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  1. I too can see both sides of it. I suppose those who are season ticket holders & live in Norwich are likely to have travelled more miles than myself in Sheffield and has managed 9 away this season. Although should there be reward for miles travelled? Maybe?I have to say that living in Sheffield does seem to be a bit of a sweet spot for heading out to Norwich away games. The rail links are very strong with much of the country and even for London games I can be down there in a couple of hours on selected services. Even cheaper and quicker than the train from Sheff to Norwich!I''ll have to just take my chances and pre-apply for Rotherham ticket and hope the next drop after 1,350 is 1,150. Would anybody know how the reduction in points required is likely to work? Dropping it by 100 each time would be logical but here''s hoping it''s by 200.
  2. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]How do the away points work? I have been to about 7 games away the last 2 seasons but haven''t got my tickets anymore, how many points is that? If I do find some ticket stubs and don''t have enough anyway, I could always let you claim them.[/quote] Thank you, that''s very kind indeed. Sadly as already mentioned it''s all now done electronically and 50 away points are assigned every time a certain customer number purchases an away ticket. Interesting info there Purple, cheers.
  3. I have 1,150 away points but the club are asking for 1,350 to book a Rotherham ticket in the first wave. If anyone can get one but can''t go, please let me know as I only live down the road and really want to go! I''ll offer an extra tenner on the face value. I know it''s a long shot but cheers in advance!
  4. Just spoken to the ticket office and they''re adamant nobody is being offered a guest place. Looks like i''ll be on my own but it''ll be good to hopefully chat to some Pink''Un posters in there.
  5. I received an email reply this morning stating that it isn''t possible to bring guests to the event. Highly odd. Has anyone else been asked if they want to bring a guest?
  6. [quote user="Felixfan"]I have an invitation and looking forward to attending. I asked the basis of selection and told it was random,said I could bring a guest and have a ticket for my mate who travels away with me but did not have an invite.[/quote] I didn''t realise I could bring a guest! Did they mention that or did you ask if you could bring someone? I''ll ring up again tomorrow and ask if it''s too late to get a guest place. So far this season i''ve been to 8 away but more last season.
  7. Well I called this morning and managed to get my ticket without any hassle. Really looking forward to it! I''ll be travelling down from Sheff on my tod so will hopefully get to chat to some folks in there.
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"]If you''ve got an invite then you''ll get a ticket.     [/quote]I thought that would be the case but there''s a line in the letter about tickets being allocated on a first come first served basis. Guess i''ll just ring up at 9am to be certain.
  9. Cheers, i''ve not been to one before so very much looking forward to it.
  10. Hi all, Not posted for a while but was just wondering if anyone has any experience about how difficult it is to secure a ticket for the away supporters dinner? I got the letter yesterday and intend to ring up tomorrow to get a ticket but i''m not sure how many are likely to be available.
  11. As mentioned in another thread, try giving the club a ring. They called me earlier to offer one that had been returned but as i''ve since made plans I had to annoyingly decline.
  12. I''d suggest maybe ringing the club. I had a call about 30mins ago saying they''d had some returns and as i''d applied they could now offer me one. Unfortunately i''ve since made plans so couldn''t accept it.
  13. [quote user="ricardo"]Let me know if its ok.[/quote] I''ve only been able to open it on my phone so far but judging by the file size there should be enough data in it to make a small, clean print. Thanks again. I''m not certain my girlfriend will be thrilled with that going up on wall but we''ll see....
  14. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="S10 Canary"]I should add I have a private twitter profile so tweeting to ask the original tweeter won''t get me very far.[/quote] I have it as a bmp file. If you pm me your email address I will send you a copy.[/quote] Message sent, thanks a lot.
  15. I realise it''s a bit of a longshot. Have tried various ''Grant Holt and...'' Google searches but nothing pops up.
  16. I should add I have a private twitter profile so tweeting to ask the original tweeter won''t get me very far.
  17. Yep, that didn''t work. If someone could hyperlink the following that would be very kind. http://twitter.com/lecanary/status/492796363873452032/photo/1
  18. I spotted this image on twitter last night and was wondering if any folk on here might know who''s responsible? I think it''s ace and am hoping to get a .jpeg file so I can get a small print done. [url=http://twitter.com/lecanary/status/492796363873452032/photo/1][/url]
  19. [quote user="Adycakes"]That was done quickly, had a good season in League One & had a better season in the Championship, 22 goals is nothing to be sneezed at! Does this spell the end for one of our current strikers though?[/quote]Ricky & Becchio going, fending off multiple offers for Hoops? Wouldn''t suprise me if we have a totally different strike force come August.
  20. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="S10 Canary"]Adams is 5/1 with Coral! Lennon 8/13, Mackay 7/4. What on earth is going on?[/quote]Simple, they don''t think it''s Malky and if Lennon is hi-jacked they think it will be Adams.I hope that''s clear.[:D][/quote]Lol, that does indeed make sense actually.
  21. He''s 11/4 with Coral now. That''s a market that''s been absolutely smashed into.
  22. Adams is 5/1 with Coral! Lennon 8/13, Mackay 7/4. What on earth is going on?
  23. I chucked a tenner on him at 5/1 early last week so have been keeping an eye on the market. After being smashed into 8/11 he was back out to 6/1 last night, and now down to 11/4 today. Nobody has a clue! At least i''ve had a decent run for my money as they say.
  24. [quote user="Private Frazer"]Have a feeling money will start piling on Malky very soon.[/quote]8/11 with Paddy
  25. I''m reluctant to predict but my concern is that they absolutely battered Everton a couple of weeks ago. Granted they failed to score but i''m not confident in our ability to withstand such a barrage if it arises.
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