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  1. [quote user="ricardo"]2-5 fav to join us according to this Juve sitehttp://www.tuttojuve.com/altre-notizie/corsport-partenza-quagliarella-quotata-a-140-150741[/quote]Very interesting indeed. That''s pretty heavy odds on but I guess it wouldn''t take a massive amount of cash to affect the price. Fingers crossed!

  2. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]

    [quote user="Parma Hams gone mouldy"]That is indeed the Wes conundrum PC. You have to make concessions to team shape and pattern of play for Wes. This often means he is Inherent to creation, often meaning that if he is stifled we are too little of a threat. It can also be observed that others are not always sure what he will do and tend therefore to be a little passive in my view, rather waiting for him to conjure something. Wes does not instinctively shoot early, or indeed often not at all, this is an issue, as a number 10 is ideally much more of a goal threat. Without the pace to link and burst beyond a target 9, Wes is a nightmare to mark, but doesn''t really regularly threaten goals or fast, penetrative assists to PL defences. He is excellent at holding the ball in or near the final third and pulling defences (initially) out of shape as a consequence. I think he is a super player though, as a coach, he does need his particular skills moulded into a functioning unit. The diamond is ideal for him , but this is a huge trade off and much of its success for Norwich was in lower leagues against weaker opposition, where turnover transitions and fast breaking counters were rare on a windy night in Stockport. Our hard won defensively solidity cannot be jeopardised. It allowed us to achieve notable points against top six sides who are on paper better than us. The 4231 shape morphing to 4123 in possession does not really allow the luxury of a centrally focused 9 , (threatening) 10, plus a Wes. 4321 is a strong shape and one I like, though Wes would have to be left of the 2 and I don''t like his tactical discipline drifting wide. He needs a central role, whereby any tactical or defensive work he does is a welcome bonus. As we attract increasing numbers of technically and tactically multi-functional players who give the opposition a clear and ongoing technical threat that they have to counter and do doing lose some of their own potency (Quagliarella dropping deep and shooting, RvW in behind with darting runs, Hooper predatory box finishes), Wes will be a wonderful, impish addition when chasing a game and a wild card can be played.[/quote]



    Thanks for that interesting analysis. I am entirely not sure about Quagliarella; there is a chance he won''t transplant from Italian football to what is still a different culture. I really would like to be convinced, having always been  fan of Italian football, as decade in, decade out, the best. Even in the ultra-defensive days of catenaccio, when I saw some classic 1-0s and 0-0s while on holiday. It was grown-up football, tactically fascinating. Being at Carrow Road when we beat Arsenal 1-0 was like being Tardised back to see Inter in the late 1960s.




    I''ve always had an affinity for Italian football too. The mixture of passion, flair, power and tactical prowess is fantastic. Would love to see Quagliarella at Carrow Road. I have a tiny trace of Italian blood in me too so I guess that''s another reason why i''m finding this rumour extra exciting!

  3. This is the first year since 2006 i''ve not had a railcard. I don''t own a car and trains seem stupidly more expensive now, meaning i''ll struggle to get to many away games this season. It''s a real shame because travelling from Sheffield down to Norwich just to take in a home game is wildly expensive (getting on for £150 by the time everything is factored in) so is a bit of a non-starter. Still, i''m looking forward to Hull and if i''m careful I can probably still squeeze in a few more away days. Unforunately, marching across the country with the yellow army is becoming more and more of a luxury for me.

  4. If you applied for two and were successful (you obviously were with 1000pts) then yeah i''d assume so. Just log in and it should be unlocked for you to buy. I don''t 100% know how it works with two tickets though, could you apply for two under the same customer number and it counted as two applications with 1000 points? Just check in the morning anyway and fingers crossed it''s all opened up for you.

  5. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"][quote user="Rotherham Canary"]

    [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Harry Redknapp: "You definitely shouldn''t play poker with David McNally" - Simon Thoms Sky News[/quote]

    That''s a blinding quote! Well in McNally lad!


    Indeed it is, just a shame he never said it.

    Not as great now. Rather misleading from young Simon.

  6. [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="Stuart Jarrold"]Apologies if this has been mentioned on a previous thread but here goes. 1150 points will guarantee you a ticket for Hull away which im fine with. My question lies in the applications for the lower points Will these be balloted like in the good old days of will someone for arguements sake with 900 points get a ticket before someone with 600.[/quote]

    It explains on the site that they will keep going down the list of applications (ordered by points) until they fill the ticket allocation.  So someone with 200 points could get a ticket potentially.  I''d imagine if there is a large group that would take up the remaining allocation + more then they would ballot that group.

    Hadn''t read that bit. I''m now quite optimistic that with 850 points i''ll actually get to go.

  7. [quote user="The ghost of Michael Theoklitos"][quote user="Vazzza"]The thing that annoys me most about this Hooper saga is we could have had him signed up weeks ago, in time to start bedding in and getting to know his team mates in America. Instead we have gone back and forth about 100 times to save about £500K-1m. if the reports are true on the figure. Was it really worth it? Surely getting to know his team mates and starting to play with them on a US tour is worth more than the money we saved...[/quote]The amount of people on this board that no longer believe that £500K-1m is no longer a lot of money for NCFC is ridiculous, and it''s really starting to wind me up.The football club still needs to be run to a budget, the same way it has the last 2 years. Just because the numbers coming in and going out are larger, does not mean we should be just paying what people ask for players without negotiating the best deal.[/quote]Well put. Our wage structure is probably just beginning to seriously start altering, which is more reason it''s crucial to be level-headed and grounded.

  8. [quote user="Joey Deacan"]I just don''t like the fact that I cant see what she is holding , her keyboards over there <<<<< what is she up to ?

    She''s penning a letter to Chris Hughton outlining all the obscure continental footballers she thinks we should be signing.

  9. After we signed Olsson, Hughton was quoted as saying "at this time it''s about improving the squad that we have and Martin certainly does that." That could be taken as he''ll have to displace Garrido.

    I get what you mean in some respects, but place decisions surely can''t be made purely on pre-season form. There must be an element of previous knowledge from last season''s performance that comes into it.

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