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  1. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]I watched his press conference on Canaries Player where that was mentioned, he didn''t just come out with it someone asked him what he''d have done if it was Celtic and then he made the joke.[/quote] I see, makes more sense with it being prompted! The Sky Sports News website made it sound like he''d rounded it off with the comment off his own back.
  2. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Or he may have assumed that Norwich City fans have a sense of humour, understand how he would want Celtic to do better than Rangers, and therefore know a joke when they hear one.[/quote] I did note that it was clearly tounge in cheek, for the reason you''ve mentioned. I just felt it was an odd thing to drop into an interview.
  3. 5m would still be very short in my eyes. If it was our second season in the premier league and we had a squad that knew what it was about then maybe we''d look at it. As it stands, although Holt has no previous prem experience, his prescence and leadership are worth more to us than 5m.
  4. Just read this on Sky Sports website from Lambert about Holt; "So while it was a flattering offer, I never expected him to want to leave. Mind you, if it had been Celtic, I would have driven him up there myself!" I understand Lambert''s love for Celtic and that it was a bit of a tounge in cheek comment, but it''s not really what we want to hear about our talisman who continues to have a massive influence on the side. Coupled with that, Lambert knows how much the fans value him so it just struck me as a weird thing to say. Obviously he may have misquoted.
  5. [quote user="K Lo"][quote user="Rotherham Canary"]Put an extra layer on. I''ve never been so cold in my life! Got up here a day early for a ''bonus'' night after the fixture change. Some decent pubs about but it reall is ridiculously cold.[/quote]Yeah, you''ll also need a jumper, a coat, scarf, gloves & a hat.[/quote] You will indeed need those things. Cheers for the sarcasm.
  6. Nah not really a suprise I guess but it really is incredibly bitter! If any of you are in the city centre pre match, the lambton worm is one of the better wetherspoons.
  7. Put an extra layer on. I''ve never been so cold in my life! Got up here a day early for a ''bonus'' night after the fixture change. Some decent pubs about but it reall is ridiculously cold.
  8. I just went over and said great goal today Simeon, he said thanks and that was about it. I asked if I could have a photo with him and he was fine with it. It wasn''t my business why he was on the train so didn''t pry! Pretty reserved guy all in all. He got off at Sheffield so i''m not worrying about a loan move! Maybe he has family up here. Great day capped off by meeting the match winner! Pic is on flickr. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/50962102@N04/6778153637/
  9. Super Simeon is on the 18:03 out of Birmingham new street and i''ve just had a chat with him!! I mentioned how clinical his finish was and got a pic with him. Quiet but nice chap. Bit odd why he isn''t on the team coach though. For those who don''t believe me I can post a pic, just not certain how to.
  10. I''m with you on the constant "leeds scum" last season. Pretty rubbisht The Ken Bates stuff probably won''t get off the ground in fairness, it was just a passing thought to use a current situation for a bit of a laugh. Aside from that, i''m really looking forward to Saturday. I fancy our support to make a right racket.
  11. [quote user="bryangunnshairline"]Why? That''s a stupid idea. I could understand if we were playing Leeds but we are not. Stick to wembley songs.[/quote] Sorry about that. Didn''t realise there was a strict song sheet i''m required to adhere to. I should probably stop singing about Sibierski''s shiny head since he hasn''t played for us in years.
  12. I did swear my backide off when I heard. Already booked accommodation and trains! As it falls during a week when I am using some holiday up, i''m adding another night to the trip. Arriving Tuesday morning and travelling home Thursday morning. Hopefully the bright lights of Sunderland can keep me entertained.... Anyone know what it''s like as a place? I''ve never been before. Match ticket came today, i''m row 33 seat seven hundred and something.
  13. Can''t say for sure but i''m not certain this one will sell out so you might be fine. Combination of Sky and distance. I don''t think we sold out our allocation for Everton come to think of it.
  14. Yeah I figure the Sky factor has had a bearing on it. Personally think it has the potential to be a cracking game and I wouldn''t want to miss out on actually being there. It will be a fair trek from Norwich though. It''s 3 hours on the train for me from Rotherham! Will be great to watch Lambert pit his wits against O''Neill. Should be pretty interesting.
  15. Just stumbled across a post on the official site saying Sunderland tickets are on general sale. Interestingly they are available to buy online. Would this be a first maybe? Snapped mine up anyway. Just thought i''d tip you all off. OTBC.
  16. I''m going too. Travelling in from Rotherham. Really up for this one and i''ll be contributing to a brilliant noise from our lot. I''ve been to Wigan, Bolton, Villa so far an thought the crowd at Villa was "really vibrant" to quote someone.... I think we''ll scrap hard and snatch a point. 2-2 for me.
  17. I couldn''t agree more with the OP. Like i''ve said, I don''t post very often but enjoying reading the forum discussions. Just lately though i''ve been struck by how quickly some people single out individual players for a slating or suddenly turn into prophets of doom because we lose 1 - 2 to Arsenal. I had a couple of beers last night and was browsing the match reports on the BBC sport website. I was overwhelmed with a huge sense of pride to read in big, black letters ''Norwich 1 - 2 Arsenal''. This isn''t being starry-eyed, just a recognition of the incredible path Norwich City Football Club has weaved over the last two years. I recognise disappointment and that everyone has an opinion but I think there is a massive amount to be positive about. We certainly have enough skill, bravery and fight to be 17th come the end of the season judging by the standard of others already in the lower reaches. This season was always going to be a learning curve so lets not be down.Lets get behind the team through the cold, hard winter.
  18. Yeah there is a seat number but didn''t bother putting it. I too thought the ticket is incredibly boring! Not a hint of sky blue anywhere, just a weird orange waveform. With regard to the hostility, i''ve heard plenty of other reports similar to what has been mentioned. Including some of coin throwing. I just plan to make plenty of racket and enjoy watching our boys battle some of the world''s best players.
  19. Cheers, i''d unearthed this map too. I was just wondering if I was towards the back of that block or nearer the pitch. I''m just generally excited really, i''ll have to be patient and wait and see!
  20. I rarely post on here guys but i''m pretty excited about this one. I can usually gauge roughly where i''ll be sat but i''m not sure this time. I was hoping anyone who has been before can shine some light on it. My ticket says ''South Stand Level 1, Block 114, Aisle 115, Row A.'' Do we think this really near the front? Or nearer the back? It is the ''aisle'' bit I can''t figure out. All the best
  21. Hi everyone, I''m a long time reader of this forum and find some debates pretty insightful. Thought i''d join up. Just a quick post to see if any fans in the Sheffield/Rotherham area are planning on going to any pubs to watch the Pompey game. If so which ones? All the best
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