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  1. I think there''ll be goals galore for some reason. Our lads have had a weight lifted, shackles severed (or whatever you want to call it) and will hopefully express themselves accordingly. A 3-2 City isn''t beyond the realms of possibility. I also feel that we''ll sneak a win in one of the last four.
  2. A cloud has certainly been liftted. Agree with the comments about the probability of an electric atmosphere at Fulham, really looking forward to it. Even if we end up sliding out of the league at least the hardwork to pick up the pieces of Hughton''s mess can now begin. OTBC.
  3. [quote user="GJP"]Typical Bassong. He''s so rubbish.   He says he wants the season to finish well. I mean, seriously, who does he think he is? [/quote]I appreciate he also said that and that should definitely be a given, but for a very highly paid athlete to comment: “Yeah we do (want the season to be over).” “It’s been a long and tiring season." just seemed strangely timed.
  4. I suppose it''s not been an enjoyable season for anyone, especially the defence, but i''d rather he just got his head down and powered through rather than crying about it. It''s a silly and badly timed comment for me.
  5. I came on to post something similar although I don''t particularly want him completely gone. It''s a dreadful attitude for a captain or any member of the squad to be honest. I actually can''t believe they''ve published the interview as it''s potentially quite damaging.
  6. Top stuff. If we get 3pts against West Brom, the players will be aware this game should see us over the line. Great that there''ll be a full contingent to make a racket.
  7. Agree on all counts. Howson & Tettey singled out for special mentions. Total warriors.
  8. I dreamt we were 4-0 up (Snoddy hat-trick), ran to tell my girlfriend, then upon returning the score had changed to 9-0. Rangers were also 4-1 down to Chelsea so i''m not sure of the validity of my precognition.
  9. One way on the National Express from Sheff for a mere £9, 2hr train back up for £30. I''m in.
  10. Morning all, i''m a Sheffield resident but visiting Norwich for the week. Could anyone suggest pubs in the city centre that show Norwich games? Or is this not a thing anymore? Thanks
  11.     Copied from Paddy''s twitter:   CH had to address an incident this morning where WH reportedly made it clear to waiting reporters he is done with this club.   Only he used more colourful, industrial language. CH intends to investigate further. But the transfer position regarding wessi unchanged
  12. The one win in ten was just a point tagged onto the end. The percentages relate to all of his 70 games in charge.
  13. [quote user="The ghost of Michael Theoklitos"][quote user="City1st"]his win ration is now on par or worse than Roader, Grant and almost Gunn !I''m not sure if I can see where the next win is coming from ? [/quote]Hardly comparable though, considering those 3 were managing in a different league to Hughton. How do they compare with Worthy''s record in the PL? While his overall win percentage at Norwich was over 40%, he only managed 18% in this league.I''m not interested in win percentage of the last year and a half. I''m only interested in what the win percentage will be in the next few games.[/quote] If I get some downtime at work again tomorrow i''ll have a look in comparison to Worthy unless someone does it before. Agree about the last point though. Just fancied working it out to see it in B&W.
  14. It''s just a shambles. It would be heartbreaking to lose to Hull but this joker can''t stay at the helm any longer.
  15. Sat down and had a look today, this is what I found: - 70 games in all competitions, excluding pre-season. - Won 30%, lost 41.43%, drawn 28.57% - Conceded 113 (average of 1.6 goals per game) - Scored 77 (average of 1.1 goals per game) - One win in ten. Shipping 16 while only scoring 7. - Hughton out.
  16. I''m off to the England U21 game tonight and will be keeping a close eye on Redmond. Probably end up wincing every time he''s tackled too! I think he should 100% start on Saturday and test Everton''s defence early doors.
  17. It''s not all good news, parts of Norfolk are still on flood alert.
  18. I''ve got a shirt signed by the whole Prem promotion winning squad. My ex''s dad got it through a coach he used to work with at Sheff U. The shirt is from the season before because they used one that was still knocking about Colney. Bit weird but unique I guess! Should really frame it but not got the space to hang it.
  19. This is rather exciting now! I just figured the ''bump'' comment was designed to be comically ironic as the thread is 56 pages long and has hovered at the top of the board for ages.
  20. [quote user="NorthernCanary"]For some reason the code isn''t working/won''t let me join - I''m new to this, so when I join do I join a public league or private league? Cheers, A tad stuck fellow Canary![/quote]If you''ve copied & pasted the code just double check it hasn''t copied a space after the last number. That caught me out.
  21. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]I''m not saying i''m smarter than McNally, or whoever is pushing this Startgate-esq device to be made. ....but while they''re still developing it, would it not be better to use it on the field of play? Like if we score, rewind time. Transport a Gary Doherty and drop him on the attacking player, that kind of thing? Just an idea. If i''ve mis-interpreted the clubs plans, please don''t take the mickey. I''m not good with technology.[/quote]I''ve got quite a comical mental image of Van Persie catching sight of a sprawling Gary Doherty as he plummets from the ether on a collision course.
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