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  1. The purchase history on mine has a seat number under seat so i''m taking it as i''ve been successful! I was group three too by the way. The date next to it is yesterday''s so I figure they allocated my ticket then.
  2. I certainly don''t think it''s job done yet. I''m not sitting around in puddles of my own urine though, instead just enjoying inching towards being mathematically safe. There''s a difference between believing we''re already safe and starting to expect we will end up safe. I''m definitely expecting we will be safe fairly soon.
  3. Nice one HooleyFan, I was sure i''d discussed this sort of thing before and it was the Ruddy incident I was thinking of. I too think we''ll appeal.
  4. After we lost to them last season, a Villa fan jumped infront of some Norwich fans at Birmingham New Street and shouted "come on you villa boys." Obviously I don''t mind the banter but he was especially obnoxious and smug about it. I''ve found a lot of their fans to be jumped up like him and that''s why I hope they drop.
  5. Is there something about ''violent conduct'' resulting in a 3 match ban? Got a feeling it''ll be one match for Bunn but I too could easily be wrong.
  6. 1-2 Snodgrass and Bassong. The crowd will get on their backs and we''ll exploit the nerves.
  7. If you don''t expect points from Sunderland or Wigan, where on earth do you expect them from. You''re such a miserable, negative sod it''s unreal.
  8. Unfortunately I can''t make it as i''m working. I went last season and it was utterly dismal as we were comprehensively outplayed. Making the trip to Wigan though where i''m hoping we effectively seal survival. Safe journey to everyone who''s going Sunday!
  9. Well don''t bother then. There''s plenty of us that don''t have any intention of just flouncing off so I doubt you''ll be missed. I for one will still go to any I can, have a decent day out and get behind the boys. Unless cash, work commitments, health etc prevent you from going to games then a true supporter will stick by their side through all weathers. I''m actually in a situation where as of the 1st April i''ll only get one and a half weekends off a month so am totally gutted I won''t get to many games next season.
  10. This season i''ve been to Fulham A, Newcastle A, Villa A, Everton A, Man Utd A, West Ham H, Stoke H and Newcastle H. That''s EIGHT GAMES and only THREE GOALS I''VE WITNESSED. I''m working during the Sunderland game but going to Wigan so come on lads, knock a few in for me to cheer. Please?
  11. We''re at the business end now, I think a few players along with Hughton will be having words with themselves to ensure we get over the line. That''s what i''m hoping for anyway. I also maintain that 0-0 v Saints was a positive result.
  12. I concur that this one is more winnable than the Southampton game. Four points from the next two games (which i think we''ll get) and we''re cruising. Sunderland will have to come out to win and i''m confident we''ll exploit it.
  13. We''re definitely not in a relegation battle. Absolutely stupid thing to say.
  14. Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere but this paragraph from Hughton concerns me a little; "It''s always very important when you play against the teams around you and these are the games that you can''t afford to lose," he said. "So the main incentive for us will be to make sure that Southampton don''t get the three points." I understand where he''s coming from but I would rather us be focusing on taking three points instead of ''"the main incentive" being Southampton not getting them. The more I look at it I feel it will be a draw. That''s fine I guess but a win would be very welcome indeed.
  15. I genuinely wouldn''t be surprised if we lost this one but went on to beat Sunderland and Wigan. I''ll still go for 2-2 but fear Saints might nick a 2-3 win.
  16. I must''ve missed this. At a guess is it about sending shirts out to Sierra Leone?
  17. It would be a twist in the tale wouldn''t it? I''d personally have a giggle at the way it panned out, but feel for Lambert after what he did here. McNally etc would probably lean out of the director''s box fist pumping like nutters!
  18. Yeah I thought that was ace, even the united fan in the sombrero who had been giving it the biggun gave it a clap!
  19. I was sat near two United fans on the train back and they were discussing how quiet it was. One commented that they''ve been knocking in wins like that for twenty years or more, so it was difficult for the crowd to get ''up for'' it with Madrid around the corner. They then went on to say the whole place would be singing on Tuesday. Not sure that simply expecting to win is a valid excuse not to sing or make some racket but I see where they''re coming from. Our fans were in good voice though and I especially enjoyed the "you''re wearing our scarves" towards the end, and the tounge-in-cheek "my garden shed."
  20. Anyone got any watering holes pencilled in? I''m travelling to the game solo so will be looking to find a pub full of our lot.
  21. Ticket turned up today. Never been so relieved to see that neat little envelope! See you all at the bar! OTBC
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