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  1. I dip in and out of posting on here at the best of times but do enjoy reading all the views, analysis, debates and heated exchanges throughout the season. It''s a different story during the summer though, the board becomes quite tiresome with all the daft suggestions and the ''i''ve got inside information'' comments.

    I guess it has become a compulsion for me to glance at the messageboard but I would also like to echo the ''let them get on with it'' sentiment.

  2. So the small shirt came on Saturday but I''ve had such as busy BH i''ve only just tried it on.

    The body fits me perfectly, not too baggy or tight and not annoyingly short. Could either be worn on its own or would accomodate a tshirt underneath. The collar isn''t as tight as the one with the one we had in 11/12 and it features a fairly obvious holding stich so will be more difficult to rip a la Holt.

    The sleeves are just bloody confusing, they could easily be from a medium or a large at a push. They reach almost down to my elbows and seem a bit baggy. Whether i''ve got a duff one or not who knows. I am pleased I got a small though and think a medium would''ve been too big for how I like them. Wouldn''t hesitate to recommend it to any nearly 6ft skinny-ish guys!

    Hope that helps any distance buyers.

  3. I''ve taken the plunge and ordered a small. I guess if it''s stupidly tight then i''ll have to go through the rigmarole and cost of sending it back for a medium. From what people have said though I think it should be fine. I''m a shade under 6ft and quite skinny and figure i''ll just tolerate it being a bit shorter to get the better fit. Once it turns up i''ll update this thread which might help other folks.

  4. I''m sure I saw a few comments on here about the fit of the new shirt but can''t track them down again. Apologies for the repeat thread. Anyway, what are people''s opinions on the fit of the new shirt? I bought a M last season and it seemed ok but maybe a little to baggy (i''m quite tall but a bag of bones) so I was toying with risking going for a small. Anyone else get a medium last season and the new one in M too? If so i''d be grateful of your thoughts on how the two compare. Thanks.

  5. I''m extremely nervous about it. I have to work Saturday and whereas I would usually have my phone in my pocket to keep up with the score, I''ll be leaving it my locker. Just going to look when it''s done and dusted because I won''t be able to concentrate on work during what will undoubtedly turn out to be a roller coaster ride of an afternoon! Come on City.
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