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  1. I guess I do get what you''re saying. His interview today gave the impression that things were moving on though. I figured it might be of interest to those feeling that we''re not going to make any more signings.
  2. Why be sarcastic City 1st? I just felt his interview was interesting today. No point in you commenting really was there?
  3. I''m not doubting him at all. I''ve been banging the Hughton drum very loudly since he walked in. I thought his words on Sky today hinted that things were moving on the transfer front.
  4. Interesting to hear Chris Hughton explaining how hard people are working behind the scenes on the transfer front. He also noted that being the second season, they are looking targetting players of a higher level as competition for places. Coupled with that point, he covered himself by saying no disrespect to what we''ve already got. Quite interesting comments that suggest a shift from a week or so ago and firms up the thinking that we''ve got irons in fires. Could be very exciting going into the last few days of the window.
  5. I personally feel he will take up a position just off Holty.
  6. Not too certain if we have got concrete cover at LB personally. I thought the other day that Korey Smith could feature for us this season. He has the right attitude and would''ve learnt a lot at Barnsley.
  7. There will be a fair few of us in the neutral area. Many people including myself didn''t want to risk the ballot so bought neutral tickets a while ago. I''m in P4 where I assume most Norwich fans will be. Not sure what the restricted view will be like. At a guess i''d say supporting pillars are the issue.
  8. I think Naughton would top my list. Then a forward like Wilfried Zaha who would flourish in a better team. Maybe bring Pacheco back too.
  9. It''s actually a very good thing Hughton has come in and altered the way we play. I maintain that under Lambert we would''ve struggled this season as teams would''ve had us figured out. Hughton''s defensive work so far has been first class for me and we''ll be a totally different animal this time around. I fancy us to comfortably stay up again but through the use of very different tactics. I''m loathed to say we''ll be like a fourth promoted team as last season gave us the nous. But in effect we would''ve regained an element of suprise. Roll on the 18th.
  10. I get the impression we''ve been holding onto our funds for exactly this calibre of player. Would be thrilled to have him back. As for Defoe, that would be sensational but I doubt he''d come and wages might be a problem.
  11. [quote user="ridgeman"]Sorry for the spelling mistake teacher. My point is still there with or without the mistake. After Tuesdays game the future does not look bright and I feel we may miss our ex manager more than we think. Some families spent £70 or £80 to watch our second half limp performance which took us back several seasons to when we couldn''t get out of our own half. Rant over. [/quote] Getting sick to the back teeth of this sort of tripe. It''s pre season for goodness sake. What on earth do you want? We will need to be defensively tighter this season, hence why Hughton is putting such an emphasis on it. Not being picky but it''s not really hard to spell Hughton correctly is it?
  12. As mentioned by some other posters, we should wait until the transfer window slams shut before handing down judgement on Hughton''s dealings.
  13. I remember taking my girlfriend to the Barnsley game and although she never usually bets, she had a small flutter on Crofts being first goalscorer at decent odds. Was over the moon for her when he notched! Aside from that anecdote, he has been brilliant for us and i''ve always liked him. Good luck Andrew.
  14. Yeah I figured I would take them it into the office with the others when the time comes and give it a go. The big, bold ''neutral'' is an obvious obstacle though. I''ve strongly considered just buying another ticket just for the stub but can''t really afford to do it.
  15. Does anyone think there''s a cats chance in hell that NCFC will accept my ticket in the neutral area to count towards my 10 away stubs for next season? I''m in the members with stubs group this season already, but am kicking myself for getting a neutral ticket for this match.
  16. Chance that it could be to Hudds with a view to Rhodes coming to us? Maybe?
  17. I''ve got a home shirt (2008-2010 one) signed by the squad as it was around November 2010, including Lambert. Got it through Mike Watts who is our head of strength and conditioning as he used to work with my girlfriend''s dad at Sheff Utd''s youth set up. He''d managed to get it done and had it posted up to Rotherham before Christmas. Best Christmas present ever and obviously i''d never part with it.
  18. Mine is a photo I took of The King of Spain wielding the L1 trophy. I had a sense that the club had turned a major corner during that lap of honour. It''s also a recognition that Lapps has been a great servant to the club through some pretty poor treatment.
  19. Do we think that P4 will be mostly Norwich fans then? Just seen today that all those who applied for legit away end tickets were successful with more going on sale soon. Not certain if it''s worth bothering or not to be honest. I feel i''ll probably just stick with my neutral ticket in P4 and hope to be surrounded by Norwich fans.
  20. You''re all invited to join Delia''s Gin Party for the 2012/13 season. It''s a private league on the official Fantasy Premier League site. Pin is 23203-36965 Bottoms up!
  21. I''m sure I saw something about Jacob Butterfield having the ability to play off the front of a striker. Might''ve even been in an interview with Hughton come to think of it.
  22. Yeah that does seem pretty odd considering yours are in a row. I saw your post on here just before I started work so text my girlfriend saying watch out for my Fulham ticket as there might be some issues. Sure enough, once I checked my phone on lunch I had a "it''s come but it''s in a right state" text! Anyway, glad i''ve got it. Roll on 18th August!
  23. They need to have stern words with someone in that ticket office. Mine arrived today and it was open. Actually fully open. How it got to me i''ll never know. Hope you find its owner.
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