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  1. O/T but love your avatar Renskay. I need to nail those moves.
  2. No. Not the type to put his shoulder to the wheel when we''re up against it.
  3. We''re definitely causing those who wouldn''t have taken a second glance before sit up and take notice. I guess that''s now going to work two ways though. On the one hand we''re establishing ourselves as a viable destination for brighter talent, but on the other we''re still open to being raided by larger clubs who are now alerted to our presence.
  4. Very good piece indeed. I''d disagree that Olsson should be favoured ahead of Garrido though but that''s just me. It''s Garrido''s place to lose as I see it.
  5. That''s actually wicked! Literally so excited about next season. Can''t wait to get to Hull and watch him tear them a new one.
  6. Clearly been testing the water for any more bites.
  7. I was looking at the Iron Maiden tour the other day and i''m sure they''re in South America on the night the Oval reopens. They''ve not had loads of different members, singer-wise they started with Paul Di''anno but he was replaced by Bruce Dickinson after two albums. Bruce left in the 90s to pursue solo stuff but came back. Blaze Bayley then took his place for a bit. Adrian Smith & Janick Gers haven''t always been there but have for a long time now. As for Nicki McBrain he''s been drumming since Clive Burr left ages ago. Steve Harris and Dave Murray have been there since the beginning I believe. They were absolute awesome at Donington in 2003!
  8. [quote user="canaryfairy"] Supermembership (or Priority Membership as it is now known) is worth 500 points I had 900 points this morning based on the 18 away games I went to. I called the ticket office to ask about the system but the guy had no idea. Whilst on the phone I renewed my supermembership and when I logged back onto the ticket site I had 1400 points.  The transaction history search/filter doesn''t seem to be working properly but I did find confirmation that my purchase of: - Priority Membership 13/14 = 500 points - Man Utd away 12/13 = 50 points   [/quote] I thought the filter wasn''t working properly either but if you hover over the ''my account'' tab and select ''order history & ticket summary'' all purchased ticket info pops up at the bottom of the page.
  9. [quote user="CDB"]1150, Done peterborough, villa and man city away.[/quote] Are you a season ticket holder? If not then there''s definitely other factors in play. Maybe looking back historically.
  10. [quote user="Matt Juler"][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Rotherham Canary"] I''ve got 850 but don''t have a season ticket. I''ve managed to get to a fair few away games over the last couple of seasons though so guess that''s how i''ve built them up. It''s fantastic we''ve finally joined the 21st century but the cynical streak in me says it won''t run smoothly to begin with... [/quote] On that reckoning with 850 points and Matt''s breakdown means they''re saying you''ve been to 17 away games over the year RC. If you did less than that it must have include earlier years ? I suspect it''s just last season they''re using so if you''ve been given some '' extras '' best keep schtuum [:D] [/quote]I''d imagine Rotherham has some kind of membership, so that could count towards 250 points maybe? [/quote] I''ve got a super membership so that maybe does count towards the total. Last season I got to: Fulham, Newcastle, Villa, Everton, QPR, Man Utd, Wigan, Arsenal. Unless i''ve missed some (which I don''t think I have), that would only make 650 points if a super membership is indeed worth 250? Possible that some previous season games are taken into account? The suggestion of weighting less glamorous away fixtures is a great one. It would certainly work towards boosting low turnouts for TV games.  
  11. I''ve got 850 but don''t have a season ticket. I''ve managed to get to a fair few away games over the last couple of seasons though so guess that''s how i''ve built them up. It''s fantastic we''ve finally joined the 21st century but the cynical streak in me says it won''t run smoothly to begin with...
  12. A few seasons ago we could only bream of signing someone of his calibre. This could set the barbel fairly high for future transfer windows.
  13. There was an air of resignation in his voice I felt. We''re rightly bringing in technically better players to push us into the top 10, and Grant knew his role would be changing dramatically. I imagine although he will be glad to be back up North, part of him is genuinley sad to have been sold. A real NCFC icon. Thanks & good luck.
  14. I''ve haddock up to here with all these daft posts.
  15. I know TalkSport is the anti-christ but I came across this which folks might fancy listening to. http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/sports-breakfast/130710/grant-holt-leaving-norwich-wigan-201320
  16. There''s certainly been some crackers. Five that spring to mind in no particular order would be: 1. Late header v Scunthorpe. 2. Second goal against the binners, celebrating by picking the BBC mic up and holding it like a ''tache was spot-on banter. 3. Diving header at home to Oldham, the judgement of the bounce and connection were sublime. 4. Anfield goal leaving Carragher and Reina in a heap. 5. Goal against Everton in 2011. Great balance and strength. It''s hard to narrow down a ''favourite'' and i''d probably offer another five equally enjoyable if you asked me again tomorrow! He''s been incredible to have on board, good luck big lad.
  17. The Brummies have been trawling these hallowed halls and regurgitating some reaction: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/reactions-norwich-city-fans-say-4723292
  18. McNally''s twitter post is ace. Certainly sounds like it''s all in hand! In fairness, Watts'' first real conditioning coach job was with us as he learnt the ropes at Sheff U. If we do end up with a more experienced one then I guess that''s great. As a sidenote, does anyone else feel we suffered a lot less injuries last season compared to the first season up with Lambert? It feels like we did but I have only just thought about it so might be wrong.
  19. Go on, i''m lost there. Something to do with their mascot i''m guessing?
  20. It''s a shame that Mikey Watts has gone. My ex''s dad worked with him when he was involved in the Sheff Utd academy and said he was a conditioning coach that players respected and responded well to. A real clever guy by all accounts that knew fitness & conditioning inside out. Hoping we''ve got a bright talent lined up to replace. I think it''s often overlooked at how quality back room staff can enhance a team.
  21. Quite like it. I''ve been working on a ''hungry like the wolf'' version but with limited success. I''ve got:
  22. I''d love to see him progress here. I know it was only one game but he had a stormer against West Brom in the cup during 11/12 season and showed he could go on to big things.
  23. Service delivery coordinator at Sheffield Uni. I make sure staff in my building are happy, set up rooms to plans, bit of AV troubleshooting, and at the moment babysitting asbestos contractors who think alarmed fire escapes are to be used whenever they fancy. Only been doing it a month but it''s the most enjoyable job i''ve had. Before that I worked in visitor services for Museums Sheffield.
  24. Didn''t he get in some bother while at Everton? Might be wrong but I vaguely remember something about his attitude being appalling. Decent player though.
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