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  1. Thanks for the response guys. Colours it is then. Really looking forward to it. I''m also about halfway up towards the edge of the block.
  2. Got one too. What are people''s views on wearing colours in P4? I guess we wouldn''t strictly be seen as neutral so could end up being an issue?
  3. As an out-and-out Premier League striker, i''m really not sure. He is a good finisher though and I definitely think there''s a possibility of repackaging him as an attacking midfield option. Hopefully Hughton will have a good look during pre-season and see if it''s possible to integrate him.
  4. This really is fantastic. He''s a leader and his attitude is spot-on. Now the manager is in I expect we''ll here more good news in the coming weeks.
  5. No worries. The tournament has rather crept up on me this year and it was rather a last minute thing! I''ve taken a punt on Afellay for the Dutch to join Özil and Iniesta in my midfield. A.Young, RVP & Silva upfront with a back four of Kadlec, Lahm, Alba & Zhirkov. Szczesny in the net!
  6. Cool. I''ve done one if anyone fancies joining. League name: Pink''un League Password: hughton (lowercase)
  7. Regardless of Calderwood it seems Holt continues to be inflammatory on Twitter. His latest tweet reads "How shiny is his head looking on that camera. He knows who he is." Possibly referring to McNally in the presser. Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere. Strange behaviour from him. You''d think he''d try and sensibly put his issues across to Hughton and take it from there.
  8. So excited about this. Got a feeling Hughton is the right guy to firmly wedge us into the Premier League.
  9. Whether we''re flying or stumbling, Norwich should always be forever YELLOW.
  10. Regarding Lambert''s reaction when Holt was mentioned. How uncomfortable did the bloke look! Absolutely incredible. Listening to his wording I am now concerned he''ll be back for some of our players. To quote; "I had a good chat with Paul and the chairman about it, and there are lads i''d like to bring to the football club." For me it''s key that he mirrors the ''bring'' after the reporter uses ''bring'' in relation to Holt. It''s almost as if he''s subconscious is revealing he feels he has left something behind that he needs. That being players! Of course there is the danger of over analysing but hey, just my interpretation.
  11. Definitely will help stave off any sort of second season syndrome. I agree with those stating we may have struggled under Lambert next season. Although we were unpredictable in formation, our rivals would''ve had an inkling of how to combat us. If Hughton is confirmed it''ll totally shake things up in a calm, calculated manner.
  12. I''m quite excited about this. I let out a little "come on Norwich" when I saw the SSN ticker! Hughton''s presence is just what we need, he seems the sort of guy to lift the squad. When SSN cut back to stuff about Lambert I felt a sense of forward motion for the first time in weeks.
  13. SSN just reported that Lambert met some backroom staff at Bodymoor Heath yesterday. At the moment it''s just him and once he knows what he''s got to work with, he may go back to Norwich for Culverhouse & Karsa. I''ve always felt they come as a package as much as i''d love to see Cully stay.
  14. TV lorries in one of the pictures! No way were they taken today.
  15. Someone with a bit of fire. Lee Clark. Chris Hughton.
  16. It''s certainly intriguing if nothing else. I have no idea if the quote is accurate but an ITV article has Lambert down stating "My job was to survive. They have to survive next season. It''s very simple." Not sure the use of ''they'' is particularly encouraging. http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2012-05-04/my-job-was-to-survive-says-lambert/
  17. Hi guys, If anyone has/knows of an Arsenal ticket going spare could they kindly let me know please? I was in group 3 but like many others, unfortunately lost out in the ballot. I''m based in Rotherham but i''ve got a mate who will be in Norwich on Saturday and could collect. A long shot I know so don''t shoot me down in flames! Cheers
  18. Neville Southall on Soccer AM, when asked his views on David De Gea replied "he has to be 100% all the time, Man United isn''t like a Norwich where a keeper can get away with one good game in about four." Washed up old player''s opinions shouldn''t irritate me but that one struck a nerve. Who the hell is he to judge us? His comments made him look very stupid and out of touch with the game.
  19. Not certain but Malaga rings a bell. Could be wrong though. I very much doubt Lambert has handed down a twitter ban. Personally I think Lambert trusts his group to behave sensibly.
  20. I''m not able to get down for the Leicester game but hope you can get it going. I will be joining in at Man United though, then assisting with it at Stoke!
  21. I like it a lot. Should be easy to get off the ground. Even: "He''ll tear you apart...he''ll tear you apaaaart, he''s Anthony Pilkington..he''ll tear you apart." Could work.
  22. Great game and a very much deserved 3 points. Fantastic afternoon where everyone on that pitch worked hard. We were as brilliant as Bolton were woeful. On a side note I thought Bennett looked very cool and composed at the back, his cushioned header back to Ruddy was delightful.
  23. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]I watched his press conference on Canaries Player where that was mentioned, he didn''t just come out with it someone asked him what he''d have done if it was Celtic and then he made the joke.[/quote] I see, makes more sense with it being prompted! The Sky Sports News website made it sound like he''d rounded it off with the comment off his own back.
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