record etc... And what about Holty he should be getting up there with our top strikers.
  6. ok it worked just added the league without telling me!!! guess i should look around before moaning
  7. Can we also open up one on the official site ? If so let me know so I joint that one too :)
  8. Ok i joined MALTESE TRANSFORMERS is my teams name :) and here is my team: GK J.Reina - Liverpool DF N.Vidic - Man U DF M.Dawson - Spurs DF G.Johnson - Liverpool DF L.Banes - Everton MF W.Hoolahan - CITY MF C.Adam - Livepool MF T.Walcott - Arsenal FW L.Suarez - Liverpool FW J.Hernandez - Man U FW G.Holt - CITY What you think?      
  9. I know there are usually fantasy leagues starting soon anyone have any links to online ones that are open to non UK residents . Or are any of you guys starting a private league etc... Thanks
  10. Had a couple of beers , I was going to go out with my car waving my flag , but there was a storm here. So instead I went up on the roof and wasted another bottle of beer grand prix style !!! Spraying it all around :)
  11. Thank you David . I like the way tonight when interviewed he said with all confidence that we would not be going down :)
  12. 90 mins to glory !!! come on city make us dream.... i must be the only maltese person going crazy with neves right now!!!
  13. I think I am going to have a Hart attack . I can''t beleave this . I have a feeling tonight is the night
  14. I don''t think any points will be deducted . We should just focus on wining the last 2 game and be safe .
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